Teukso fanfic chap. 15 “The Reunion” by jerqu


Chapter 15: The Reunion 



There he is, sitting at the couch with hands crossed together and legs forming a number four. “This man’s full of arrogance in his body and full of confidence.”Sora thought. When the twins saw their father, without any hesitation the twins runs to their father. LT embraced them tightly, likewise, both the twins did the same; Vince wound his little arms around his daddy’s neck. It took Leeteuk considerable effort not to cry in front of his kids. Sora’s parents were crying at the sight of the twins and father meeting for the first time hugging each other. Sora’s Mom turned around to hide the tears while her Father quickly wiped the tears that were beginning to roll down his cheeks. Sora was also crying.

Vanessa: “Daddy I missed you.”

Leeteuk: “I missed you both too. I wanted so much to see you.But works been keeping me, Forgive Daddy okay!”

Vince: “That’s ok Dad. Mommy said that you help many idol groups. And that you’re working hard because of us, so we understand you dad. Anyway Mommy reads your letters to us.” Vince turning to Sora saw that she was crying.

Vince: “Mommy why are you crying?”

Sora: “Because mommy’s happy.”

Vanessa: “If you are happy why are you crying?”

Sora approached the two and hugged both of them. “I am happy because finally, you get to see each other. Sometimes mommy cries when she’s happy.” Vince placed his other arm around Sora’s neck so that she and Leeteuk were now face to face. Vanessa join the hug, after Vince turned to his grandparents.

Vince: “Daddy’s here to pick us up.”

Leeteuk putting Vanessa down bowed to Sora’s parents, “Eomma, Appa, it’s been a long time, how are you?”

Sora’s Mom: “We’re fine but we will surely miss our grandchildren.”

Leeteuk: “They can visit you and you are welcome to visit them at the house anytime you want.”

Sora’s Dad: “Son in-law Teuk, here, have a seat. Why don’t you have dinner before you leave.”

Leeteuk: “Thank you for your invitation appa, but if you don’t mind, I’d like the twins and Sora to have dinner at home with me since this is our first night together.”

Sora’s Dad: “At least have a glass of wine with us before you leave. Sora can you prepare something for us.”

Sora excused herself and went to the kitchen with Her Mom.

Leeteuk looked around and he understood why Sora’s so proud of her achievements. The house itself had a luminous and serene quality, elegant and yet informal. The entrance hall is oval-shaped and provides views in four directions. Directly ahead is the living room, to the left is the dining room and kitchen; to the right, the stairs and hall leading to the bedrooms. The use of white, green and light brown palette adds tranquility and calmness. The floors are wide-plank reclaimed oak to contrast with the raw white walls. The sofa’s are white with splashes of blue from custom blue-and-white-plaid rug, pillows with blue-and-white stripes, blue velvet throws and breezy mix creme white draperies. The coated-silver low table provides a pale accent.

Sora and her Mom came out of the kitchen with a bottle of white wine,brown toast, smoked salmon, slices of dill cheese and fresh strawberry. She poured the white wine on crystal wine glasses and handed these to her dad, Leeteuk, and her mom. So the twins does not feel left out she gave them a glass of juice.

Sora: “These are light snacks so it won’t spoil our dinner.” Taking one of the brown toast, Sora put a sliver of smoked salmon and dill cheese and gave it to Leeteuk.”

Sora’s Mom: “Son in-law, I understand you are back with your family for good.”

Leeteuk: “Yes, Oemma.”

Sora’s Dad: “Our Soraya, when she came back from US we want her to stay with us so the kids will be near us. Sora bought her own home even we told her that she and the twins could stay in our house. She’s been independent and you know that” 

Leeteuk with a side glance at Sora replied, “It’s ok appa, I’m here now to take care of her and the twins. Right Vince,Vanessa?”
Vince: “Yes daddy. We want to stay with you and mommy.”

Sora’s Dad: “Have the two of you discussed kid’s school?”

Sora: “Eomma, Leeteuk and I have not discussed it yet but I want an International school that teaches in English and Korean. 

Leeteuk: “As soon as they’re settled at home, Sora and I will discuss the matter.”

Vanessa tugging at Leeteuk: “Daddy, I want to go home to your house.”

Looking at Sora, Leeteuk said, “I think we better head home, someone here is becoming impatient.”

Sora: “I’ll just clean up here and we can go.”

Sora’s Mom: “Don’t worry about it. I can do this myself, me and your Appa will stay here tonight and go home tomorrow.”

Sora’s parents accompanied them outside and watched while Leeteuk strapped the kids in his car seat. It takes a little bit while before Leeteuk and Sora finally on their way.

Vince referring to Leetek’s white Porsche Cayenne remarked: “Daddy your car is like mommy’s car but mommy’s car is gray, your car is white.” 

Sora: “Vince is referring to my car in New York. He loves cars and he notices these things. You should see his collection of toy cars.”

Leeteuk: “Vince, that is why I bought this car for your mommy.” 

Sora in low voice: “What? We’ll talk about this later.”

Vince: “Mommy, I want to show daddy my toy cars.”

Sora: “Yes, honey, when we get home you can show daddy your toy cars.”

Vanessa:”What about me? you keep forgetting about me.” Pouting to her dad.

Leeteuk:”Of course not my princess, I’ll buy whatever you want.”

Vanessa: “Really? thank you dad….love you.”

Leeteuk:”love you too.”

Vince and Vanessa concurrent said:”We love you more, dad.”

Sora was smiling for the new found bonding of the twins and their father…

As soon as they reached Leeteuk’s home, the twin’s was so excited that they could not wait to get out of the car. They were greeted at the door by Kath and two maids. Kath who came ahead of them introduced the maids who then greeted their new mistress & the twins with a bow.

Kath: “Everything is ready and organized. It did not take long to unpack and organize your things.”

Leeteuk holding the twin’s hand, ” you two wants to see your room?”

Vince: “Yes daddy, please show us our room.”

Leeteuk: “Ok, first we’ll go see your room and then I’ll show mommy her new sitting room.”

They went up a circular staircase illuminated by the light coming in from the skylight that flow into the house even to the basement and rectangular windows arranged in rows on the wall. When LT opened the twin’s adjoining rooms, it revealed what every boy & girl dreams of having. His bed is a red sports car and on the ceiling is an airplane chandelier. A high shelf displays every kind of automobiles imaginable from vintage to modern by his bed and study table and chair sits in one corner of the room.While Vanessa have a princess bed canopy, a beautiful princess decor, like wall stickers, and bed lights to achieve the princess theme look.And every little girl would like to be a princess, and have her own pretty little castle … 

Leeteuk: “Well, do you like it?”




The Twins still wide eyed could only nod and jump for joy. Sora was touched by the sight of her son and daughter looking so happy that she could not hold back her tears. 

Sora: “Sweetheart’s, what will you say?”

Vanessa screamed, “Thank you daddy” and rushed to his dad, and wrap her arms around him.Vince joined them after and said, “thank you so much dad.”

Leeteuk: “You’re welcome.” while he noticed that Sora was crying.

Leeteuk: “Kids, mommy’s crying again. Shall we show mommy her new sitting room?” Taking hold of Sora’s hand he led them to the masters bedroom. Leeteuk’s room is designed entirely in Western and traditional Korean style with objects from the Choson era and a new modern concept that you can order only online. The dominant piece of furniture is a king sized bed behind which is a screen with butterflies and flowers embroidered or painted on each of its eight panels. In a corner stands a cabinet with shelves for displaying prized ceramic objects. Sora’s sitting room is connected to the master’s bedroom through a hallway that features a his and hers walk in closet on each side. On the way to the sitting room, Leeteuk pointed to Sora her own closet. The creme wall and curtains contrast with the white ceiling and wood trim around the windows in Sora’s sitting room. On one side is a Chinese screen and on the other side, a blue chaise and chair with a small table in between.Sora looking awed; she did not expect Leeteuk to go to all the trouble of renovating his home to accommodate her and the twins in just two days.It must be expensive she thought….

Vanessa immitating her mother said, “Mommy what do you say?”

Sora: “Thank you so much Leeteuk. I am really overly touched.”

Leeteuk, cupping her face with his hands and wiping her tears with his thumbs remarked, “When did you become such a cry baby? “Come here.” LT hugged Sora and kissed the top of her head. 

Vince: “Daddy I’m hungry. When do we eat?”

LT: “Right now. C’mon, let’s go to the dining room.”

Their first dinner together was a mixture of Korean and American dishes. As per Vince & Vanessa’s request, the maid prepared hamburger and French fries.

Leeteuk: “What do you want to do tomorrow ?.”

Vince:” “I want to go to the Lotte park.”

LT, turning to Sora, “Do you want to go to there?”

Sora: “Sure why not.”she remember the date they have with Dong Hae & EunSeo

After dinner, Leeteuk and the kids played video games till it was time for the twin’s to go to bed. Kath washed them and changed them into their pajamas. Both twins asked his dad if he can read them a story. 

Leeteuk picking one storybooks, “How about I read you the story of “the Elf.”

Sora: “Ok, I’ll leave you then.goodnight sweetheart,baby princess.” After kissing Vanessa and Vince she left the room. She was afraid that if she sees Leeteuk reading to the twins, she might cry again. She decided to check her things so she entered Leeteuk’s room and headed for the walk-in closet. It was not a closet at all,it’s more than a room, with rows of cabinets where every item has its own place. Each cabinet had it’s own nameplates identifying the items contained inside like dresses, blouses, skirts, shoes, bags. Sora took out a white cloth robe and her ipod and headed for the bathroom. It has been her habit to soak in a hot tub whenever she wants to relax. She might as well do it now while Leeteuk is busy with the twins. 

“Ahh, this is perfect,” Sora thought, as she let the warmth of the water with the scent of vanilla soothe her. She enjoyed the incredible view at night which shows on the glass window while listening to intrumental music from her ipod. She lost her track of time until she felt the water beginning to cool. Just as she was about to stand up to reach for the bathrobe Leeteuk walks in.

Sora: “Yahh, why don’t you know how to knock?”

Leeteuk: “First of all, this is also my bathroom and second, I did not know that you were here.” 

Sora: “Can you get out of here, I can’t get out of the tub unless you leave.”

LT: “My baby princess , in case you have forgotten, we made babies together. Every inch of you that I have already seen and touched. And if my memory serves me right, you were one hot babe.” Leeteuk wink, clearly enjoying the moment and as if to needle her further, he took the bathrobe and held it out to her. 

LT: “Here, why don’t I help you put on your robe.

Sora: “Leeteuksshi, can you stop making fun of me and hand me the bathrobe before I catch cold?”

LT: “Come on and get it then.”

Sora: “Ok, fine, you win.” Sora stood up and stepping out of the bathtub, she walked towards Leeteuk allowing him to help her put on the bathrobe. Then with a voice that will make Angelina Jolie proud, Sora thanked him…….


Leeteuk woke up late the next morning. He did not even have a good night’s sleep and was tossing and turning until it’s already dawn . The sight of Sora stepping out of the bathtub with nothing on, the scent of vanilla on her was enough to drive him crazy with desire for her. He paid a high price for teasing her. Leeteuk reminded himself that they had an agreement to stay away from each other. He quickly showered, got dressed and went downstairs. 

Sora was preparing breakfast for the twins when Leeteuk appeared in the kitchen. 

Leeteuk: “Why are you preparing breakfast, where are the maids.”

Sora: “It’s okay I can do this. Would you like anything for breakfast? I made an omellette, something I learned in New York when I was still struggling?”

LT: “Sure, why not.”

Vince&Vanessa: “Good morning daddy,mommy!”

~~~~~~~ The twins kiss their mom & dad ~~~~~

LT: “Good morning. Are you ready to go?”

Vince: “Yes. I want to ride catterpillar dad.”

They spent a day at Lotte and had a good time just watching the twins excitedly. Sora could not decide who was having more fun, she, LT or the kids. LT was like a kid eating gummie candy and feeding the twins, carrying Vanessa on his shoulders while holding the hand of Vince. He took on the role of a father like his favorite duckie and he obviously loves his twins.

The Twins surely enjoy the outing.Arriving from their day out Kath met them at the door, the twins was tired as they walked fast to go their room …

Sora: “Kath, this is supposed to be your day off, why are you here?”

Kath: “I just want to spend my first weekend with the twins. Since you mentioned that you are going out tonight, it’s best that I’m with them.”

Sora and LT sat in the living room Leeteuk told her. “The first day I saw you at the podium, I felt something.”

“What do you mean?”

“It felt like you had a crush on me.”

I looked at him. He was smiling, and his dimple is killing me like a playboy, not the smile Leeteuk used to show me.He’s teasing me again. “In your dreams.” I am irritated.What? A crush on him? I picked up one of the throw pillows and whacked it on his face.

He just smiled and make his face closer to mine as he put his arms on my shoulder. I could almost smell the mint scent of his breath. “Don’t speak , I know you’re just pretending not seeing me that day right?” “And I guess, I’ll be loving your stay here, thanks to you.” Definitely this is Leeteuk’s style.

I pushed him away. “Stay away from me.”

“I know you like being near to me, I can feel that Miss Kang Sora.” He said arrogantly.

“Dream on.” I stood up and walk out from him.

I heard him laugh and shouted. “Admit it, you still like me. It’s obvious Sorayah, if you want we can sleep together again and make more babies.” I still heard him say before I shut the door real hard.

Now he’s grating into my nerves. I did not think that I could still feel this ‘pissed off’ feeling again. That man is a perverted madman and a crazy ugly,I mean- he’s actually hot and more charming now, just crazy fool and then I ended up smiling.

But this feeling……..is what I miss the most……..

This fanfic is written by @jerqu of Teukso Soompi

Chapter 16 preview

release date: 23/10/2012

(playerkbd note: I had trouble doing the 2nd part so please bear with the imperfection..got nosebleed all over my lappie..ROFL..and guys, chap 18 is far more hot than chap 16..hahahaha..)


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  1. (playerkbd note: I had trouble doing the 2nd part so please bear with the imperfection..got nosebleed all over my lappie..ROFL..and guys, chap 18 is far more hot than chap 16..hahahaha..)

    -i laughed at this part!-

    Well, i almost cried with the reunion.. so sweet.. and i did not expect that Sora’s parents accepted Leeteuk despite what happened to Sora.. well, that’s what parents are.. 😀

    looking forward to chapter 16!

    @jerqu && playerkbd, THE BEST!! :))

    • lol.. well,I think the parents did understand the situation before then and knowing how Sora never denied that LT is not the the father of her twins, she even showed them his pictures.. am sure she never told her family what really transpired in the past..

      nyahaha.. why do I feel like I’m interpreting a K-drama that I just watched.. and this is a fanfic..haha.. Jerqu..help me out here..haha

      ***I really had trouble making that video..and had to censor some…nyahahaha

  2. Enjoyed this chapter. Love the sweet moments with the kisd.
    @playerkbd, the preview for ch 16 looks good, but darling, how will you do the preview for ch 18 and still keep it unrated???

  3. it is so sweet, so warm when they reunited… more when leeteuk and baby huging part… now leeteuk become a good, handsome, and responsible daddy^^…

    i haven’t watched the video preview. i will on monday. worried if i can’t focus on my studying… kekeke…

    anyway… thanks @jerqu unni for write this chapter. and @playerkbd unni for your hardwork making preview MV… love the work of prettiest Unni 🙂

  4. (playerkbd note: I had trouble doing the 2nd part so please bear with the imperfection..got nosebleed all over my lappie..ROFL..and guys, chap 18 is far more hot than chap 16..hahahaha..)

    really?? you did good!!

    anyway, love the family outing with the twins… and the tub scene? omo, *perjumma is slowly sinking… i thught there’s more.. wahahaha

    anyway, keep it up guys! your daebak!! @jerqu @playerkbd

  5. thanks ladies for a good review…LOL^^
    I’m feeling it’s a KDrama too with the awesome teaser done by our pretty FD @playerkbd….You’ve done a good job Dear 🙂
    Thank’s for reading guy’s……

  6. Will there be a part in the next chapter when sora meet LT’s mom? I am really curious about that? Btw.. Love to read this fanfic.. U are sucsess to mix the feelings..

  7. @pipechan I’ll try on Chapter 19 or 20 …I’m lost on Chapter 18 due to the *cough ahemn *cough pervjummas who posted some hot posers.I have to clear out those images first on my virgin mind, I’m still recuperating from shock…!!! 😀

  8. whoaahh…It’s a long written Chapter hah! Just now I saw from my monitor at work…heheh! I’m not yet done with Chapter 18 😦 😦 😦 waaahhhh, those posers!!! Can’t concentrate..tsk.tsk.

    • U just realised how long this chapter was??hehe..oh take your time writing chap. 18, we can wait…

      Whilst we were waiting for your teaser (that wasn’t even released..hmp!) we decided to entertain ourselves with hotness that is our biases..nyahahaha..

  9. Ohhh! Your work is really amazing! Like your ff very much! KS is so strong and mature person here..Just wow!
    P.S. Can u give me password to 16 and 18 chapters. Wanna read full version of your work)

    • Chapter 18 warning page: teuksoisreal chapter 20&21: ****perjuhmma.. Special chapter/cut scene: perjuhmma****.. And if u have twitter, u can just poke me for passwords in d near future : @playerkbd

  10. hi.i’m new to this.i very much liked your fanfics on dimple couple.but i hav problem accessing the protected page as i dont know which password is needed.pl guide.

    • Chapter 16: teuksoisreal
      Chapter 18: certifiedperjuhmma
      I am not sure which chapter has passwords now..I’m on mobile,I think it’s 20, anyway,whatever chap it is, the password is proud2beperjuhmma

      Special cut chapter: perjuhmma4ever

      Thanks for visiting the blog and reading the FF..^^

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