Scotland getaway..


travel date: May 20-22, 2011

Scotland is one of the best places to go to when you are visiting England and I was lucky to be able to go there without spending much. You can go there by car or by coach from London but it takes 8-9 hours travel. There’s also a train but could be quiet expensive. Me and my friends booked our tickets two weeks early and had it cheap, 8-9 hours, just sitting in the coach is dreadful but if   you are travelling with friends, it is definitely fun…

If you don’t mind spending, you can book a hotel to stay in but it is better to just book for a “bread and breakfast” accommodation as it is a lot cheaper.

If you want to visit great places in Scotland, one day wouldn’t be enough and we made a mistake on that, we could have booked the coach early in the morning so we can have a spare time to stroll the city but we arrived at around 6pm so we just went to our friends place to have a barbecue and of course karaoke (I think every Filipino households have it, we just love to sing though I’ m tone deaf and can’t even sing a good tune…LOL)

To make the best of our visit, we planned our next day’s activity and had a lot of fun!!!

We left early the next day..

1st stop, off to fed the swan and birds..




then went a little hike to see the remnants of St. Anthony’s Chapel











off to another location.. a hike to

The Arthur Seat…overlooking the whole city of Edinburgh

had to get hold of something, it was too windy at the peak that I was afraid that because of my light weight I’ll be blown away…hahahah



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  1. glad to share..I used to put it in an album for safekeeping but haven’t got time to print the pictures..okay, I’m lying, i’m just lazy..hahaha.. putting it in a blog is a lot easier..

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