When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 5


Coincidence or Fate?


Early Saturday morning, Sora can hear her mother busied herself in the house, checking her list to make sure she didn’t forget anything. She doesn’t understand why her mom has to fuss too much about this trip. This is not some grand family outing but just a simple family gathering where they can just be together like normal families that go on a picnic. After sorting herself out, she went downstairs and found boxes and bags near the door.

“Omma, aren’t those too much? We are only staying there until tomorrow” she asked her mom.

“Anya, this will be enough for eight people” her mom answered not bothering to look at her as she was looking at her list.

“eight?? Why eight?”

“Oh! Did I forgot to tell you, So-young and her family is coming to join us in the trip”

“So-young? Park So-young-shi?” she asked not believing it.

“Yes. They should be here in a few minutes.”  Her mom explained not noticing the distraught that is evident on Sora’s face upon hearing it. “ Yeobo, Siwon-ah, Chullie you should be coming down now”

Sora took a deep breath “Why am I letting him affect me this way?So they are coming with us, so what? I’ll just have to avoid him as much as possible” she convinced herself as she calmed down.

A loud three pairs of feet came rushing downstairs with their usual morning banter.

“hey there my little sis” Siwon greeted as he put his arms on her shoulder “excited for today’s trip?”

She was tempted to say “I was but not anymore” but instead she said “of course I am, it’s been a long time since we had a family trip”

“Come on now everyone, let’s take all this in the car” her mom asked to all of them.

By the time they finish loading their stuff in the car, a sleek white BMW 320i entered their garage and as expected it was the Park family. The two families did their respectful greetings. Sora tried her best to avoid looking at Jungsu. After a few minutes of chit-chat, they decided to move.

“Heechul-hyung” Sora called out and handed out her hand to her brother. Heechul raised an eyebrow at her. “Appalli, give me your keys” Sora demanded.

“Why do you want my key?” Heechul asked still confused.

“Duh? To use it, I’m gonna drive your car” she answered, stating the obvious.

“No way I’m going to let you drive my baby” Heechul refused. “and I won our last bet remember?”

“I know that but I am not taking it, I just want to drive it. Please Oppa” she pleaded giving Heechul her puppy dog eyes. Sora started counting to herself one….two..three..four..a little smile started to form her lips as her brothers expression started to change. “Oppa..”

“Aish!” he exclaimed scratching his head “This is so not fair! Why do you have to do the aegyo and even called me Oppa? How can I refuse now?!” he said sounding frustrated as he handed his keys. “Just promise me to be careful with it”

Nodding she answered “Of course I would Hyung, you’ll be with me in the car anyway” as she smiled widely

“Oh so we’re back to Hyung now huh? Give me back my keys” as he tried to take it back from her

“No Hyung..you can’t take it back now” as she stick out her tongue at him. “Mehrong..”

Her whole family let out a laugh at their exchange.

“Chullie, I thought you learned how to resist your sister now” her father said.

“You can’t even resist her Appa, how can I?” Heechul answered back making everyone laugh again.

“That’s ‘coz I’m irresistible” she stated confidently.

Shaking his head, Siwon approached her “Arasso, you’re irresistible but we should get moving now” as he started messing with her hair which she tried very hard to avoid but failed. On their way to her brother’s car, she caught a glance of Park Jungsu who has been observing what has transpired and did the last thing she never thought he’d do..smile..like really smiled like he mean it, not his signature smirk but when he noticed that she was looking, he wiped away the smile on his face.

As they reached Heechul’s car, she was surprised when he asked Jungsu to hop in. “Why is he riding with us?” she asked

“We’re using just two cars, Omma, Appa, and Mr. and Mrs Park will use our family car and we’ll use mine” Heechul explained. She wanted to protest but she knew it will raise questions so she just nodded and hopped in the driver’s seat, with her Heechul Hyung as Siwon and Jungsu settled themselves in the backseat.

A few miles on the road, Siwon asked “Why didn’t Sungmin come?”

“He got prior plans so he couldn’t” Sora answered simply.

“They’re going strong huh? They should visit us again sometimes” Siwon stated. Sora just nodded silently. “I wonder when are they going to decide to settle down” he added oblivious of the uneasiness that Sora felt with the topic.

Heechul cleared his throat “Siwon-ah, when’s the next shooting of your new drama?” he asked trying to divert Siwon’s attention which he succeeded as Siwon started talking about his upcoming drama.

Sora glanced at Heechul and mouthed “thank you”. Heechul smiled and gave her a gentle pat on the head. The rest of the ride went smoothly, Sora opted to stay quiet as the three men started reminiscing their university days. She didn’t know, Jungsu was that close to his brothers, they talked about the usual topics on games, business and women. Sora just shakes her head with the whole conversation and acted that like she doesn’t care.


As they arrived at Nami Island, they went straight to their family-owned bungalow. When they finished unloading their things, Sora asked her brothers to accompany her to take a walk in the island but Heechul received an urgent call and has to work on some files and she doesn’t want to take a risk of taking Siwon with her if she doesn’t want to turn in to a bodyguard if he gets bombarded by his fans. She shuddered at the thought. Crazy fans.

“Appa, you have to tell Hyung to take a break from his office work on family day like this” Sora complained to her father as she slumped herself in the sofa.

He father laughed, “I don’t have a hold in the company anymore Sora-ya, Heechul is the boss of his own”

“Regardless, he has to rest too” she said pouting.

Mr. Park laughed “Sora-shi, once a man handled a business, they don’t have much time to rest, that’s why we left our business to Park Jungsu so we can enjoy our time now” as he looked at his wife.

Mrs. Park shakes her head “But then we forget that our kids has a life of their own and Jungsu-ya is not getting any younger, he need to settle down soon” to which Sora’s Mom agreed on.

“I don’t see uri Heechul and Siwon-ah settling down first which is really frustrating. I would love to see grandchildren soon because we are not getting any younger too.”

Sora getting bored of the conversation excused herself politely.

“You have to come on time for the barbecue” her mom told her before she left.

Bringing her camera with her, she took a walk along the island, enjoying the beautiful sceneries. Autumn is the best season to visit the island as the leaves started to fall giving the scenery a romantic feel. The island was packed with people, locals and foreigners alike. Sora then decided to rent a bicycle.

After a few minutes, Sora let out an irritated grunt “Argh..how do you ride this thing?!” giving herself time to calm down, she tried again “woah!” she creamed almost hitting a tree when someone grabbed her waist preventing her from the fall. She was about to say thank you when she realized who was her saviour. “Get your hands off me!”

“woah woah..hold up! I was just helping you” he stated raising both his hands.

Whether she likes it or not, he did save her “Thank you” she mumbled not looking at him.

“Sorry? I didn’t hear you, say that again?” he said in a mocking tone with a smirk.

“I said thank you” she said again a little louder this time but still refused to look at him.

“You have to say that while looking at me” he stated crossing his arms. She looked up at him.

“I said thank you, now get out of my way” as she shoved him to the side.

He let out a laugh as he looked at her trying to ride the bicycle again. “Wait up. I can teach you how to ride this” he offered. She looked at him not believing what he just said.

“I don’t need help I’m fine on my own”

“Yeah right, that’s why you almost hit a tree” he answered in a sarcastic tone.

“That’s none of your business so now get lost” she defended.

“Hey I was just being nice, we are in a family trip and sooner or later, our family will notice how we hated each other’s guts so can we not at least try to be civil just for once?”

She looked at him, still unsure if he’s being serious or not “Alright, civil it is. But one wrong move and you’re dead” she threatened.

“Arasso” he agreed and started teaching her the basics.

She expected him to mock her again as it doesn’t look like she’s learning at all but he just gave her instruction patiently until she gave up herself “Aish!! How can this be so hard to do?!” She complained “Those who can ride this must be a genius”

Park Jungsu let out a laugh at her outburst “I am a genius then”

She stopped “Don’t be too happy, I am not only referring to you, there’s a lot who can ride it”

“Arasso Arasso” he just said then added “Keyopta”

“huh?what did you just said?” she asked unsure if she heard it right.

“nothing” he denied.

After a few minutes of trying, they both just gave up and decided to ride the couple bicycle instead and stroll around the area.

She started taking pictures as she waited for Jungsu to come back as he offered to buy them a drink before heading back to the cottage. She’s not sure how long are they going to get along, but she’ll just go with the flow as it seems like meeting him becomes unavoidable. She doesn’t want to call it fate but just a mere coincidence that could happen to everyone.

Little did she know what fate has in store for them.

Author’s Note:

I know this chapter is boring..really boring..*sorry.. T_T

I am trying to change my original plot and I wanted to do a major editing but decided not to as it will ruin the whole story. I wanted to change it as it appears to me that it may have been used by other FF writers though I haven’t read that many apart from the ones shared in soompi. You’ll know what I mean in the next chapter..^^

*sigh..I feel like giving up..I can’t seem to write what I intend to..T_T


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      • not boring.. i’m enjoying this scene.. makes my imagine mind like this scene ““Sorry? I didn’t hear you, say that again?” he said in a mocking tone with a smirk.” mus be evil smile LOL

      • you are just so good with imaginations huey..tsk tsk *shakes head.. XD XD I could only imagine how u would imagine certain “scenes”..ROFL..XD

  1. Hello I have been noticing in your story that Sora calls heechul and Siwon as “Hyung” — only younger males call older males hyung. It should be oppa. Anyway I dont know maybe you did this intentionally as part of the fiction?

    • Hi there..yup, I know it’s the culture thing and some pointed it out already.. Have u watched Donghae’s Panda and the Hedgehog? One female character there refer to her older brother as Hyung than the usual Oppa and I find it rather cute..^^ and I myself grew up with brothers and I don’t call them the way other girl does to their bros…kkk

      So I decided to adapt it on my FF. Considering Sora grew up with two brothers, I just thought it fits..^^

  2. It’s a cute and lovely plot gurl….just go on with UR original story, don’t listen to #1 naughty perjuhmma *coughHuEY kkkk!!!

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