Teukso fanfic MV teaser


I created this out of boredom, after cleaning my room and doing my laundry I don’t have anything better to do and I’m too lazy to travel and visit my cousin to see my little niece… it’s too cold to go out so it’s nice to relax and be cozy in my own little world…hehehe..

Since I sooo love Jerqu’s fanfic and promised to create fanfic MV but I can’t choose a song yet ‘coz the story is no way near to end yet (hope so, keeping my fingers crossed), the idea of creating a teaser pop out of my brain and so here it is.

This is not the final song yet, I have a few on my list but this one appeal to me from the few chapters she already posted..you’ll know when you hear the full song.

I’m not going to post it on soompi yet until jerqu says it’s okay..hehe..

Teukso Fanfic MV teaser from bbRheya36 on Vimeo.


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    • Hi there..sorry for replying late..
      Chapter 16: teuksoisreal
      Chapter 18: certifiedperjuhmma

      I can’t remember which chapter has passwords, I’m on mobile but to the other chapter with password after 18, the password is proud2beperjuhmma

      Special cut scene: perjuhmma4ever

      Copy the passwords and let me know once u finish reading, I’ll have to delete it here.

      Thanks for reading..^_^ and thanks for finding time to visit the blog..

      • Thanks for givinng password.
        So I can enjoy all stories.
        very fun!
        I’m also looking forward to [When Love and Hate Collide] series.

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