Teukso fanfic Chap. 2 “How he feels” by jerqu(soompi)


Chapter 2. How he feels

Everyone is pleasantly surprised to see the tall lady with pale skin, bright brown eyes and million dollar pair of legs as she goes to center stage.The Super Junior group are all surprise when they saw Kang Sora. SJ member Sungmin who had been closed to her look proudly and so happy to see her again after more than 5 long years of communicating through Skype and emails. Some of the other ladies though are in awe and jealous of her grace and elegant demeanor as she walks towards the podium.The gentlemen on the other hand cannot help but admire the beauty of this lady as she shines and radiates while on stage. She is definitely one of a kind. Oh that night, what happened that night was forcefully pushed back of Leeteuk’s brain, repressed and forgotten but everything is just like Pandora’s Box now, it is inevitable to be opened. He is remembering what really happened.

Fragments of 2011 and 2012:

As both of them were very busy with their respective work schedules including overseas and offshore commitments, LT and KS promised that they would spend quality time together no matter what. KS especially when filming with other actors , to resist temptation, they saw to it that they would see each other during breaks in their schedules. This was the reason why KS stipulated in her contract, while doing Dream High she needed to report to LT from time to time. There were tough times though and they would not see each other for a couple of months but they did communicate via Skype and emails. KS was very consistent albeit missed one incident and failed to call KS when she went out with the whole casts of DH and got drunk. LT, on the other hand, did miss a couple of times calling KS because he was busy with concert overseas if not hanging out with SJ brothers, who by the way, had the habit of bringing ladies with them whenever they went out with LT. As the ever understanding and loyal girlfriend though, KS would just shrug it off and still trusted LT wholeheartedly.

LT, on the other hand, in fairness, did his best to resist temptation. Ladies of different ages within and outside the show business world would flirt with him but he had avoided falling into their traps, well at least in most of the occasions except on two situations involving sistars member and Jisu of Tahiti. Between these two temptresses, Sistar member was the veteran charmer while Jisu was still learning the ropes but she really did learn fast!

While doing his weekly shows, LT psyched up himself to be civil with lady guests during breaks, he did not want to get fond of anybody because he was in a relationship with KS and out of respect for his baby princess and to protect the relationship, he intended to keep his distance from any lady.Especially that KS parents always watch his shows, He don’t want his image to be tinted by being link with anybody…

LT did not notice that he was gradually lured into the trap that he managed to have avoided previously; Jisu was really good at her craft. As, their taping breaks extended into unwinding sessions after work, initially with Eunhuk but subsequently just the two of them. Aside from this, Jisu’s flirtatious moves were getting obvious during the taping of their sequence, she was all over him and overdid what the script required and it seemed like LT enjoyed it that he temporarily forgot he was in a relationship. Because of Jisu he started skipping his appointed calls with KS saying that he was too busy with the weekly shows and was required to be at the set more than the usual work hours because of his enlistment He needs to be visible so that He will not be forgotten while serving his military service. Without his knowledge, some loyal friends of KS who have seen what was happening had already fed news to KS, who on the other hand was still giving LT the benefit of the doubt until one accidental meeting at a place where KS saw LT with Jisu past midnight. 

That night KS did not really feel like going out because she was waiting for LT’s call but it seemed like she was waiting in vain so she decided to call it a night when her phone rang. Hoping that it was LT, she answered it and was greeted by one of her friends Min Ah on the other line. She and Lee Jin(a newcomer) with their respective boyfriends were going to a bar for some drinks and they decided to invite KS, who declined initially but after further prodding relented to the request of her lady friends. KS, clad in tight black fitting jeans topped with a  sleeveless inner blouse with matching long sleeves brown leather jacket and mid-calf black leather boots, took her car key and sped to the venue.

After handing the key to the valet, KS proceeded to the second floor of the building where the bar was located and started looking for her entourage. It was a little bit dark at first but when her eyes managed to adjust to her surroundings she gazed through the tables to find Min Ah or Lee Jin but much to her surprise she saw LT with Jisu instead, seated at the far right corner of the bar cozying up to one another. She could not believe what she saw but did not make it affect her just yet so she avoided going towards them and then finally she heard a voice calling her from the left side, it was Lee Jin. To her relief, she immediately joined her friends at that table. She was her usual self, shy and courteous in front of her friends’ significant others but warm and jolly to her friends. These two ladies though know KS in and out just like the back of their hands and they could sense that something was wrong. The boyfriends did not know that KS was in a hush hush relationship with LT so these three ladies could not blurt out what exactly their thoughts were so they decided to go to the rest room which was located opposite of LT’s table so it was easy for KS to just slip out and went unnoticed. Inside the rest room, Min Ah & Lee Jin learned the truth and both were just livid but out of respect, they asked KS what she wanted to do. KS, at that time, did not know what to do. A knee jerk reaction was to run out of the venue but she did not do that. She decided to have fun with her friends for a short time then planned on going home with no intention of confronting LT.

After an hour of good conversation with her friends, KS who opted to drink juice for the reason that she was driving, decided to leave much to the dismay of the ladies but she was leaving for Taiwan in three days for fan signing event  and some TV shows so she needed a good night’s sleep at least one or two days before the trip. She went down the stairs and asked the valet for her car and when it arrived the valet handed her the key but it slipped through her fingers and she was about to pick it up when another hand grabbed it before she did. “Here is your key”, said a familiar voice and she saw LT standing before her when she turned around. The ashen- faced LT was speechless, beside him was Jisu and they were waiting for their car. kS faced the inevitable, she could not muster any strength to confront LT and all she said was, “Thank you” and accepted the key from LT. For what seemed like hours of standing there, with heavy legs KS managed to get into her car and drove back home. While driving, she felt her chest tightening and with tears trickling down her cheeks she decided to drop by Han River and stayed there for a while and had a good cry. She was sobbing to death while images of the past event kept flashing inside her head.

The following day, LT had hardly slept as he almost stayed awake the entire night calling KS’s number several times but not a single call was answered. He went straight to KS pad after dropping off Jisu at her place. He wanted to talk to KS, apologize and reason out with her but it seemed that no one was there when he dropped by. He stayed outside for a couple of hours waiting for KS to come home but she did not.

With only a two-hour sleep,LT proceeded to do his daily schedule and was determined to ditch Jisu and cut off whatever unlabelled relationship he unintentionally participated in. He spoke to Jisu about it and she was cool regarding the issue, to her it was just a simple night out with a mentor that happened last night and according to her, she just wanted to get closer to LT so that she could gain LT popularity…

LT felt so guilty for hurting KS by falling into Jisu’s trap and he wanted to patch things up with KS but she was nowhere to be found and was not answering his calls so he thought of one last solution to his problem –He called KS manager and ask where she is…After knowing it , he decided to follow KS who went to Taiwan earlier than her original schedule …He will go to Taiwan.

KS fan signing event in Taiwan had been organized and planned months earlier and her agency did a great job.Thank’s for WGM and LT popularity,after the WGM. She was recognised as the Virtual Wife and the first Lady of Sujo leader Leeteuk…She become more popular and gained more followers.

KS arrived at the venue and no idea that LT is at the back door. LT went through the rooms to the back stage and were met secretly by a coordinator at the lobby . From nowhere came KS dressed in a black short dress with white lace trimmings on the neckline. She seemed cheerful but it was very obvious that she was shock to see LT esp. on her event ,She tried to avoid each other’s gazes. LT was all smiles but he could only think of one thing, that was grabbing KS and taking her into a private room where they could discuss the issue of Jisu. But before LT could even say hello to KS, she hurriedly left as if she was about to do something very important.LT had to ask to talk to KS manager to give them some free time to meet. Her manager agreed and give KS Hotel and Room number.

After the Event, KS went directly to her Hotel .”What the Hell he’s doing here? LT first instinct was to run towards her, hug her and kiss her but for fear that she might slap him, which may actually hurts, he contained his excitement to avoid scandal .KS broke the silence between them.

KS: Why did you want us to meet?

LT: For the very obvious reason that we need to talk about Jisu Can I talk to you?

KS: (nods) Lets go to my room…(afraid of paparazzi might caught them talking)

LT: I know I am a jerk, I am an idiot for falling into her trap, I cannot deny that and I am very sorry, Baby.

KS: I saw this coming already, remember I told you before that I was hesitant to get into a relationship with you because you are very popular and girls will come after you. There is a possibility that you will get attracted with other girls and that….. (she was not able to finish because LT interrupted her).

LT: But I chose you! I admit I got distracted for a while, I was mesmerized by Jisu’s charms and I got hooked but my feelings for you are still the same, it is you that I want, please forgive me for this one incident, it won’t happen again, promise! I already talked to her and ended what was supposed to be ended, I even do not know what we had because there was nothing, I did not pursue her, yes we did flirt with each other but that was it, I ended it. I flew here in the middle of my schedules and I took the risk of getting reprimanded by our agency and my manager so please try to understand and give me one more chance.
Sensing the sincerity in LT’s words, KS heart was saying forgive him but her mind was debating whether she should give in or not. At the end, KS heart won, she loved LT so much that she was willing to give him another chance, why not she said.

Without words said, LT felt that it was the right time to approach KS. He slowly walked towards her and held her chin, tilting it until their lips met. He kissed her tenderly at first but because he missed her so much, the kiss led to a more burning and passionate kiss which sealed their reconciliation. Both almost out of breath when they parted lips, LT kissed KS on the forehead and hugged her tightly. Their 20-minute time allotment was up and LT needed to go back to Korea at that moment. He said goodbye to KS with a last minute reminder not to get too close or cozy with any man while in Taiwan.he knows KS don’t have any idea how pretty she is.. So, he made a gentle but forceful reminder to KS not to encourage any admirer to which KS responded with a smile.

Both promised that they would start on a clean slate when they see each other back in Korea and agreed to keep up with their arrangement on appointment calls, night outs and spending quality time during breaks. LT kissed KS on the lips one last time before he left the hotel room. He was so happy that the problem was solved and he left with a big smile on his face with the image of KS etched in his memory. Her small, pretty face with pale white skin, round brown eyes, soft lips, bedimpled cheeks and glossy hair, just the thought of these features makes his heart beat faster, chest tighten but happiness was written all over his face…….

AND HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT, THIS IS HOW HE EXACTLY FEELS WHILE KS IS ABOUT TO PRESENT AT THIS INAUGURATION except that in lieu of happiness, he is sad and unsure of what he needs to do now that she is back….


 As if coming out from a trance, LT came back to reality when his phone rang. He picked it up and heard Jisu voice on the other end. She was under the weather for the past week now and she wanted to attend the inauguration badly but was not allowed by her doctor for fear that she will spread her infectious flu germs around. She was frustrated not to have the opportunity to be glammed and dolled up so that she could flaunt her beauty, which is known to everyone as having been touched by two or three cosmetic surgeons on a regular basis. She phoned LT asking how was the inauguration going on to which LT retorted, “It is fabulous” but he failed to tell Jisu the reason why he found the event fabulous that is because of KS. He hurriedly cut off his conversation with Jisu saying that he had to go ‘coz He’s still have to do his job.

At present, LT and Jisu have a rather undefined and complicated relationship. More than 5 years ago, Jisu was a newbie member of Tahiti. At the time of filming WGM, LT and KS were very much in a relationship. When the star king show was aired, it was obvious that it’s only for the sake of the show and no one could just imagine the shock and disbelief of avid Teukso followers when the news broke that LT and Jisu were officially dating, as confirmed by Jisu’s agency.And Jisu wants to visit LT while in the camp.


 This incident was another blow to LT’s relationship with KS. Everything was getting out of hand, this situation was obviously beyond LT’s control at the expense of KS because she was on the losing end, and she had always been on the losing end since she entered into a relationship with LT. The sad part was that there was no premonition that this was going to happen. KS was caught off guard and she was put on the spot thinking whether or not she was still in a relationship with KS or not. Yes, they have not seen each other regularly nor have spoken on the phone as often as they should have but there was no formal break up that would support any reason for KS to enter into a new relationship with Jisu. According to LT, it was a decision made by Jisu’s agencies for a promotional gimmick for their new group Tahiti and that he did not know anything about it. KS at that time was already having second thoughts of maintaining her relationship with LT because everything seemed to be getting too complicated but LT was adamant and managed to convince KS to stay by his side and continued on with the relationship. However, their relationship had been through rough patches on a vicious cycle and the imminent had to happen, it all ended on one call and a very brief conversation. KS left for US and LT was left alone days before his enlistment day…


 At present, he could not care less about Jisu. He knows deep in his heart that his feelings for KS were rekindled the minute he saw her on stage. The burning desire as he keep looking at KS, he wanted to kiss and hug her it was too intense that he cannot breath but much as he wants to do this, he knows that he does not have the courage to. He knows that the pain he inflicted on KS is so unbearable and he admits that he was a jerk to have done that. But what would happen now? Certainly, the circle is too small for him not to bump with KS from time to time not to mention that they are on same company now……


This fanfic is written by Fighting Dimple @jerqu of Teukso Soompi thread


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