Teukso fanfic chap. 9 “The reality” by jerqu


CHAPTER 9: The Reality


Is it time to ?… Sora was brought back to reality by the twins tugging both of her arm, they just woke up and they are looking at her intently , their expression reminding her of someone, their father.

Vince: “Mommy is daddy gonna meet us ? only five years old but he is very mature for his age and speaks almost like a seven-year old kid,”

Sora: “Well honey, I am not sure. Didn’t daddy tell you in his letter that he’s out of the country and he will try? He is meeting with this very important person so they can do a concert and he is not sure he can make it.”
Vanessa: “Why Mom?”ask sweetly.

Sora: “Because”…… Sora was trying hard to give an explanation that her kids would understand. “Because daddy have to do his job he’s in music industry and his job is travelling and meeting many people. Anyway, Your Uncle Sungmin maybe can make it and of course grandma & grandpa will be there to meet us.”

Vince: “Ok.” 

Sora: “Are you hungry? Would you like something to eat?”

Vanessa: “Mommy, I want gummie candy.” (Just like her daddy Sora thought.) Sora took out took out the small bag of candies from the side pocket of her bag and gave the twins some of the gummies. She did not want her twins to eat too much candy so she just gives these to them more as occasional treats. For the next hour she amused them by reading from their story book and playing with the their favorite toys. The twins wanted to watch their favorite program “Barney” so Sora took their small laptop from her travelling bag. They carry their laptop around whenever they go somewhere or travel, so they could watch their favorite programs stored in their personal gadget. 

Once twin’s attention was diverted, Sora heaved a sigh of relief that she passed another one of his “asking about daddy” sessions. Lately, it had become more and more difficult explaining to the twins why they never sees their father. 

The first time she held them in her arms after they were born, is that she realized that she made a big mistake keeping Leeteuk in the dark side about his twins. Because of her, father and the twins will not get to know each other.

As she cradled both twins in her arms, Sora spoke to them in a soft voice, “I am sorry my babies for what I did. You need your daddy, yes you do, to go camping, playing, accompany you to your school, watch movies and play video games. Do you know that your daddy is addicted to video game? He can also swim so he’ll surely teach you how to swim.” Taking hold of their little pinkie she continued, “Ok, this is a pinkie promise between for both of you and me, once I decided to go Korea,I’ll let your daddy know you, we will both go and see him.” 

Sora started what she called “daddy&twins bond” through letters. She wrote the letters as if it was Leeteuk who was writing to his twins, She would sometime enclose a picture of Leeteuk that she downloaded from the internet from one of the news and articles about him. The letters would arrive on their birthday, Christmas, important occassion including any important event in twin’s like the first time they crawled, stood up and had their first baby tooth. She would ask Sungmin who travel a lot to post letters from the countries they visit for their concert or event. When the letters arrive in the mail, she’d open it and read aloud to the twins even if they do not understand a word. The purpose of these letters was to give a semblance that leeteuk may be absent but very much aware and proactive about his twins. Sora decided that when the time comes, she will introduce the kids to their father. She kept a duplicate of each letter so that she can give it to Leeteuk prior to meeting their twins. She felt that it would be easier for the twins to accept his father as the letters would serve as a connection between them.. 

Sora made up her mind that she would have a heart to heart talk with Leeteuk about their twins upon her arrival in Korea.

Upon arrival in Korea after the SM world tour , Leeteuk was surprised to see reporters and paparazzi surrounding his car parked beside the plane. 

Turning to the manager in-charge he asked: “How did this people know I was coming? Did I not give instructions that I don’t want any press people around that’s why I travel separately with the others? 

Manager: “Even with the outmost precaution, it would be hard to keep your coming a secret, especially now that you’re coming back in Korea after the successful World tour. Leeteuk, your return was reported in the news. We have already alerted security and they sent men to protect you.

Assessing the situation, Leeteuk turned to Jisu (who was adamant to come with him): “C’mon, just hold onto me, hopefully those security men know what they’re doing. If these press people turn into a mob, it will be ugly.” Together they descended the stairs with Leeteuk Jisu’s hand with her holding onto his arm. Cameras flashed. As soon as they reached the ground the reporters descended upon them shouting questions. Leeteuk and Jisu could not move forward so the security men started to push the crowd back. 

Reporter: “Leeteuk, I heard the concert was a big success.”

Leeteuk: “Yes.”

Reporter: “Are you and Miss Jisu back together. I heard that you were an item once.”

Leeteuk: “No comment.”

Reporter: “Miss Jisu, how does it feel, are you back together again?”

Before Jisu can answer the question, the security men were able to clear the path for them so, they were hurriedly escorted to the car. Once inside the car Leeteuk immediately revved the car and in a few seconds, they were speeding down the highway. 

Leeteuk: “That was close. Sorry about that. I did not expect that a mob of reporters would be waiting for me, otherwise I would have not let you tag along.”

Jisu: “You don’t have to apologize, It gives me the impression that you will use that as an excuse to avoid me. You’re lucky I was not able to answer the reporter because I would have said that I am happy that we reconciled.”

Leeteuk did not bother to reply to Jisu’s remark. Her personality is not his type and his feelings for her now will never go beyond her expectation, He made a mistake before and he just want to make sure that Jisu is just a companion?…There is only one for him Kang Sora….

Leeteuk dropped Jisu at her pad and proceeded to meet with his parents. Although Leeteuk has forgiven his father, he still did not feel comfortable around him. They have settled into a polite father & son relationship. He has retired from his galavanting and mostly devotes his time helping his mother. The phychological therapy worked wonders for him so that he is as good as new. He has become so health conscious. He decided that it was time for him to change his bad habits. Leeteuk bought a smaller 4 bedroom house, three blocks away from his parents.



Going to twin’s room that night, Sora sat by their bed and taking her twin’s both hands, she kissed it and whispered, “You will soon meet your daddy my babies, let’s hope that he is in a good mood to see us.” But then Sora felt hurt when she saw Leeteuk and Jisu on TV. She told herself that she should be happy that Leeteuk showed his true colors; that he is still a player just like before, he’s affair reported in detail on TV and magazines. It’s a miracle that the twins did not see their dad pictured in the company of different women.If she is married to him, he would probably cheat on her. I think it’s for the best that I forget about him….Unfortunately, her heart does not agree with her…..


this fanfic is written by @jerqu of Teukso Soompi


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