Letters of Love (QIHM and WGM_DC)


As most of you know my first ever ship is the InHyun couple from Queen InHyun’s Man, because of them I came across soompi and I was mending my withdrawals from their drama and with Ji Hyun Woo’s enlistment, I needed something to watch but unfortunately I couldn’t find any drama interesting anymore so I went to watch WGM JoongBo episodes again and lurked in their soompi thread and someone mentioned about Dimple Couple being as close to them and so the ever curious me watched it and man!!! I was hooked from the first episode!!

I became a regular of Teukso Soompi thread, became a Fighting Dimple and now a President of the elite PFD Club…LOL 😀

my InHyun has sailed, they are REAL..with my Teukso, I still believe they are until they both deny it but them keeping it a secret is frustrating and fun at the same time! I always enjoy analyzing their interviews and little gestures..it’s like breaking the “The Vinci Code” or what me and my chingu @lazyme2day refer it as “DC X-FILES”…hehehe

I’m getting off the topic with my title now..kkk.. so yeah..I just realized that QIHM and WGM-DC have the same in common, both men wrote a letter to their beloved although QIHM is scripted and Leeteuk’s letter is REAL and he wrote it with all his heart but these two letters brought me to tears..scripted or not scripted so I just want to keep it to my memory and would like to share this in my world..my blog.. ^_^

QIHM Episode 15

(Kim Boong Do’s letter)

“This is letter written both to me and you. I may forget that I even wrote this letter, or this letter itself might disappear. This letter is for me and you, either one of us who may live on holding onto memories. When I obtained this amulet by chance, I wanted to know what the cause and effect/reason was. First, I thought the reason was so that I would be able to fulfill my dream. Then I thought perhaps the reason was our fateful meeting. Then I thought it must be for me to live in a new world. But now I have finally realized the real cause and effect. In order to save my own life, I would have to lose everything. My future, my name, my values… my people…and also you. In order to save my own life, I must lose everything…it is probably the most logical end. I was foolish to think I could at least have one thing. How much must I lose in order to repay the debt of my life? Never being able to see you again? I have realized even that is a luxury.


“If us becoming lovers is the cause, then what is the effect?”

“Memories..Our memories.. That is final price. I don’t know what will happen now. Will we forget each other or will we suffer forever, unable to let go of our memories…”


“My final wish is to be able to remember you. To not have even those memories in an aimless life will be hell. And you…you…even if you read this letter in the future, I hope you won’t know who it is for.”

translation credit to joonni of joonni.com

Leeteuk’s Letter

(WGM-DC Final Episode)

To: My very lovely other half Sora…

We met in September last year. (It was) A very cold day then but now even hot summer has passed. Seeing the season when we met is coming again, I feel like time flies so quickly… It seems that this is the first time in my life that I felt so nervous and trembled so much when meeting someone in the first encounter..Although we could not do so many things together nor see each other often, it seems that we could feel each other’s hearts.


I feel like losing my mind when the thought that there is such a beautiful woman in this world came to me. I always longed for the day when we could meet and pondered how to make Sora smile more and be even much happier. It seems that I am always worried about how to make you happy every single day.

Even though I know that time flies quickly like this, I regret that I should be more expressive and love you more…

It will be great if this becomes Sora’s beautiful and precious memory regardless of time…

How was Lee Teuk like when he was Sora’s husband?? I felt like I am undeserved to receive so much love from this woman. It would be better if I were slightly much handsome, taller and muscular. Being such a deficient husband, I am very thankful and grateful for your highest compliments and your efforts as always!!


Thank you for treasuring and taking care of this husband. I hate to say words related to departure but this is the exclusive priviledge for people in love. Even if I am not around, please don’t get sick, stay healty and smile always. Please have delicious food and meals properly. Often think of me at times ^___^

To the woman who is my wife, whose name is Kang Sora. And thank you to the woman who gave me beautiful memories together!!

With my heart…

I love you!!


Translated @hiedi
Based on Hangul text transcibed by @TSL08
Please take out with full credits.

picture screencapped from video uploaded @kshownow.net


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