Teukso fanfic chap. 14 “A good Start”


Chapter 14: A good start



Sora almost choked on the black coffee she was drinking while they were sitting on the sand.

Sora: “What do you mean live with you? 

Leeteuk: “It makes perfect sense. In order for the twins and I to get to know each other, we have to live in close proximity the way a father and kids normally does. At the same time, the twin’s will be comfortable knowing that you’re around. We have to convince them that we really are family otherwise, why would you bother with those “daddy” letters or whatever you call them if it was not your intention. 

Sora: “My intention was for you and and the kids to get to know each other and not necessarily that we have to pretend to be a family. I don’t want to impose myself and my kids to you. You have your own life to live and, frankly having us around may loss your lifestyle.

LT: “Sora, the problem with you is that you already have a preconceived idea of how I think and that’s the reason why we are now in this mess. Don’t you think I am a better judge of what cramps my lifestyle is? Besides, this is just a temporary arrangement. A year would be enough time for the twins to be comfortable with me. After that, We can go in our separate ways. The twins has been used by my travelling so, it’s easy for us to go back to what We used to be except that, I will be able to visit the kids as often as I want. You get your own freedom, I get mine and the twins has a father who they can really see, not just in pictures. Isn’t it for the best?

Sora: “Now that you mentioned that it would be temporary, I am inclined to accept your proposal. However, I feel that we should set conditions prior to us moving to your house so that both of us will not step on each other’s noses.

LT: “You sound like we’re in the army camp. First things I will do, I am hiring an interior designer to turn one of the bedrooms into a twin’s room. I am also having the adjoining bedroom next to the master’s bedroom converted into your own sitting room and your own personal closet will be added. After two days, I will make arrangements for your things to be transferred here. Packers will be sent to your house to pack your things. I will hire maid to take care of the house. I believe the twins have personal nanny? If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to discuss these with the interior designer. 

Sora: “Why do you have to go to all that trouble. We will only be staying in your house for a year.”

LT: “I want my kids to feel that we are a family. I want the twin’s room to look like a children’s room; it will make the twins feel more at home. It will be easier for them to adjust to their new environment. 

Sora: “You mentioned the twin’s room, what about mine?

LT: “You stay with me in the master’s bedroom.”

Sora: “You’re joking right?”

LT: “How can we convince our kids that we’re together if we are sleeping in separate bedrooms. If you are worried about your virtue, I have no intention of taking advantage of you. Why would I do that when there are other women who would be more than willing to oblige? If you are uncomfortable sleeping in the same bed with me, you can sleep on the floor. Don’t expect me to give up the bed for you.

Sora: Fine, I’ll just sleep on the floor, I have no problem with that. However, I would like to request that whatever you do with your personal life like dating women or playing, just don’t bring any woman at your house during our stay.I don’t want my kids to have a wrong impression of you. So far, they have yet to see your picture with another woman.”

LT: “For your general information, I have never brought a woman in my house. You would be the first and that’s because of the twins. If you are worried about that, from now on, I would be discreet with my affairs. The only exception is if I am in public and I happen to have a lady with me, that is something out of my control. So far, you have done a good job in making sure that the twins does not see my pictures with other women. Likewise, I would also expect that you don’t bring a man in the house. I also count on you to be discreet with your dates.

Sora: “I am ok with that. Also, you don’t need to send packers since I will only be packing our clothes and toys. I can do that myself. When do you plan to be introduced formally with Vince & Vanessa?

LT: I will meet them when you move in 2 days from now. You can supervise the maid to unpack and organize your things the way you want it, then and you and I will pick up the twins from your house. 

Sora: “That’s settled then. We can discuss minor details later on. Thank you for your understanding and I’m sure you will make the twin’s very happy. They’ve been asking about you lately and I am running out of excuses.

LT: “Sora. Don’t talk like you are negotiating a contract with me as one of your clients. They’re also my kids.”

Sora: “Why don’t you tell me a little bit more about yourself. If we are going to pretend I might as well know something about you that’s not in the media.” 

LT: “What do you want to know?”

Sora: “How about starting from the time when you’re released at the army.” 

LT: “As soon as I was out at the army. I was kinda in the fast track lane. I talked to our CEO, Mr.LSM to give me a chance to supervise and focused on managing the group idols and mergers and acquisition for their concerts and as a matter of fact it helped me……” 

Leeteuk hasn’t had a chance to continue when Sora suddenly fell asleep on his shoulder.

Leeteuk took a deep sigh and continued talking to the sleeping Sora, “so much for being interested in me. As a matter of fact, I missed you too much, and I wanted to go to US to look for you. Sorayah, you have no idea how much you have affected my life…….”


“Soraya, Soraya”….Sora heard someone whisper her name. Sora stirred and mumbled “Hmmm……” but did not open her eyes. Again she heard her name being called, this time the voice was a little louder. Opening her eyes, she saw Leeteuk’s face close to hers, his hands were cupping her face.

Leeteuk: “Wake up sleepyhead.”

The softness in his voice made Sora’s heart skip. She wanted to reach out for him.But her mind was telling her “Babo, he is a player remember?” Sora was suddenly awake and with a jolt she straightened herself in her seat.

Sora: “Oh, I’m sorry, I must have dozed off. My body is not yet adjusted to Korean time so that I have not been sleeping well since we arrived.”

LT: “You’re the first woman who fell asleep on me. My charm does not seem to work on you.”

Sora: “Please, you don’t have to turn on your charm on my account. Just be a good daddy to my twins and I will be super happy.”

Bidding Leeteuk goodnight, Sora got up and headed towards the front door of the guest house. She did not notice that LT was following her with his gaze until she was out of sight….

This fanfic is written by @jerqu of Teukso Soompi

Chapter 15 preview

release date: 22/10/12


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  1. it was a very very good chapter! 🙂 *grinning like crazy*

    and for the preview, EXCELLENT! i am already anticipating some skinships. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! *.*

    OVERALL, both of you are still the best! :))

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaah unni! love love love it! but LT is jerky in the earlier scene kekeke well he’s forgiven though coz he managed to redeemed himself in the bed scene hahahaha waking up Sora-ra like that!? way to ehem… sexy- romanteuk right?

    ehem… its getting hot in here… so take off all your clothes hahahahhaha

      • Okay then, Just show us u’r passport gurl^^U’v been crying since yesterday how’s u’r eyes? :))

  3. Sora: “What do you mean live with you?”

    This first sentence has already got me laugh like hynas…naught 3x sly 3x teukie =))

  4. next chapter will release on 22/10 oh no! its really killing me softly… when i watch the preview… i feel like i’m watching a kdrama right now.. huhu.. ^__^

    btw, its not rated right??? ;p

  5. Huge grin on my face! Love it! I just come back from work and the 1st thing i did was opening the soompi thread and found this chapter already posted! It completes my day! Teukso love is a stress reliever! Thank you to @jerqu and @playerkbd for such a fantastic work! !:D

  6. Done writing chapter 16, beliv me I was grinning from ear to ear writing that special scene…LOL^^
    better be ready guy’s^^ I’m afraid u’r cheek will explode reading that chapter.. 😀

    • woaah!! really??? can’t wait to read it.. am just on my way home, will check it first thing.. 😀 my mobile’s battery’s low now, can’t access the internet.. 😦

  7. finally they will live together ….
    wohoho…. i won’t skip chapter 16 because @jerqu unni say special scene, i’ll lose my innocent,kekeke…
    @playerkbd unnI thanks for the preview like it so much…^^ . why release on 22? how about saturday and monday??? bcz i miss DC at that time..

  8. finally they will live together ….
    wohoho…. i won’t skip chapter 16 because @jerqu unni say special scene, i’ll lose my innocent,kekeke…
    @playerkbd unnI thanks for the preview like it so much…^^ . why release on 22? how about saturday and sunday??? bcz i miss DC at that time..

    • if everyone behaves in the next few days.. I might change my mind and post it on sunday..keke..*now I’m acting like I wrote the fanfic..haha.. Calling jerqu, do u want to release it on sunday??

  9. Can somebody slap me!!! ~kkkk My imagination has gone wild. hahaha *pervymind* Jerqu you’re too good. If you’ll published this, Surely it well sell like pancakes.. I lurve it. Too excited for chapter 15..

  10. awesome! awesome! @jerqu

    oct22?? pretty far!!! sooner please?

    anyway, nice MV @playerkbd!! the songs, bruno mars!! wah!! im grinning right now… can’t wait for the enxt chap.. btw, i was wondering what happened in their get away, with the uncles?? sungmin? LOL looking for my bias.. hahaha anyway, don’t mind me..

    see u at the thread @soompi

  11. @lucy Jung ,sorry not too much interaction with u’r biasis…The problem is SJ is a new world for me and it’s too difficult to write their characters without knowing them as a person.I like them now & I’m starting to watch their clips…one more thing I still don’t know their names & w/c one is who….lol

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