When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 2


Chapter 2: A way to make an impression

“People will stare. Make it worth their while”

                                                       -Harry Winston

The baseball arena was packed and they had to squeeze in with a lot of people which weirdly enough, Siwon find it more convenient ‘cause with a lot of people, lesser chance of him being recognized as people tend to get busy and don’t bother to look who they bump in to. To be on the safe side, he tried to disguise himself.

As the game started, her family became too engrossed in the game even their mom. In the middle of second inning, Sora felt thirsty and excused herself.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Heechul asked worriedly while her Dad and Siwon did the same.

She let out a sigh. There goes her overprotective brother again. “Gwenchana..I’ll be fine, I don’t want you to miss the game and I’m old enough to find my way back” she explained. Her family wasn’t convinced but let her go otherwise.

“Lucky!” Sora thought as there were only three people on the queue. She got herself a drink and decided to buy popcorn too. On her way back, it seems to her that the number of people doubled and there were series of screaming as one of the team hit a home run. With the drink and popcorn on both hands she started walking when the man in front of her stopped unexpectedly, she bumped in to him, she lost her balance and fell on the floor with the popcorn flying all over and the softdrink spilled on her.

“What the hell…” she blurted out which gained the man’s attention and looked down on her with his phone in hand as he ended the call. She struggled to get up as the softdrink made the floor sticky and slippery. “Are you just going to stare at me?! Can’t you see I need help here?” she asked sarcastically as she noticed that the man who is the root cause of the mess is just standing there looking at her like he didn’t do anything wrong.  . She couldn’t read his expression as he was wearing shades.She extended her arm but he just looked at it and curled up his lip in disgust, her hand was sticky and some bits of popcorn stuck on her hand when she tried to get up. Realizing that he’s never going to help, she managed to get up on few attempts.

As she stood up, the man started walking away “hey!” she called out but he just continued walking. Pissed off, she looked around but couldn’t find anything better to use, she took off one shoe and throw it at him hitting him straight on his head “Bullseye!” she rejoiced.

He stopped on his track and looked back at her. She just stood there, both hands on her hips as he approached her. “Why did you do that?!” he asked obviously annoyed.

“Why did I do that?” she repeated “you just bumped in to me and spilled my drink and you’re just going to walk away like that?!”

“Excuse me? You are the one who bumped in to me, who told you to walk behind me?” he retorted back

She stared at him dumbfounded. Still unable to answer he added “look, I’m really busy right now and I can’t deal with you, here’s the cash and buy yourself new drink” as he handed it out to her.

“The nerve!” Sora thought her anger rising and without realizing it she took the money and used it to wipe her hand “here, you can have it back” as she got hold of his right hand and give the money back “Thank you” she said sarcastically as she walked out still fuming and didn’t even care about the onlookers who witnessed the whole incident from the beginning without her realizing it.

As she went back to their seat “What happened to you?” her whole family asked in unison, just then she realized that she didn’t even bother to clean up.

“Princess Clumsy strikes again” Siwon commented shaking his head which earned a hit on the head from her Heechul Hyung. She wanted to tell them what transpired but knowing how her family would deal with the situation especially her brothers, she decided to keep it to herself and just told them she accidentally tripped over which is nothing new. She excused herself after and only then she noticed that she only have one shoe on, she tried to look for it but didn’t find it. Still irritated, she walked to the ladies room and ignored the stares of the girls in the toilet.


“It’s already four in the afternoon. What’s taking him so long?” Sora thought as she paced in her room. “He’s dead when I see him”

Realizing that he’s not going to turn up, she decided to come down to check if her mom and brothers has come back from doing the groceries. On her way down, she heard people talking. Among them is a familiar voice she’ll recognize even from afar and have been missing for a long time now, and there she saw him bowing to his father.

“Oppa!!” she called out as she quickly made her way down the stairs. He looked up to her giving her a smile and opened his arms waiting for her. Instead of directly flung herself to his awaiting arms, she grabbed his neck with her right arm and strangled him “What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for half an hour!!!”

“Sora—“ he choked as she didn’t let go when someone cleared his throat. She looked up and found her Dad and three unfamiliar faces staring at her. The first two looked like a couple and of the same age as her parents but her eyes went wide when she saw him, he may not be wearing any shades but that smirk and the way he curled up his lip she’ll never forget.

Her father cleared up his throat again and said “Sora-ya, I think you should let go of Sungmin-ah”


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  1. Woaaaaaaa I love this story. It has funny side in it hehehehehe. Please update soon before you do fanfic with jerqu :). Kamsahamnida, fighting

  2. Soraya u always be a clumsy girl.. But that’s one of reason why everybody love u and want to protect you…^^
    Wait for the next chapter author-nim…

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