Teukso Fanfic chap. 1 “The great comeback” by jerqu (soompi thread)


Chapter 1. The Great Comeback

SM building is indeed a state-of-the art masterpiece founded and built by the brilliant President LMS and people managing it as well. In the year 2017, SM has proven its track record in managing artists and diversifying in their talents and services. Aside from creating top-caliber group artists and management of talents, SM has branched out into film making including post-production technical services.SM entertainment also enters and become big in TV/MOVIE Entertainment industry….

Everyone cannot stop admiring the massive exterior design and intricate interior lay outs and elegant finishing touches at each floor.This building speaks of professionalism and great corporate integrity.Today marks yet another milestone in SM’s history; it is the inauguration of their First building which will house the post-production team, both for film, TV and music videos as well..

It seems like almost everyone is present, actors, producers, directors and people involved in film and TV production wereas the music industry talents were all invited. Before dinner is served, a mini-concert/fashion show will be presented with SM choosen singers & ramp models from Korea and international models are participating. This will be filmed and post-production techniques will be discussed and presented to the audience during dinner. This will be the highlight of the event and the organizers promised that the audience will be impressed with the advanced technology that SM is utilizing, thus making them again the best and great leader in this w/n the local industry.The venue is elegantly decorated; the catwalk strategically positioned at the middle and along its sides are round tables draped in burgundy accentuated with a touch of gold, the black leather chairs are all in excellent match and small topiaries and candles used as centerpiece.

Guests are starting to arrive in small groups, SNSD and the other members of her group came in their best cocktail dresses, a far cry from their ensemble while staging concerts, original Korean Idol groups like Super Junior, ,H.O.T.,S.E.S.and Shinhwa, even its current roster of recording artists includeKangtaBoATVXQTRAXThe Grace Zhang LiyinGirls’ GenerationJ-Min,Shineef(x)and EXO, all of whom enjoy great success and both domestically and internationally, actors like Go AraKim Min-jongLee Yeon-hee and Kim Iantogether with Top Actors and Actresses entered the venue. They are now mingling with the other guests who came in earlier.

As most of the VIPS have taken their seats, lights were dimmed and upbeat tempo was played. And the mini concert/fashion show started. After an hour, the show ended the talent’s and all of the models, combined Caucasians and Asians, went on stage for one final act and bowed to the applause of the audience. When the stage was cleared, the emcee entered with a cheerful salutation to the audience.

After a long hiatus from show business because of a nasty scandal (with the rookie actress Kang Sora), Leetuk was hired by SM afer two years serving the army as one of their consultants in the talents department and management – New Generation music genre.

Leetuk: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to SM’s inauguration night. Is everyone enjoying dinner? As promised a while ago, we will showcase the advanced technology in film and TV post-production which SM has now acquired and developed to perfection. However, we will need someone who is eloquent and an expert to walk us through the processes and techniques of post-production.(looks & read the cue card) She is someone who is academically trained at the same time had actual work experience in the field. Without further ado, may I call on a down-to-earth, very capable individual, our very own, the gorgeous, YES, ladies and gentlemen she is back after more than five years of studies in US, with a graduate degree in Film/TV production, major in video and sound editing, minor in scriptwriting and directing,(LT feelin’odd while reading) My dear friends, SM’s In-Charge for post-production,(opening the other  cue card) However, Leetuk odd expression that could not be singled out , that of a shock.So this is why Mr.President have to make it a secret? That’s why He said not to be surprise, and be professional??..So this is it….taken aback leetuk, he have no choice but to do his job…..” Ms. Kang Sora!!

He could not believe what he is seeing on stage, she is back, she is back, she is back, these words are reverberating in his ears but still he feels like he is dreaming. Has it been more than five years? Has it been that long? He feels like his body is numbing all over and he refuses to acknowledge reality. The feelings, oh the same feelings way back are worming through his heart and his chest starts feeling tight and heavy again, oh no, not a heart attack please he says to himself! What is happening to me, he asks himself, why am I feeling like this again………………then he remembers the feelings, the longing, the repressed feelings for his baby princess, the love of his life, back when he was filming WGM,( his virtual wife Kang Sora)sparks flew between them and these developed into a strong bond, their relationship was deep and they promised that they would love each other forever until that fateful night…….

This fanfic is written by Fighting Dimple @jerqu of Teukso Soompi thread


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  1. Thank’s for bringing the fanfic here….By the way, I like the concept of your blog…I’ll send the next chapter tomorrow on my free time.It was done already but I didn’t post yesterday ‘coz soompi was giving me a hard time…Congratulation for u’r blog, Cheers^^

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