When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 1



Chapter 1: Meet the Kang Family

“riiiiiinnnngggg” her alarm turned on again  but instead of getting up she just turned it off and curled up more in bed. She was in a deep sleep when someone suddenly barged in in her room.

“Hey you lazy bun, time to get up” and pulled out her comforter but she pulled it back and mumbled “It’s still too early, please let me sleep more”

“Andwe, you have to get up now!” he insisted but she didn’t show any sign that she’s getting up “Alright, you’re making me do this” he said and pulled the comforter from her and she couldn’t react when she felt herself in the air as he positioned her on his shoulder and carried her like a sack of potato.

“ What are you doing?!!” She exclaimed “Put me down”

“You don’t wanna  get up so I have to do this… Ouch!” he winced as he felt her hit his back “That hurt, wait ‘till I get you to the dining” he added as he rushed down the stairs still carrying her.  AS they reached the dining table, he dropped her down in one of the chairs

“argh.. I am not a child anymore! Why do you have to do that?!” She complained while stomping her feet

He laughed crumpling her hair “ If you just got up as I told you to then I wouldn’t have done that”

“aish..” she complained trying to avoid his hand as he continued to mess with her hair “Don’t do—“

She stopped what she was about to say when an authoritative voice spoke “Stop that you two, you’re in front of a meal”

“But Appa, that was Siwon Hyung’s fault! Still treating me like a kid!” she defended

“Then stop acting like a kid!” her Heechul Hyung retorted albeit jokingly. She looked at him with dagger in her eyes and was about to get up to him but stopped in her tracks..

“Sora-ya sit down” Her Omma told her as she came with plates in her hands with their breakfast. Sulking, she sat back to her chair. Heechul and Siwon stifled a laugh “ you two boys stop it”

“yes Omma” they both echoed causing a laugh from Sora and stick out her tongue at them.

As her mom fussed about serving the food to them, Sora happily looked at her family. When the three of them moved to Seoul to attend University and eventually got a job it has been a tradition of her family to get together at least twice a month on weekends if their schedules allow it.

Her eldest brother Heechul is working in their family-owned company that deals with Fashion Design and her Siwon Hyung is a famous actor. They maybe both a pain in the neck but she love them dearly. Even though they all live in Seoul but due to their own individual commitments, they rarely see each other so weekends like this where they are all gathered together is a precious moment she always treasures.

“Sora-ya are you not going to eat?” her father asked which brought her mind back to the present moment.

“Mianhe Appa” She apologized then started digging up on her breakfast with her mom’s homemade variety of Korean pancakes. “So what’s the plan for today?” she asked

“We are just staying home this morning but we will watch the baseball game between Lotte Giants and Doosan Bears this afternoon” Siwon answered and the conversation drifted to baseball and who are they betting on. She’s not much in to sports but growing up with two brothers and being a Daddy’s girl, she’s always with them when they watch important games.

At exactly three in the afternoon they all got ready for the game. Sora came down and found her family already gathered in the living room.

“That’s my Princess!!” her Dad exclaimed as he went to her and raised his right hand “high five!” she was laughing as she did the high 5 with their Dad. They were both wearing Lotte Giants uniforms while her brothers are wearing Doosan bears.

“So how much are we gonna bet on this??” Heechul asked

“If we win, I’ll get that new baby of yours” she suggested wiggling her eyebrows at her brother. Heechul looked confused for a moment but then when he understood what she was implying, his eyes narrowed

“No way! Not that!!” he refused. Her brothers are car-freaked and recently Heechul bought an Audi S7 Sportback and the four of them including her father started bickering on what to bet when their mom interrupted them.

“Are you all going to just stay here bickering, the game is about to start in a few hours?”

They all apologized. Clinging to her father’s arm as her brothers put on their arm  on mom’s shoulder, they walked out of the house to their family car.

Author’s Note:  This is actually a story I wrote 5 years ago and found it in my old notebooks when I was cleaning up my room, didn’t realized I brought it with me and I decided to make it as fanfiction though I needed to do a major  revision. I am new to this and I am not really that good so please bear with me. I am not sure if I should continue or not..it depends on how you lovely FDs would like it.  Comment and suggestions are much appreciated.. ^^


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  1. HaiiiiI it’s been a long time I’ve come here. I’ve just realize you already publish your cut scene :). Can I have the password because I try with password for pervjuhma it doesn’t work. Thank u 🙂 . Oh y please continue this fanfic I think it gonna be great.fighting

    • hi there!! the password for the cut scene is perjuhmma4ever..lemme know if you finished reading so I can delete it here. By the way, if u have any twitter account, u can mention me and I can DM u the passwords in the future and I’m on twitter most of the time… ^^

      Thank you for reading!!!

  2. HaiiIi it’s been a long time I’ve come here 🙂 please continue this story, I think it’s gonna be great. Oh y I just realize you already publish cut scene for teukso fanfic, but I can’t open it, may I have the password, please 🙂 . I use the last password but it doesn’t work. Thank u

  3. Sorry I double post my request for u 🙂 . I use my mobile and it kinda hard hehehehe. Thank u. Sorry I don’t know how to DM you 😦

    • don’t worry about it..just comment here..I just thought it would be easier if u have a twitter account since I’m on twitter most of the time..but then again, I might just post the password in soompi.. ^^

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