Teukso fanfic Chapter 22 “The Blessings” part 1 by jerqu


Chapter 22 : The Blessings

The surprise announcement Of Leeteuk and Sora’s wedding  reverberated throughout Korea. They became the topic of conversation from the plush comforts of Korean high class society to small time offices where ordinary employees gossip about the couple around the cafeteria. Internet sites were inundated with inquiries about them. Blogs and websites sprouted to accommodate the increasing number of people local and international eager to know the detail about their relationship.


Sora was surprised when Sungmin dropped by her office. She noticed that he have this sad  expression on his face. Sungmin was unaware that Sora was looking at him.

Sora:”Hey anything wrong? do you have a problem, what brings you here?”

Sungmin:” I saw your interview. Are you sure with your decision, are you really happy?”

Sora:” I really am. Thank you Sungmin, you were always there for me during the sad times and my only wish is that you will be as happy as I am now.”

Sungmin.” I know just by looking at your face. You look radiant. It has been a long journey for you and Hyung and I’m really glad that it will end with both of you standing at the altar. I just want to be sure that you are happy.”

Sora:” I really am happy I will not forget what you did for me and the twins, But I’ll be more happier if you will grant my wish to sing in our wedding march. Do you remember our WGM photoshoot? I was sincere when I told Leeteuk that I want you to sing on my wedding, It’s a dream come true for me.”

Sungmin:” Sure I’ll do anything that makes you happy, you know that. But I hope you will still call me one at a time. You can still count on me no matter what okay, anyway I’ll be going now and Congratulation on your wedding!”Sungmin smiled but deep inside he  was really hurting.

Sora:” Thank you, I want you to know that you will  always be special in my heart.  I’ll be forever grateful to you.” As Sora kissed him on his cheek. She felt relieved, she knows Sungmin still have feelings for her and she really hope that he’ll meet his soulmate soon.


Sora’s mom was anxious about the upcoming dinner they were hosting for  Leeteuk  parents at their home. Whole day she had been excitedly preparing the dishes she’s serving to the consternation of  Sora’s dad  who was serving as her assistant. She is too demanding and were getting into his nerves.

Sora’s dad: “Yoebo, can you please relax. You are making us nervous just being around you.

Sora: “Eomma, you are a very good cook and they are not expecting you to prepare anything fancy. They would even be happy with your own style of cooking. You are the best when it comes to home cooking.”

Sora’s mom:“Even then, I like everything to be perfect. You know me. I always make sure my guests enjoy whatever I serve them.”


Leeteuk with his Mom and Dad arrived on time for dinner. LT’s mom brought a bottle of wine and gave it to Sora’s dad  while LT’s dad presented  flowers. LT’s mom looked sophisticated in black pant suit and with silk printed blouse while Sora’s mom was equally attractive in a light creme A-line dress that she accented with pair of umber earrings and bracelet.

Sora’s mom: “Please feel at home. I’m just going to put this wine in ice bucket and prepare the food.”

Sora’s dad shaking LT’s dad hand said, “Welcome to our humble home.”

LT’s dad replied, “Thank you. You have a very nice and comfortable home.”

Sora looking stunning in a simple strapless empire dress with shears below the bodice to the hemline, accentuating her figure greeted  Leeteuk’s parents with a kiss.

Before dinner, Sora’s mom served  Salmon Mousse CupsCalifornia Sushi RollsRoasted Vegetable Dip for appetizer.

LT’s dad: “This is a good thing that we got together as a family before the engagement party. I know that this is just a formality but our family  would like to formally ask Sora’s hand in marriage to our son Leeteuk and we welcome her as well as part of our family.

Sora’s dad: “Likewise, we accepted Teuk in-law as our son long time ago even when they were still in virtual marriage and of course welcome the merging of our two families.”

Looking at Sora and Leeteuk  LT’s mom added, “And I hope that they will give us more grandchildren.”

LT whispered naughtily to Sora, “They want more grandchildren. That means we should do it more often, be ready tonight hmnn.”

Sora pinching him whispered back, “Stop it do you want them to hear you?”

LT’s parents were impressed with Sora’s mom cooking which they they referred to as “the best home cooked meal they’ve ever had.”. The family dinner, was a delightful evening for the two families who started as strangers and became one because of fate, two people  who met and fell in love.


Suju brothers decided to have barbeque party for the newly engaged couple which is usually a big  affair invited relatives and close friends with Siwon and Shindong as the main host.Siwon takes pride in his barbecuing expertise. He even has his own secret recipe that he would not share. Wearing a comfortable pair of  inky cotton shorts and printed taupe with  shirt, he’s by the special barbecue pit he had installed at the huge terrace surrounding the swimming pool, jacussi and spa as well.This vacation house of Siwon’s family sits on a hill overlooking the beach. It’s modern and masculine. Black and white is the main theme and the style is minimalist. They enjoy

Siwon’s  meals at the covered portion of the terrace. His special for the day is back ribs, while Eunhyuk and Donghae set the long table with plates and glasses and a pitcher of their favorite punch and beer.

Leeteuk and Sora with the twins were preparing and will  join  the party shortly. Once, LT was ready and went to guest room remarked to Sora.“Babe, I don’t think it’s bathing suit; you are practically naked and I don’t like anyone ogling at you,” protested LT.

Sora was twirling around like a model in a red 2-piece halter bikini in front of the mirror.

Sora replied looking at the window glass: “Well, look at the girls with Donghae and Heechul in the pool same with what I’m wearing now”

LT pouting remarked, “There is big difference, they’re not a mother of my kids and they’re not going to be my wife.”

Sora approached Leeteuk  and sat, curling herself on his lap, gently pinching his nose she replied, “Your nostrils are flaring again. Do you know how cute you are when you pout and your nostrils flare especially when you’re jealous?  you know that you are the only man for me.” Holding his face Sora kiss him passionately.”

Pulling her, he responded to her kiss with more intensity than hers biting and nibbling her lower lip. He was just about to untie her bikini top when they heard a knock and they heard Vanessa’s voice loudly calling out to them, “Daddy, mommy, it’s me please open the door.”

Sora immediately stood up and said, “Babe, why don’t you open the door while I change.”

Vanessa and Vince accompanied by Kath was all smiles, Vince wearing a sando shirt, a pair of swimming shorts and sandals as well as sunglasses.While Vanessa wearing a one piece of fuchsia  pink swimsuit with a pair of cute pink thong sandals.

Vince: “Dad, I’m ready to go swimming, where’s mommy?”

LT lifting his son replied, ” Princess go and tell mommy to hurry up.”

Sora  put on a black  jersey miniskirt over her bikini with braided decoration on the sides showing part of her skin and a pair of black thong sandals. Leeteuk wore yellow shorts and white cotton shirt.

Sora greeted Vanessa with a hug and a kiss, “Hello my baby, are you ready to go swimming?”

Vanessa: “Yes mommy. Uncle Sungmin and Auntie Lee Jin told me to tell you to hurry up.”

They met up with their friends in the main swimming pool area with private cabanas and  seat lounges. It has many separate bars gumtious which located to provide guest with refreshments.

Kyuhyun wearing a pair of orange swimming shorts, white shirt and open madras short sleeve shirt with plaid orange, polo greeting Sora and LT exclaimed, “Hello, hyungsunim Congratulations.” Kissing Sora on the cheek…” Hyung, isn’t this awesome. Six big swimming pools to choose;  for sports, kids pool and even a wave pool. Siwon’s family is too much cooler than mine.”

LT: “Glad you like it, go they’re calling you out there.” pointing at Donghae’s group.

Kyuhyun:” Ah ok… I’ll see you later hyung, hyungsunim.”

The twins pointing at the kiddie pool with octopus slides to their  dad said, “Daddy, we want to go there”.

LT: “Ok. you two just be careful, Kath please can you accompany them to the kiddie pool.”

Lee Jin in an apple green paisley two piece bikini covered by a sarong of the same material called out to Sungmin and Siwon, They looked lost and were looking around trying to find them.

Sora and Leeteuk watched their kids go up and down the slide with the other children. They were sure have big energy moving from one slide to the next and then off to the kiddie wave pool where they would squeal with delight every time there is a wave and they runs away so the wave does not hit them.

LT: “Baby, look at them. So tiring  just watching them. They will have a good night’s sleep tonight for sure.”

Sora: “That’s not surprising. They are at an age when playing and physical activity are very normal for them. I like it that Siwon and brother in-laws thought of inviting the children of our guests as well. I think SJ had the twins in mind knowing that they’ll enjoy the company of a playmates.”

LT: “Baby, I feel lucky that I fell in love with you. I would have missed out on life without you and our kids. To me, my family are most important, I can live anywhere as long I have you and my babies.”

Sora: “We went through so much didn’t we?  I’d rather die than go through that pain again.”

LT: “I’m sure we will still go through the usual disagreements and I hope that we’re mature enough to face whatever comes our way. Please enough running away from me, if anything bothers you rather talk to me or hit me instead.”

Sora taking his hand replied, “I know. Both of us can be stubborn sometimes. But, I would not want you any other way. I love you too much. Just stay with us and thank you for being a good father to our kids. And that is enough for me”



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