When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 3



Chapter 3: Hate at second sight

Her father cleared up his throat again and said “Sora-ya, I think you should let go of Sungmin-ah”

“Huh?” she asked confused and looked down to find Sungmin who is still trying to escape from her hold.

“Sora-ra is that how you’re going to greet someone you haven’t seen for a long time?” Sungmin asked once she let go of him.

“That’s what you get for making me wait for too long” she reasoned out before turning to their visitors. Bowing her head she greet them “Anneyonghaseyo, sorry you have to witness that” without giving the “man” a glance.

They greeted her back “Don’t worry about it Sora-shi” the woman answered while smiling at her.

Her father then started introducing them “So-young, Joon this is my daughter Sora-yah and this is Sungmin, Sora-ya this is Park Joon and his wife So-young” Sora and Sungmin bowed their heads. “and their son Park Jungsu”

Sora lightly bowed her head. Jungsu did the same and caught Sora by surprise when he smiles showing his one-sided dimple “Anneyonghaseyo” he curtsied.

“What is he playing at? Surely, from the smirk he gave me, he must have recognized me, is he going to act like he doesn’t remember what happened?” Sora wondered.

Just then, the front door opened with her mom and her brothers with the groceries. “Omo!”  her mom exclaimed in surprise as she saw the guests “Joon, So-young, I didn’t expect you to come this early, Oh Sungmin-ah you’re here too”

They said their hi and hello’s and Sora was surprised to see his brothers talking to Jungsu like they knew each other.

“Sorry about that, we haven’t seen each other for a long time so we thought if we come early then we have more time to catch up” Mr. Park Joon apologized.

“I’ll talk to you then after I finish sorting the groceries in the kitchen, Chullie, Siwon-ah, bring them all in the kitchen.

“Yes Omma” her brothers obliged.

“and Sora-yah, you better go up to your room and change” her mom told her. Everyone’s attention drew towards her. She looked down at what she was wearing and gasped in surprise, she was still wearing her loose shirt and joggers and her hair must still be in disarray.

“I didn’t expect your guests to come early, you said their coming at dinner time” she explained. “I’ll go up now to change” she added and started dragging Sungmin with her.

“Why are you taking Sungmin with you?” her father asked.

“The dinner isn’t about until 7 so I’ll catch up with Oppa before then” she responded.

“You can do that after you change and knowing you two, you’ll forget the time” her mom ordered.

“But Omma—“

“Sora-ra” Sungmin said as he pinched her cheeks “Ajemuni is right, go change and we will catch up later when you’re done”

Pouting, she followed them and went straight back to her room.

After taking a taking a shower, she noticed a shopping bag on her bed with a note from her mom asking her to wear the dress. It was a black mini dress with short lacy sleeves with length that goes until just about in her mid-thighs. “Why do I have to wear a dress when it’s just a family dinner?” she thought to herself and thought of wearing something else but to avoid the wrath of her mom, she decided to wear it. The image of Mrs. Park came back to her as she looked so refined and regal on her cream Jacquard Sheath dress. “Joon and So-young Park” she murmured “Park Jungsu..why does it sound familiar?”. She tried to rack her brain but couldn’t remember. Disregarding her thoughts, she continued getting ready. She had her hair tied in a loose bun, applied light make up, put on a simple stud pearl earring and worn a black flats.

She carefully made her way down the stairs trying not to make a noise as they’re all chatting in the lounge. As she was nearing the bottom of the stairs, she found her dad with Mr. and Mrs Park sitting in the four-seater sofa.

She saw Park Jung Su sitting in the couch with both elbows resting on his knees talking to Heechul when he suddenly lifts his head up meeting her gaze. For a moment, she thought she saw a surprised look and admiration in his eyes but it’s gone as quickly as it appeared. Thinking that she must have made a mistake, she brushed the thought away.

“Sora-ra!” Sungmin called out with a tray of drinks on his hand as he came out in the kitchen with Siwon “You look pretty” he commented and everyone in the room turned their gaze on her.

She shyly smiled and whispered “Thank you”

She really hates when this happens, she hates it when the attention directs towards her. Bowing her head, she greets the visitors again.

“You have a very beautiful daughter, I’m pretty sure you had problem chasing away guys who come to her” Mr. Park commented directed towards her Appa.

Her Appa laughed and answered “I don’t need to, these guys here do the job for me” as he pointed to his brothers who then did their signature brotherhood punch of their knuckles.

“You bet we do Appa, she’s our baby princess” Heechul added.

“Hyung! I’m not a baby anymore!” Sora complained “and besides, you’re forgetting Sungmin-oppa” she added as she hooked her arms on his who laughed and lightly pinched her right cheek.

“Araaso, how can we forget Sungmin” Siwon answered “though I really don’t know how he never get tired of putting up with you” he added that earned a laugh from everyone. Before Sora and her brothers starts their usual banter, her mom called out from the kitchen and asked them all to go in the dining.

After a few minutes, the dining was filled with conversations, her parents catching up with Mr. and Mrs. Park. She learned the usual story among good old friends who were separated then met up again coincidentally. To her surprised, her brothers were actually Park Jungsu’s schoolmates but why she never heard of him, she doesn’t know.

As they were finishing their dinner, Jungsu excused himself asking for the toilet.

“Sora-ya, showed him where it is” her mom asked to Sora’s surprise.

“Just go straight up the stairs and turn left and you’ll find it by the end of the corridor” Sora instructed.

“Sora-ya, I asked you to accompany him not tell him where it is” her mom said shaking her head. Not wanting to raise suspicion from them, with heavy feet, she got up and went out of the dining with Jungsu following her.

She was almost at the top of the stairs when she realized that he hasn’t come up yet. She looked back down and found him still on the first step of the stairs. He quickly looked away like he was caught doing something wrong and let out a cough. Wrinkling her eyebrows, “what’s wrong him?” she asked herself

“Are you not coming?” she asked crossing her arms.

Without giving her an answer he started walking up the stairs. As he got near her just a few inches away from her he whispered “Sorry, I was just taking my time admiring the view from below.” Feeling uncomfortable with the sudden closeness and distracted with his soft voice, Sora couldn’t figure out what he was saying when he added in a mocking tone “Red suits you” winking at her and giving her that oh so familiar smirk he darted off.

Sora realizing what he meant looked down at her dress, her eyes went wide. “Yah!!” she shouted but was too late when she heard the door of the toilet slammed close.


Leaning on the wall whilst tapping her right foot on the floor, Sora waited.. and waited…

She was still raging mad, “How dare he do that??” and her mind were filled of every bad description she could think for Park Jungsu.

The door creaked open, he saw her waiting for him and he looked like he wasn’t surprised and more like he expected her to be there. He started walking but stopped when she blocked his way and said “Don’t expect to get away from what you just did”

“and what exactly did I do?” he asked mocking innocence

“You..you were..” she tried but couldn’t find herself to say the word.

“I was what?” he asked raising an eyebrow clearly enjoying her stuttered state.

“You were peeking at my underwear!!” she suddenly blurted out as her cheeks went red that cause a laugh from Park Jungsu. She stared, not knowing what to feel at the moment, yes she was mad but his hearty laugh caught her off guard. She never thought he knew how to laugh.

“Funny,” he started “but you wearing that clearly invite someone to stare specially men so can you blame me?” he added.

“I didn’t wear this so you can stare at me and especially not to look at my…… my underwear!”

“Oh yeah? hmmm..just to let you know” he said and started walking, Sora took a step back. He leaned his head towards her and whispered in her ear “I find red sexy”

“Pervert!” Sora exclaimed and did what he never will have expected she would do, kick him where she knows hurt the most and left him writhing in pain. “That ought to give you a lesson not to mess with me” as she turned on her heels and made her way down the stairs.


Author’s note:

Jungsu’s parents name was all made up by me..(obviously.. :D). Sorry for the delayed update, been working over Christmas and caught a bug.. 😦

I decided to continue with the story, I know the love and hate plot is overused and a cliche..but hey I certainly love this type..kkk and like I said, I wrote this story long before and I am just doing some major editing and adding some scenes.

I was initially planning to do an alternate POV but that I’ll do in later chapter..^^

Thanks for reading.. ^^



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  1. hei I’ve been waiting for the new chapter…really like you fanfic this time…So I’ve been wondering when will you post it??..
    Really..really cant wait for it…fighting!!

  2. hehe sora call siwon “hyung” so is she think that she is a boy?^^ hehe
    unni u say u write it when u was 19 and already write pervert kkk 😛

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