MakotoxHyuga cuteness overload!!!…RMPW


The scene we’ve been waiting for…waiting for a whole bloody week is a torture (yes, unlike K-drama, Jdorama airs one episode a week because they only have about 10-12 episodes). Tumblr went crazy during this time only to find out we got trolled..ROFL!!! I think my OTP dream kiss isn’t about to happen yet!! *sighing with frustrations*

Oh Hyuga, that smile man!!! you’re in love dude!!!!

This scene broke my heart and was also raging mad on Hyuga for not trusting Makoto!! Didn’t she said she’ll follow wherever you go??? Hyuga you baka!(idiot)!! but still can’t help but admire Oguri Sun, such a great actor…

The next morning, Hyuga saw all the notes Makoto did all over their new office about a project he has to finish in 3 days and has successfully done it and got a good deal from their previous competitor.

Then he waited for Makoto in front of the station..

the tender look in their eyes spells L.O.V.E..

LOL..Hyuga looking so cute and went off hiding..

cuteness overload!!!!


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