anime…anime…my anime sketches…


Growing up with four brothers and loads of male cousins..I acted like a boy.. I never been the Miss Prim & Proper… ^_^ Having said that, I think that was what influenced me in loving anime  so much.. I don’t wanna go in full details as to why I love anime/manga coz one page wouldn’t be enough…

Anyway, so growing up with brothers who love to draw (my brother was really good that all his notebooks were filled with anime sketches rather than his school lessons….which is why he got a lot of scolding from Mom..hahaha).. looking up to them, I tried to learn how to draw and I still remember my first perfected anime drawing which was of Son Goku ‘coz he was the easiest to draw..kkkk but I wasn’t really that good..and I haven’t got really much time to learn..

I improved in a way but I can only copy from pictures until I learned how to draw without copying..

As I was trying to look for a book to read while getting my left leg a warm compression, I found my sketchbook on my bookshelf and I suddenly feel the urge to grab a pen and draw..

These are one of the few I got..most I just copied from posters/stickers..some of my works I left back home in the Philippines…these aren’t that good since I’m not a professional.. ^_^

DSC_5471Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

my ultimate anime crush…^_^


Ichigo Kurosaki

I love Bleach…*period.. ❤ ❤ ❤



Seishun Gakuen Tennis Club



Prince of Tennis is probably the most unrealistic sports anime ever…kkk..well, it was okay during the first season but it kinda changed and they were all like possessed with superhuman powers..haha..but I wouldn’t have it any other way.. I have a copy of the the whole season, with the nationals and New POT.. I love the friendship between the members and this is one of the rare anime that had me tear up in one of their episodes…talking about being weird…kkkk.. I love Eyeshield21 too in sports anime genre…


One of the easiest drawing I have…kkkk…I do love Naruto.. would have loved it more than Bleach but I fell in love with Ichigo 1st than Naruto and I tend to be loyal…kkkk


really love this when I was in high school.. Sakura and Shaoran so cute!!!


Fushigi Yuugi — I got addicted to this when I was in high school. It was airing every Friday with Tagalog sub and I remember crying everytime there’s a blackout ‘coz I wouldn’t be able to watch since there’s no repeat telecast and we don’t have access to internet then…

Tamahomi and Miaka are just too perfect for each other… ❤ ❤


I love Vash to the “T”..kkkkk

I have lots of drawing on HunterXHunter, Samurai X, Slamdunk, Gundam Seed and a lot more but left it at home..hope it’s still in the shelf.. *sigh.. I don’t think I’ll be able to draw now… 😦

As dated on my drawings..these was all done in 2009.. three years..three years now since I last hold a pencil to draw….


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  1. wow.. daebak ate!! you have a talent in drawing,, ㅋㅋㅋ im a frustrated artist so what i did (binabakat ko ung mga pictures.. ROFLxD) bwahaha ^_^ i love animes too.. HunterXhunter my fave!! and naruto, and deathnote, and flame of lolxD i like eyeshield21 too.. and many more.. lolxD hindi ko lang nasubaybayan ung bleach ㅠㅠ kc airing xa sa GMA.. eh maka ABSCBN aq.. lolxD

    • wahaha.. u have to see all of my sketches to know if I’m good..sadly..I left a bunch at home and since I started working here, I never had time to draw.. that Ichigo drawing took me 1 day without sleep…hahaha..kidding.. I’m an anime addict just as how addicted i am with Kdrama and jdrama..hehe..

  2. It seems that we have so much things in common: Dimple couple, jdrama and anime (esp. Bleach). I also love reading manga 🙂 I also tried sketching Ichigo only once. Nyahahaha~ Keep pursuing you passion.

    And I must say, I love your collaboration with Jerqu. I totally lost my sanity while reading her fanfic! Thank you for sharing it.


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