Teukso fanfic final chapter – “Bittersweet Ending” written by jerqu


      Chapter 23: Bittersweet Ending


The girls brought Sora to a spa for a complete face and body treatment, followed by brunch. They then head off to the hotel where a hairdresser and stylist are waiting for them in one of the suites. The bride outfit for that day had been sent in advance with a seamstress on hand in case minor adjustments were needed. The boys will go for sauna, massage, manicure and pedicure and then proceed to their hotel suites to change into their suits. It was arranged that the wedding of Park Jungsoo and Kang Sora started in the afternoon with the beautiful sunset as the backdrop. Floral arches of blue, red, white roses and  garlands were erected along the path leading to the flower decked gazebo where the wedding ceremony would be held. A full orchestra were seated on both side of the gazebo. Guests sat on white covered chairs. The groom Park Jungso , looking every bit handsome stood beside his best man Donghae. Everybody stood up when the orchestra started to play the intro When God Made You by New Song and Natalie Grant.

The first to walk down the aisle were Sora’s mom and escorted by Kangin. She was resplendent and was regal in a blue chiffon gown with flounce sleeve and flare skirt. LT’s parents followed. LT’s mom was dazzling in gold, silk strapless gown with a straight neckline vertically shirred bodice, cress cross shirred drop waist and A-line long skirt. She have matching  scarf that opted to cover her shoulders. The little flower girl, Vanessa in a baby pink silk dupioni gown dress with drooped rose petals along the way. Park Jungso was all smiles when he saw both of his twins marching, Vince who is the ring bearer looking as handsome as his dad in his tux. Lee Jin looking elegant in a espresso taffeta strapless silk gown and Siwon followed Vince. Behind her, Inyoung, very pretty in an electric  red silk haltered gown . She smiled at her brother while marching down the aisle as the maid-of-honor. Min Ah pretty in a shimmery blue silk gown followed and was holding onto the arm of Heechul. Just as the orchestra finished playing the song , Sora, breathtakingly beautiful in her wedding gown appeared in the arms of her father. This was her wedding day and she could feel the excitement welling up within her.  Everybody  stood up and  clap when the orchestra started to play the intro of the wedding March  followed by solemn Sungmin who was strumming his guitar while singing “Marry your daughter”

Park Jungso teared up nervously as soon as he saw his bride walk down the aisle. He swallowed hard, mesmerized by her beauty.  At that moment, his heart was bursting with love for her bride, his baby princess . Donghae nudged him. “Are you ok hyung?” Glancing at him he said, “I’m fine.” Sora was wearing a strapless lace gown, with scalloped shirring at the bustline, fitted to mid-thigh and and then flaring all the way to her ankle. Sora instantly her eyes glistening with tears when she  saw him, . As soon as she reached his side, Sora hugged and kissed her father. His mouth stretched into a smile as he looked at her. “You are so beautiful my baby. I can’t believe my little girl is now a bride.”  Sora replied;” thank  you and love you, Appa.” and when she reached PJS, immediately, their eyes locked and everything faded around them. It was as if they were the only two people in the place. They were rendered momentarily speechless. He took her hand and together, they walked towards the waiting minister. . Both of them could hardly speak as they recited their vows, tears rolling down their cheeks. PJS with his voice quivering spoke of his love for Kang Sora.

LT: “My forever Princess, my beloved Soraya, before God, our lovely parents and every guests who gathered here and shared our memorable day, I want to declare my undying love for you. You are the reason I wake up every morning. Every moment with you and with our children is so precious to me. I am the luckiest person on earth to have you as my wife. I love you.”


Sora , with tears flowing vowed:” My Prince Teuk, my oppa,  my husband, my soul mate, my idol, it has been a long journey for us. I am the happiest woman to find you waiting for me at the end of the road. We exceeded many storms and obstacles since we started along the way but we still triumphed didn’t we? I love you.”

LT and Sora felt like they were in a dream. At long last Sora heard herself reciting her vows and before she knew it, the minister declared them as husband and wife. The guests were on their feet clapping when the minister introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Park Jungsu. She saw their parents and her twins smiling with tears in their eyes. LT lifted her veil. They gazed at each other before he cupped her face between his palms and kissed her on the lips. How she loved those warm lips on hers, kissing her with love and passion. She closed her eyes savoring the moment, her heart bursting with love for him. Turning to their twins they picked them up, and the four of them hugged and kissed each other. Everyone cheered the newlyweds, tossing rose petals and confetti as they walked the aisle with Vince and Vanessa.

The reception was held at the hotel’s garden, it was held in a fully decorated vast tent. Everything was white, from the tablecloth to the white lilies that adorned each table. Hundreds of tapered candles hung suspended from the ceiling. Long tables filled with china silverwares and were decorated with tall crystal vases filled with hydrangeas. Every guest was mesmerized by the concept of the venue.When the bride and groom went to a room to freshen up before joining their guests.

LT embracing his bride whispered, “I love you Mrs. Park.”

Sora whispered and replied back, “I love you too Mr. Park.” They kissed passionately, savoring the moment with the knowledge that they were now husband and wife. Inyoung called to let them know that the guests have all been seated. Clasping their hands, they left for the reception.

Shindong who was the host announced the entrance of Mr. and Mrs. Park.

Shindong: : “Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs.Park Jungso.” Everyone stood up clapping and cheering as LT and Sora entered holding hands while the orchestra played “Only U.”

The lights dimmed and a spotlight was directed on LT and Sora, signaling their entrance. In the eyes of everyone, they were the picture a blissfully happy couple as they took to the dance floor for their first dance while SJ Yesung and Ryewook sang their favorite song. They fed each other with their wedding cake and with their arms intertwined, they drank champagne, as everyone toasted and cheered the couple, LT gave her a long and passionate kiss. They then proceeded and led the guests around the room in a dance mania.

The tossing of the bouquet had make all the single women giggled. Sora was very happy when Lee jin caught it. When it was LT’s turn he gamely lifted her gown and removed the garter from her thigh playfully  and standing up, he tossed it directly to Sungmin who blushed when Sora pulled Lee Jin  and pointed to her.

A sumptuous meal consisting of French and Korean Menu. There was also a champagne fountain where guests can help themselves. After dinner,  Sora’s father stood up to thank the guests for attending the wedding of their children.

One by one including SJ members also stood up to propose a toast to the newly-wed. When it was Donghae and LT’s sister turn.

Donghae:“Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to propose a toast to my brother, Hyung and my sister in- law who proved

that love conquers all. To both of you congratulations and wish you both happiness.”

Inyoung: “I have never seen two people more in love with each other than my brother and new sister. Both of you, I wish you nothing but happiness and love. Best wishes! Can I call on my nephew & niece, Vince and Vanessa wanna say something to mom and dad?”

Vince coming over to give his parents a buzz on the cheek remarked: ”  Mum thank you for being wonderful and the best mum ever and Dad I love You.”

Vanessa smiling said: ” Mum no need to worry now  Dad is here forever, right Daddy?  love you both so much. ..”  she exclaimed as she give her mom & dad  a hug.

LT: ” Thank you sweetheart, love you more.” as LT kissed his twins.

Sora hugging LT exclaimed: “This is the happiest moment in my life my dearest husband”

LT: “baby, my wife, I like the sound of that. My wife. Can you call me hubby now?  Mrs.Park, you are one hot beautiful wife. I couldn’t ask for more. I love you.” whispered while nibbling her ear.

Sora whispered back, “And I love you too, my babe, my hubby,my yeobo.. I have one more gift to you, I am pregnant and you are going to be daddy  again soon. Congratulations babe!”

LT was sniffling: “Really? Whooohooo!!! Oh my Baby, I’m so happy. I have never been this happy.”

They kissed  oblivious to everyone around them; they were in their own world. Some of those watching had tears in their eyes, touched by the love emanating from Park Jungsu & Park Sora… It was a magical moment for everyone in that room. Now fate will never allow them to be separated.


All well ends well.

True love can never be replaced.

Nothing will ever beat true love.

jerqu & playerkbd: Again, accept our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for supporting this fanfic!!!!

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  1. I know it feels like a rollercoaster waiting and reading this FF…
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  2. Huey is “Coming” V(‘,’)V
    Love the ending ^^
    but i waiting for “Special Chapter ” LOL

    Btw i’m a bit naughty when u put “proceeded” LOL
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    Huey is Runaway lol

  3. i leave this comment because playerkbd unni insist me ~~..
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    honestly i expect more @jerqu unni.. i imagine fluter for the last shake with your ability to make up a word 🙂

    but great story and ended happily^^..
    wow sora pregnant? yeahhh quadruplet hehe they will be busy with their child kkk 😀
    bcz of this chapter i remember leeteuk quote ” i believe the phrase ‘i love you’ can make miracle happen”

    LOL Cut scene.. i think MBC which always cut their scene in WGM… LOL we have that too…

    waiting for next project^^.. will u make a sequel or totally different story? sorry “i’m a reader who always want more” hehe.. unni hope you will not boring and don’t mind to see your dongsaeng comment (long) in next project 😀

  4. love it! it’s a happy ending….
    yeah its a roller coaster love story but its wonderful!
    hope there’s another collaboration…
    and please can you start from the first meeting?

    • hi yah!!! check the next page for jerqu’s next FF trailer..^^

      Thanks for reading!!!

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  5. dear admin..i’m new to your blog..but i really want to read all of you fanfic about teukso…(i’m a die hard fan~~xD)..could u please inform me how to acsess to certain post that contai p.word?? PLEASE~~T_T

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