Exploring Southend on Sea..my journal..^ ^ part 2


walking along the seaside”

we were lucky the weather was nice, it was actually warm despite the cool breeze

“being a kid again on children’s playground”

one, two, step……

and there goes Char…*plonks…*

“Southend Pier”

The World’s Longest Pleasure Pier

We thought if we walk the pier we don’t need to pay but guess what? we have to.. we have options, we can walk/take the tram back and forth, take the tram going then walk back or take a walk then take the train going back and we chose the latter…

and off we go.. but had to stop..got distracted with the chess board and everyone decided to play, girls VS boys though I’m not much of a help ‘coz I dunno how to play it.. 😦

and the game ended, in case you’re wondering who won, it’s the guys.. 😦 aish.. I should ask my little nephew to teach me how to play chess so I can get my revenge.. ^ ^

then off we start walking again..and yes got distracted again.. we’re like kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)..haha..can’t focus on one thing.. but can you blame us? the scenery was beautiful…

and then we started taking jumpshots



*sigh* can’t even get a perfect jumpshot so I decided to just compile our individual jumps..

so this is it now.. we are going to walk 1.33 miles


after reaching the end, time to have a warm drink….^ ^

the train runs every 15 minutes, so we decide to go back at 16:30

and yipee.. got our certificate.. ^ ^

more of Southend

fun times..

time to go bowling at…

the entrance hall was amazing..

This is the first time that I’m gonna play bowling so wish me luck.. ^ ^

this is me trying to attempt bowling.. lol

our final score board, don’t ask me what my score was *pout*

we have to catch our train at 18:30 so we had to rush but I can’t help but I admire Southend’s beauty at night and took a photo

it was a great day full of laughter.. hope I could travel again with them.. ^ ^

the antisocial moments


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