Comic Battle Round 1


After the release of @jerqu’s fanfic chapter 18, it created a commotion among PFDs wanting to have chapter 19 posted and hold a strike on me.. me??their own president?tsk tsk..too much respect they got there.. kkkk they should have known that I don’t give in easily and I can’t be bribed.. 

these are the perjuhmmas on the picket

I am not one to give up easily so they all went home, the next day the strike continues…

 the bribing still continues @twitterthat turned into a comic battle between me and @lazyme2day….I wanna share it  ‘coz I find it fun..
since PFDs can’t bribe me on their own (as if there’s not enough of them trolling me!)they decided to call for help
to which I responded to with this
but PJS won’t give up and came back with
and my respond to that is this..kkk
lazyme2day: take this..muahahaha
playerkbd: and take this..WE’RE SICK!! :)) :))
lazyme2day: lol..well well..nice try.. TAKE THIS!! (WHAT R WE DOING?) =))=))
WARNING: the next pages will be R-18,exclusive only to those who admitted they are certified PFD kkk
playerkbd: and take this BWAHAHAHA!!! back at you :)) ))
and so lazyme2day took time to respond only to find out she took time to make 4!! sneaky..
and so the battle ended with DC in bed.. =)) =)) and considering it’s only me against the trolls (PFDs) :)) they decided I lost!! huh!! =)) =))  so not fair!! :)) So I just gave up and admit defeat but me still thinks I won, after PJS was threatened by Sora ’bout not having “ANY” and “NO MORE QUADRUPLET”, he completely forgotten about the PFDs and went to make the quadruplets instead… =)) =)) PFDs being abandoned by PJS, I won  😛 😛 no one to help u out to convince me now..kkk better luck finding another one =)) =))
but it hasn’t ended there, PFDs held a press conference for the President of Perjuhmma
(@lazyme2day, I forgot to ask, are you sure this is the right press con?I don’t see any ahjuhmma’s?they’re boys!! =)) =)) )
this is the answers to the Q&A
=)) =)) =))
This is for now FDs, me and @lazyme2day will have more comic battles, we will let you know when and join us on twitter.. :)) :)) ,WE will keep you posted..kkkk
I hope doing this will help us go through the 21 months of waiting!! We have to wait happily for PJS!!!
FDs are Jjang!!!



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