Teukso fanfic Chapter 22 “The Blessings” part 2 by jerqu


The engagement party was well attended by the big names from Korean entertainment, high society and selected media. The representatives from the media, including Park Minsun with the WGM production staff were invited and the big bosses of SME. They were made to sign an agreement that no pictures or articles would be written about Vanessa and Vince. A well-known Korean designer Lee Vahn designs the venue that took on a modern twist. At the entrance hall  look like a hanging garden. The entire room was in cool green giving the guests a sense of being in paradise. Tables were adorned with 6 to 8-ft. tall trees wrapped with different kind of orchids in chrome trays of crushed glass. The  dance floor was a major attraction that ensured every guest to stay on the dance floor it was flanked with several abstract sculptures of ice and an interesting rays of neon lights.

Lee Jin, Min Ah and LT’s sister Inyoung who just came to Korea to attend the couple’s Engagement and Wedding Party waited for Sora to go down from the bedroom on the second floor of the Hotel. Min Ah was dainty in a spagetti-strapped baby pink  gown; sashes cress-crossed the front down to the waist and tied below the left breastbone. Lee Jin wore a silver grey strapless electric pleated empire gown with wraparound satin sash of the same color and held together in front by a swarovski crystal buckle. Inyoung opted to wear  simple sleeveless low cut dress with a V neckline but the bare back that exposed her skin down to the waistline gave an appealing outfit.

The stylist chose a short, shimmery silk  fuchsia  gown flare in a strapless the plunging v-neckline enhanced her creamy skin and ample cleavage and with electric pleats on the bust line as well as the empire waist and hips with a figure hugging bodice. Sora finally came down, with her dazzling parent who looked proudly at their daughter.

Lee Jin: “Oh my goodness Soraya, I can already see Park Jungsoo drooling when he sees you in that seductive outfit.” Min Ah  and Inyoung nodded in complete agreement.

Sora:” “Geez, thank you girls. You really are my best friends. And I really do appreciate your effort Unnie.” Sora said timidly to her sister in-law.

Inyoung:” You really look gorgeous, I can clearly see now why my brother feel in love with you.”

Sora:” Thank You Unnie, Don’t you think the neckline is too low?” Pulling the top of her dress up.

Min Ah gushed:” No, Leeteuk’s eyes will fall off their sockets once he sees you in that dress. heheh!”

Inyoung:” Believe me honey, you are just being too self-conscious. Have you seen the other actresses wearing clothes that are gaping open down to their belly buttons and hardly covered their breasts? What was her name?  that actress ? hmnn, anyway forget about that pathetic bitch! You look absolutely beautiful and sexy, especially with your hair shiny and flowing around your shoulders. And your legs, they’re incredibly long and shapely.”

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Sora hardly recognized the woman staring back at her. The gown was stunning and flattering to her figure. Her glamour look make-up gave her a fresh and dewy appearance with the mascara emphasizing the shape of her eyes and silver eye shadow to her eyelashes.. A creamy type of rouge and shimmering lipstick and lip gloss was applied to her lips making them moist and sensual.

She just finished putting on her matching fuchsia stiletto shoes when LT and the Twins arrived. Sora’s heart gave a lurch. LT was way too gorgeous in a dark grey suit and light fuchsia shirt open at the collar. A tingling sensation coursed through her whole body as his eyes swept over her from head to her toes and back again

Vanessa exclaimed.” Wow, isn’t  mommy lovely Daddy?”

Vince:” You Look beautiful mom.”

Sora hugging the twins remarked, “My baby is so handsome in his tux. You look just like your daddy and my princess is too beautiful in your gown. You really look like a real princess.”

Vince: “Mommy, me and daddy are wearing the same clothes.”

Sora : “Yeah, right? I am sure daddy is very proud to both of you tonight, right babe?”

Inyoung smiled. From the way LT was staring at Sora, her brother was totally awed by Sora’s beauty. “Good luck my brother and to both of you. C’mon sweetheart’s, let’s go and enjoy the evening.” The whole group including Sora’s parents leave the couple smiling.

But before leaving Sora hugging her parents remarked, “Eomma, Appa, you two are just lovely. Thank you for everything.”

Sora’s mom could not control her tears when she hugged her daughter, “Oh my baby. I am so happy for you and Jungsoo and of course, with my grandchildren.”

Sora’s dad putting his hands on his wife’s shoulders comforted her said, “Yoebo, if you don’t stop crying now, there will be no more tears left on her wedding day. We are going inside now Teuk in-law, fighting!”

LT bowing to his In-laws remarked:” Thank you Appa and Oemma, I’ll be a good husband and Father I promise.”

Sora’s dad: “ I know I trust you Teuk In-law, we all go ahead then.” At his signal everyone left the room leaving  the couple alone.

For a minute, LT stood in front of Sora just staring at her. “You are stunningly gorgeous. I don’t know where to look first.” he exclaimed.

Sora teasingly replied:” You are stunningly gorgeous yourself.”

LT  reaching out to Sora, embraced her tightly.” I totally adore you future wife Park Sora.”

Sora:” Me too.”

LT looked at Sora and asked, “Me too what?”

Sora: “Me too, adore you so much.” LT was about to kiss her but she warned him, “No kissing yet. My make-up has to last. You don’t want my picture in the newspaper with lipstick smears do you?”

LT : “Aissstttt,  women with their vanity. Turn around.” LT  put a necklace around her neck consisting an emerald cut blue sapphires with clusters of marquis with round and pear shaped diamonds. He also give her a matching pair of earrings and bracelet.

Sora teary eyed:“ Babe, this is  just too much from the start you always give me expensive things.”

LT:  “Don’t say that because what you gave me is more precious than this. You gave me beautiful and adoring twins.”

Sora:” Well, I did not do it alone you know. You were part of it.”

LT: ” Hmnnnn, you’re right. I should take back my gift then?” he said jokingly.

Sora:”“No way. You already gave these to me. I’ll give these to our Vanessa, when she grow up. How about that?”

LT: “Now you’re talking. We better go join our guests before they start wondering where we are.” Clasping their hands they headed for the ballroom.

There was already a large crowd waiting at the entrance when they pass on the way to the venue. Bodyguards were on hand to protect them and immediately surrounded them. Cameras flashed and a throng chanted their name. Others remarked that  Sora was even more beautiful in person. Leeteuk  protectively put his arm around her waist while they were led inside the Party. The grand ballroom venue was turned into a wonderland. Tree branches was filled with white silk canopy and gold lanterns. White orchids filled gold urns was place on each tables and a scented candle added to the romantic effect. All  kinds of assorted flowers soared and arranged in circle around the dance floor. Onstage, a full orchestra was playing  LT & Sora’s favorite  songs “SHE” while pictures of the two were flashed onscreen.

When all the guests were seated, LT and Sora’s parents came inside the ballroom amidst thunderous applause.

Donghae and Kangin were the main emcee’s of the event, Donghae’s Introduction: “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us in celebrating the engagement of my brother and friend , Park Jungsoo aka our Hyung Leeteuk and Ms. Kang Sora. Congratulations Hyung and Hyungsunim.”

Kangin:”On behalf  of our SJ brotherhood and from Park and Kang Family we would like to welcome everyone and hope that you would enjoy this evening with us. May I request that Mr. Park and Mr. Kang  family to sit on the special table in front of the stage, please…Wait, Vanessa just look at me with her dagger eyes, Yes, our baby princess..I know hyung must be thinking that I’m calling his baby princess …no, not Sora (laughter on the croud), our baby princess Vanessa with her brother Vince can sit with their grandparents too…Thank you, sweetheart’s …now let us begin….”

Leeteuk who was still at the entrance with Sora was in the depth thought. Fate must have a hand in bringing them together, two people in love looking forward to start a new life together.  His thoughts were he heard the music “Only You” from the string quartet orchestra.

Donghae:” May I request Mr. Park and Mr. kang please come up to the stage to introduce our main couple of this event.”

LT’s dad: “Gamshamnida,  Mr. Kang. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It is with great pride and pleasure  that we introduce to you our children, Park Jungsoo and future Mrs. Park  Kang Sora.”

While the music played “Marry U” LT and Sora entered holding hands, their entrance captured on widescreen as they entered the ballroom and on going up to the stage. Confetti and red and white rose petals fell from the ceiling; everyone stood up, cheered and clapped at the couple. After the cheering subsided, LT approached the mike.

LT: “Good evening  everybody. Sora and I would like to thank everyone for honoring us with your presence. We would also like to thank my Sujo brothers, our parents, especially our mothers who did everything to make this event a success.Babe, please do the honor.”

Sora: “Good evening everyone. This is a memorable moment for me and Park Jungsoo as well as our kids, Vince & Vanessa and I am happy that we are sharing this memorable occasion with the people who are dear to our hearts. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the evening.”

Their mothers approached them with Inyoung…..As LT and Sora looked at each other, Kangin announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce to you the mother of the couple and  Hyung’s sister, Park Inyoung…..”

Sora and LT had a wide grin on their faces as they hugged and  kissed their mother and  Inyoung, She was followed by the waiters who rolled in a towering cake richly decorated with  ribbons and flowers. While the guests clapped continuously, Leeteuk and Sora cut the cake and fed each other. They drank white wine with their arms intertwined.

Inyoung: “I’d like to propose a toast to my brother and future sister-in-law. To Jungsoo-yah and to my sister in-law Soraya, I wish you all the best and happiness. Cheers.” Everyone raised their glasses and after taking a sip, they all shouted while making noise with their wine glasses “kiss, kiss, kiss.” Smiling, Leeteuk and Sora obliged by kissing  her on the lips.

After the meal, dancing followed and everyone took to the dance floor, even the twins joined their parents, imitating the way the guests dance. LT and Sora were amused to see Vanessa and Vince doing the latest dance moves with their uncle Eunhyuk, Kyunghyun, Siwon, Henry, Donghae and their favorite Uncle Sungmin. After hours of continuous music and dancing, the orchestra conductor made an announcement inviting everyone to go to the side of the window glass to watch the fireworks display. The fireworks was spectacular, lighting up the sky as it followed the beat of the music being played. Once the fireworks ended, everyone went back to resume their dancing. Leeteuk was the epitome of an adoring fiancée, never leaving Sora’s side. He was either holding her hand or possessively had his arm around her waist and sometimes lets his hand glide playfully over her hip and buttocks.

As the whole group of friends gathered, all girls let out a scream and hugged each other tight. Shifting her attention to Sungmin, Sora also gave him a thank you hug.

LT approached them and putting his arm around Sora’s waist asked, “Yah, Sungmin-ah, are you still flirting with my fiancée?”

Sungmin: “No, but if you make her cry again, I’m gonna steal her from you for real.”

LT: “That will never happen brother, because she means the world to me.” As Leeteuk and Sungmin shook each other’s hand, and then patted each other’s back in greeting.

“Bro, are the engaged couple enjoying the party?” exclaimed Siwon as he greeted the couple

“Hyung  buddy. How was it ? Still in honeymoon?” the evil maknae Kyuhyun asked LT.

LT:” We sure do hmnnn… ” looking at Sora.

“yah,yah…” exclaimed a blushing and embarrassed Sora approached Leeteuk and pinched his side.

“Hey that hurts,” yelped LT.

Sora replied: “That’ll teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

Leeteuk and Sora wound their arms around each other’s waist while they gazed at each other lovingly.

When the orchestra played again “only u” LT took Sora’s hand and led her to the dance floor. Taking her in his arms he whispered, “I believe this is our dance.” LT tilting her head kissed her passionately on the lips while they danced.


Final Chapter Preview

(I sincerely hope for this to happen in the future)

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  1. well the story near the end^^… i must happy or sad? happy because i can see happy ending :D… sad because this story near end 😦 like what i feel they last WGM TT
    this part of chap, show all people are happy include me … if i’m be a guest at this story….kkk

    @playerkbd unni you improve alot your making MV skill^^.

    first i heard sound of the wedding bell and see the picture of wedding hall, decoration etc.. keep showing, moving from one place to other place i feel goosebump. when music change and i see white dress and wed process… now i understand when you say you cry while made that MV because so do i.. tears fall not from sadness but from happiness 🙂

    beautifull.. wonderfull… . it’s all i can say… love..

    • I am sad too that the story is ending.. This fanfic is the closest to my heart..because of this, I met jerqu then it brought me closer to other FDs like you, kaia, ate budz, lucyjung, josan,teuksoislove and more kept coming..increasing the number of my lovely PFDs.. like lazyme2day,ukts74, the miss inCOMING huey, kcraze, malonowa, meridiansuci, felicity04, ice308,dee15 and other FDs..

      and yes baby echa..I was tearing up making the vid and had to take a break for awhile..;) really hope this happens in the future!!!

      ‘coz of u all I opened my long lost twitter account..kkk..and everyday seems so bright and happy just tweeting with u all!!kkk

      aigoo..getting emotional now..

      I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone!!

      To the other commenters of this FF, add, moschilla,pepichan,lennycsn and many others..
      and to all silent readers.. I know there’s a lot of u out there..coz of u all..this blog reached 25,000 hits/reads in just 2 months!!

      so me and jequ want to thank all of you for supporting this fanfic..our collaboration started with just a simple suggestion and it became this big..kkkk

      please look forward to our next project!!! ^_^

  2. haha same with me my friend insist me for months to make twitter account but didn’t work. but me because of jungsora make twitter account. and bcz of u all i know how to use tweet, now my tweet number reaching thousand kkk…

    yup unni this ff bring our closer but the main role is jung sora^^..

    i stop my comment in this chapter cz i want to give all my comment in the final chap hehe^^… looking forward your next project 🙂

    • I know!!! we had a lot of fun because of this fanfic..thanks to jerqu!!!

      I don’t really mind even if people doesn’t comment here..I know people read it..that’s enough for us..though dropping a comment too is much appreciated.. ^_^

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