Soompi thread..a place to find friends….


I came across soompi thread because of my addiction to Queen Inhyun’s Man, I was searching the web for the recaps as I couldn’t wait for any subs. I started lurking tumblr then eventually the soompi thread. I was just a lurker and everytime I visit, soompi always greet me with “Howdy stranger”. It takes   a lot of comtemplating before I gave in, I guess my love of the Inhyun couple drove me into doing something I don’t always do. I do have facebook and twitter but I rarely post, I only upload pictures. I am not used to having online discussion on a thread. I am loner though not to the extent, I am just timid, shy and afraid to socialize with a lot of people and would only talk to those I know. People mistake me for being a snob but no, I am just shy to make a conversation to someone especially to a complete stranger…

I guess I may just have been comfortable sharing my thought because it’s an online thread and nobody really know me but with Soompi I found friends. I met people I can share my interest with. You see, living alone in a foreign country where unlike Philippines whom all my friends share the same interest as me, I don’t have anyone to spazz with, to share the sadness and happiness a k-drama brought to me. I always have fun spazzing that even though we are all from different countries, it feels like they’re with me, though I may have looked like a fool to onlookers as I laugh alone, it doesn’t matter… I am just in awe of how amazing and great my soompi friends are, the detective works, MV’s, the analysis and great thought in everything.

After Queen inhyun’s Man ended, I had withdrawals..ROFL.. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch newly aired dramas and out of boredom, I started stalking Ssangchu thread and someone commented about Teukso being as close the the Ssangchu and got me curious as I’ve only watched JoongBo Couple in WGM, the others I tried but couldn’t be bothered. To make the story short, I searched for Teukso soompi thread, watched all the episodes and backread from page one and when the Wedding Photoshoot came out, I came out on my lurk mode.

Ever since then, soompi thread has been like a second home to me, a place to talk to people, laugh and relieves all my daily stress at work and would keep me going…

I am indeed very thankful to have found this thread….


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  1. wow, unbelievable. Your character is really similar to with but expect that I moved to United States. Really happy to know you^^
    Work hard and *Fighting Fighting*

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