Teukso fanfic chap. 3 “The reason she left” by jerqu(soompi thread)


Chapter 3. The reason she left



Walking towards the podium, She barely acknowledge LT… Kang Sora smiles to the audience and one cannot just get over her mysterious smile with matching deep dimples and pearly white teeth. Wearing a Vera Wang creation a long slit that shows her million dollar long legs, sleeveless, body hugging royal blue silk dress and a pair of Black Christian Louboutin 2.5-inch heels, KS is a ravishing beauty. Her long waivy length brown, silky hair with brushed up bangs frames her gorgeous face to perfection. Her accessories include a pair of diamond earrings and a two-strand silver bracelet with intermittent diamond studs, the total package screams of elegance from head to foot.


 After reaching the podium, she paused, looked at the audience, smiled and greeted them. It took that gesture to smooth her ruffled nerves as before coming out to the stage, she was anxious and did not know what to say in front of the audience but now that she is past the nervous wreck phase, she is set to do what she has been used to do, being a pro!


 Keeping in mind the objective of her presentation, she focused on imparting the technical side of post-production into layman’s terms for better understanding and comprehension of her target audience. Having learned English while in high School, she thought it would be best to present using her native tongue, Hangul, but intermittently speaking in English for the benefit of the non-Hangul VIPs in the audience.

As in-charge for post-production, part of her portfolio is to assist the SM company for Marketing and Sales in securing contracts from the prominent TV stations in Korea such as SBS, KBS, MBC and the likes, thus it is very important that she delivers an impressive presentation tonight. As the expert on the technical side, she must be able to make her target audience acknowledge the fact that her company is knowledgeable, innovative, reliable and a trustworthy business partner. This has always been in her mind while articulating each salient point of her presentation.


The flow of her presentation follows a very organized structure starting from the presentation of the video of the mini-fashion show witnessed earlier by everyone, to the segmented portions of effective lighting, post-production effects, sound editing, video editing and subject angling. She has also allotted in her time frame a 20-25 minute question and answer portion after her presentation has wrapped up. Having answered the last question from SBS’s management representative, KS thanked everyone for coming and listening to her presentation, this was acknowledged with a very loud applause indicating how satisfied and impressed the audience was.


Listening to the applause and watching the huge smiles that her viewers are flashing, she bows and turns around to gather her laptop and other presentation materials. Barely a minute after she has zipped up her laptop bag, SM’s CEO, LSM, approached and congratulated her for a job well done. Other members of SM’s executive committee did the same, they were so proud of their new in-charge for post-production, the only lady executive in their circle.


Walking towards her hyper silver metallic Sonata Hybrid, KS is ecstatic about her successful presentation. It was her maiden presentation since she came back to Seoul and it was a make or break event for her, she is just so happy with the result after all she did really work hard preparing for it. All she could think was about her presentation earlier but now she has to go home. She shoves her presentation materials inside the trunk, closes it then proceeds to entering her car. She gently places her laptop bag on the passenger’s seat beside her and closes her door. As she is about to start the car, a man with two ladies are coming her way, which she thinks might be the owners of the car next to her. As they are coming nearer her, she recognizes the man as the president of Tahiti talent agency, yes it is him she said in her thoughts. How could she forget she tells herself, when she sees anyone who is associated with Tahiti, there is only one person that she could think of next – Park Jung Soo, the man who has inflicted pain on her years ago.


All it took was to see a familiar face then the events of the past years came back flashing right before her eyes. The painful past which has been buried in the deepest recesses of her thoughts is now coming back in a flash. However, she still feels triumphant because no matter how painful that was, it did not kill her at all and in fact it made her stronger. As the saying goes, what does not kill you makes you stronger!!!

This fanfic is written by Fighting Dimple @jerqu of Teukso Soompi thread



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