Hyuga: I can reduce distance to nil…


“I Love you so much it Hurts”- Makoto to Hyuga

Hyuga being an idiot on love despite being a genius on IT didn’t understand what Makoto means so he seek advice from Asahina..

why does most dramas like to have an airport ending scene??not that I’m complaining..:D

Hyuga: “The other side of the world? Big deal..I’ll manage something”

Makoto: Should I feel better?

Hyuga: You don’t know what my work is about, 18,590 km? It doesn’t matter, It’s like next door, we can see each other, we could laugh like we are now. This is my specialty..I can reduce distance to nil..so you can go..But as skilled as I may be, A distance of 18, 590 km, I can’t kiss you that far away that’s why I have to take care of it now…


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