How Asian Drama affects my life…


I  am a Filipino and love Asian Dramas. Originally, I am more in to Japanese animation and I can vaguely remember that I used to fight my way to get hold of the remote control as my mother and aunties loved Philippines teleserye and I wanted to watched the anime. I learned how to sketch and my first perfected sketch is of SonGoku of the DragonballZ.

I was first introduced to Asian Dramas when Meteor Garden  (Taiwanese drama) aired in our country and I was madly in love with Hua Zei Lei. From then on, I think the whole country got addicted to it then there comes Lovers in Paris (Korean Drama), this marked my addiction to K-drama until now. There is something about K-drama that gets me hooked. I find it refreshing. Being used to lengthy teleserye, Korean drama came as a breath of a fresh air.

My first Jdorama was Gokusen and Ogurin Shun and Matsumuto Jun won me over. K-drama and Jdorama is completely different in delivering their own plots/story but each has it’s own charm.

I am not really in to Korean variety shows and I only watched We Got Married with the SSangchu and Dimple Couple.

My friends who’s not into Asian Dramas always asks me why am I so attached and addicted to it. I am someone who’s not good at expressing myself and I find it hard to share my feeling to others. I prefer to deal with my own problems and grief. In times of sadness, K-drama, Jdorama and animation doesn’t fail to comfort me, I rarely cry as well but they let me shed my unshed tears.

Through this blog, I want to share my love and passion to these Asian Dramas.

This blog is dedicated to OUR Dimple Couple ‘coz it is them who made me do this.. not that I’m complaining..


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