Discovering Cambridge University


I really love to travel so I didn’t let this school trip slipped. I just been attending class for barely a month and knowing how introvert I am, I kind of hesitated if I should go since I’ll be going with complete strangers but my love for travelling overrides my being an introvert…kkkk.. and I heard a lot from my friend that Cambridge is a must-place to visit in UK.

Cambridge University has 31 colleges the oldest being Peterhouse (1284) and the newest being Robinson (1979). Clustered ar0und the city center, many of the older colleges have peaceful gardens backing onto the River Cam, which are knows as the “Backs”. The layout of the older colleges, as at Oxford, derives from their early connections with religious institutions, although a few escaped heavy-handed modification in the Victorian Era. (this is taken from the guide provided to us by the school, dunno the source so I can’t quote a reference…kkk)

Because of the limited time we have.. we haven’t got the chance to discover the whole university..

(this is on our way to Kings College)


First stop..

Kings College-founded by Henry VI

images (20)

Kings Chapel – a medieval masterpiece that took 70 years to build.

Punting on the Cam 

A punt is a flat-bottomed boat which does not have a keel, and is propelled by means of a long pole. Punts were introduced as pleasure craft in Edwardian times, since then punting has become one of the most popular ways to see the famous bridges and colleges along the River Cam. (

For worth of £10, we went punting on the “Backs” of Kings College with a chauffeur/tour guide. We’ve seen the colleges such as the Trinity College, Queens College, Clare College, St. Johns College and the bridges..Shame I couldn’t capture good pictures because of where I am sitting in the boat and the ducks kept following us and even tried to get in to the punt…kkkk…



The Bridges


Mathematical Bridge – linking two parts of Queen’s College across the Cam, the bridge was first built without nuts or bolts.


Bridge of Sighs – built in 1831 as a copy of its name-sake in Venice, it is best viewed from the kitchen bridge.

DCfindings33bridgeimages (20)

other bridges: Clare Bridge, Kitchen Bridge, Magdalene Bridge, Trinity Avenue Bridge

More sightseeing

Round Church


The 12th-century Church of  the Holy Sepulchre has one of the few round naves in the country. Its design is based on the Holy Spulchre in Jerusalem.



One of the bad thing about this trip was the season.. 4PM and it’s already so dark and we didn’t get time to explore much…


There’s more to Cambridge that I have to see and we only been around Cambridge University, my leg hurts with too much walking.. I think I need to exercise now. It would have been nice though if it’s summer.

Kettle’s Yard is one of the interesting place I’ve seen and will post the pics separately. It’s a former home of Jim (Curator at the Tate Gallery)  and Helen Ede..the arts were amazing..

To know more about Cambridge and is planning to go click here


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