Exploring Southend on Sea..my journal.. ^ ^ part 1


At long last, after a few weeks of spending time looking for a place to go to for a day trip, we finally decided to go to Southend. Well, it’s kinda hard to decide really, especially this time of the year when it’s cold and knowing England weather, you wouldn’t know when the sun’s going to shine and when is it going to rain. I don’t rely on the weather forecast since they always got it wrong..keke.. (*sorry weather forecaster).. ^ ^

I had a mixed feelings on this trip, I was happy I get to spend time with my friends, no work to think about… but I am also sad that this will be the last trip I’ll have with one of my besties as she’ll be going back home.. 😦

Anyway, enough of the sad part..and so we booked our “all time” train ticket and one day bus pass (we can’t use our London oyster cards)… I was so excited that I was already awake at 4 in the morning and we’re going to meet up 8:00 am..excited much??hehe..but then again, in a group of friends, there will always be someone who’s always late!! aish.. thank god we had an all time ticket or else we’ll miss our train..

It was about an hour journey from London so we were there around 9:30 and was shocked with what we found.. a deserted high street.. it feels like we were in “walking dead” movie..haha..am just kidding.. it was just that the town was so quiet, no people around, shops still closed.. guess we came too early…

see what I mean?deserted..no water even, isn’t this supposed to be Southend on SEA?..hehe..low tide..since there’s not much to see, we decided to eat breakfast first…and one of our friend was complaining of being hungry..oh well…he just really love to eat!!hahaha..so off we went to Wetherspoon to eat..

and so after spending about an hour and a half at the pub, we finally decided to go see Sea Life, *correction*, I decided, they just granted my request, they wanted to visit museum (*boring.. there’s loads in London),  I wanted to see fish and sharks!!!! I’m such a kid sometimes.. ^ ^

“Sea Life Adventure”

strike a pose..keke..we just love taking pictures!!!

I felt like a little kid looking around the fishes, the shark (I don’t have the pic of the shark on my cam, it’s on my friends’ 😦  can’t post it now), the jellyfish and lot more.. They even have question panels on general knowledge..and don’t ask me if I got any questions right.. I actually did, only when all my friends got all the wrong answers and I’m only left with the last choice.. lol.. It’s a nice place for kids to enjoy (note: we were the only adults who were there that day, there were loads of kids on a school tour.. : D), they have a whole day activity, shame we don’t have time to stay long..had to see more of Southhend..


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