When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 4


Unseen Tears


As Sora went in the restaurant, she quickly scanned the place looking for someone and smiled widely as she saw him waiting for her.

“Oppa” she called out as she quickly made her way to the table.  “Mianhe, we finished shooting late ‘coz one of my models turned up late” she explained as she sat down.

“That’s fine, good thing you called me so I didn’t wait here that long” Sungmin answered “Want to order now?”

She nodded and they just continued talking when their food arrived, when they were eating, Sora noticed that Sungmin was looking at her. She knew him long enough that there is something that he wanted to ask with that look he’s giving her.

“Oppa, fire away” she said

“Huh?” Sungmin looked confused.

“You kept giving me that look, that says should-I-ask-her-or-not?  so tell me what is it?” she answered back.

Sungmin hesitated but then he asked “Are you hiding anything from me?” She looked at him unsure what he meant “between you and Jungsu-shi”

She almost choked on the food she’s eating, she didn’t expect it, of all questions why did he have to ask that? “What made you ask that Oppa? There is nothing going on between us”

He shrugged “I noticed after you came back from accompanying him to toilet, you kept smiling and laughing just looking at him and he can’t seem to keep his eyes off you”

Oh yeah, how can she forget? After giving him what he deserved. She left him and he followed shortly after and she couldn’t help but laugh as she saw him trying to walk properly and as he struggled to hide a wince, she must have kicked him hard than intended. And yes, he maybe looking at her but not how Sungmin sees it, more like Park Jungsu was giving her a death glare. She unknowingly let out a giggle as she pictured it again on her head.

“Hey Sorara!” Sungmin snapped a finger in front of her face “This is what I am talking about, I just mentioned his name and you just spaced-out on me then started giggling”

“Anya..Oppa, I just remembered something but it has nothing to do with him” she lied. Sungmin looked at her unconvinced.

“Sora, I am your bestfriend, I know there’s something you’re not telling me” he said looking a little upset.

She contemplated on telling him the truth but decided not to, there’s no point in telling him because she believed her encounter with Park Jungsu ended in the family dinner and no point in delving in to their first encounter. “There’s nothing to tell Oppa, trust me okay? I only met him in that dinner that’s it”

Sungmin let out a sigh “If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine but I just don’t want you to associate yourself with him. You must have read about him on papers.”

She nodded. No wonder his name was familiar. Her curiosity won over her and she searched his name that night after they left and found out that apart from managing their family café and hotel & restaurant business, he was also a famous model but he’s mostly known as Leeteuk. In one of his interviews he said he was called Leeteuk as it means “special”. She silently scoffed, what’s so special about him apart from being a jerk and a pervert? I think those girls who have been with him found him special, yes, he’s an ultimate player.

She didn’t realize that she spaced-out again until Sungmin let out an exaggerated sigh. Ignoring it, she explained “I know that Oppa so why did you ever think I’d associate myself to the likes of him? Let’s just changed the topic now” as she continued eating her lunch “Are you coming to our trip this weekend?”

He looked at her guiltily “I’m sorry I can’t, I made plans this weekend”

She already saw that coming but she hoped after being away for long, he could at least spend time with her before he have to leave again. She should have known better. She shouldn’t have expected much so it wouldn’t hurt.

“Sora-ra” Sungmin called her name after her silence. He knew what her silence meant but she hates it when she hears him call her in that way, sounding sorry and guilty.

Taking a sip of water to try and get rid of the lump that suddenly formed on her throat she managed to say “Oppa I know, it’s okay, I understand, no need to explain it to me”

Reaching out for her hand “Sora-ra I’m sorry, this also hurts me knowing the two important women in my life…” he wasn’t able to continue when Sora interrupted him.

“Oppa please..I don’t want to talk about it, not now. Sorry for still being so childish on this but I need more time”

“I know I’m sorry” Sungmin stated giving her hand a little squeeze and they continued eating and talked about something else.

After lunch, he walked her to her car.

“Enjoy your trip this weekend, please say sorry on my behalf to your mom and dad”

“Will do” She answered. They said their goodbye and she started hitting the road.

She glanced at the picture she displayed on her dashboard. A picture of her and Sungmin, smiling widely in front of the camera. That familiar feeling she has been trying to hide came rushing back. If only she has the power to turn back time. She would go back to that time when everything is in place, to when everything is in its rightful place, to when everything is how it should be. It was her fault and she hope that in time she’ll be able to let go and accept that she can’t have everything. Holding back the tears that are threatening to fall, she continued driving.

Upon arriving at the location, she started doing her job. Taking photos always gave her a sense of relaxation. It helps her to forget things she doesn’t want to think about that’s why she became a photographer though her parents was against at it saying she wouldn’t make money out of it and she should take business management instead, to help her Heechul-hyung in the company but as stubborn as she is, she took photography and now starting to make a name on her own.

Her camera has been there for her. Stupid as it may sound, it has always been there and witnessed her hidden aches and saw her let go of her unshed tears.


Author’s note:

Sorry for the delayed updates. Got busy with Christmas and New Year.



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  1. hehe want to know sungmin’s and sora’s past.:)

    haha yes… yes unni it’s suit with her kkk… LOL… LOL i already voted for her in tweet kkk

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