The real fantasy in Queen InHyun’s Man and QIHM FMV


Queen Inhyun’s Man has topped the list of my most favorite K-drama and I know it’ll take a long time before something as great would replace it (scratch that, it’ll remain on it’s spot and anything new will be just second best for me.. 😉 ) During the time of it’s release,I didn’t actually even took notice of it as there were good dramas airing together with it and since it’s from a cable drama unlike KBS and SBS, the publicity wasn’t that grand and also because I didn’t find the title first reaction was ..”pffft.. can they not be more creative with the title?” and oh boy did I ever ate my words…’s the same as saying, don’t judge the drama by it’s title alone… 😀

And so I decided to watch it when I have nothing better to watch and I was hooked from episode 1 and it was frustrating because the subtitle takes too long so I searched the web and found good sites for recaps  but I got more attached with joonni’s recaps ( She’s really good that I have compile all her recaps and had it like a book for safekeeping. I couldn’t even begin to describe how great this k-drama is for me, some may not like it but we all have different preferences, this drama just deviates from the usual k-drama norm..well apart form the travelling theme that got the same with RTP (don’t get me wrong, I love RTP too)..

There’s a lot that I wanna say about this drama but it would fill up the whole page.. So I just wanna share an excerpt of a letter written by the writer of this gem of a k-drama to the fans.. (translation by joonni)

The main writer of “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” left this letter in JHW’s DC Gall on June 9, 2012.

From the beginning, when we writers were conceptualizing the drama, we were determined to write a fantasy, a truly wonderful man, and a lovably woman with 100% hearts of love. So the real fantasy in this drama is not the talisman or the time-slip but the absolutely perfect man named Kim Boong-Do. Boong-Do and Hee-Jin were purposefully written as so from the beginning, but through the direction and actors, they became more charming and received  overflowing love from everyone.

The love between Boong-Do and Hee-Jin is our gift to people who might be finding life a little boring-a short fantasy of a midsummer night’s dream. Like a fairytale book from your childhood that you take out from a dusty bookcase and will always transport you to a fantasy world…While our lives, the people around us, and the even the land we stand on change…Whatever the time, whatever the situation, as soon as you press the play button, we hope that it takes you back to May 2012, the time when “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman” and “Player” loved, and the time when you watched them with delight. Thank you for your passionate support.

Please be happy~^^

Writer Song Jae Jung.

Link to letter:

Indeed, the real fantasy in the drama isn’t the time travelling but the perfect man Kim Boong Do.. I am still waiting for my own KBD to come to my life…kkkk..which is gonna be difficult..unless I find a hot scholar like him who knows martial arts and would do “corny” things for his girl..awww… I miss you Kim Boong Do!!!!

Queen Inhyun’s Man FMV


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