sneak peak Rich Man Poor Woman..


Episode 1

After being humiliated by Hyuga Toru in front of every job applicants by insinuating that even if you are a graduate of an elite/great school such as Tokyo University, doesn’t mean you can get the job you want and to as if to add an insult to the injury, Hyuga has to say: ” She is the living example of our Japanese educational system’s failure..or rather a victim. She has been studying as she was told yet she’s grown to be a redundant person”

At that point, I feel for our heroine, why does someone has to blatantly tell you that no matter how much effort you’ve done for years in university is of no importance. Having graduated and struggled to look for a job, I sympathized with our female lead. Not only in Japan but all over the world, there are thousands/millions of people who are jobless. Some ended up in a vocation completely different from their finished degrees. World can be so harsh at times…

Ep. 4 “Natsui Makoto’s spazz fest”

the episode when Makoto tried to tell Hyuga about her real identity…

If I am at her position and would see Hyuga (Oguri Shun) smiles at me like that..I’ll be swooning all over the place…

Episode 5 “If you start something, it has to meet failure, it has to be criticized, this is where creation process starts”

This left a deep impression on me. I never have confidence about myself. Since high school, I always doubt myself and always asks if what I did was good enough for other people. Although people praised me for my works’ end results, I still feel that I’m lacking something. I guess I have always been hard on myself so when I turned to college, I tried to change but I think habit never die that easily, or I am just being my usual timid, low-esteem self.. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t aiming for something higher, I just want to finish school without troubling my parents and everything I did was all for them, It was my way for thanking them for their undying support hoping that in that way, I would somehow show my gratitude to them.

I can’t stand in front of many people, I always choose to sit somewhere in the middle where I would go unnoticed. I hate doing presentation in front of the class afraid of being criticized.

Going to the real world and been settling at my job, I am more confident now though that bad habit of mine seems to come out at times.

look at how he looks at her…*kyaaaaaaaahhhh…where can I find someone who would look at me that way..*sigh*

asjfhfdkhgjsgdfkgsfsfg…Hyuga Hyuga Hyuga!!!!


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