When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 6



They went back to the bungalow just in time for their barbeque in the garden.  A few moments later, the garden was filled with laughter and conversations as they enjoyed the food and drinks.

Feeling a little tipsy, Sora excused herself and went to the kitchen to grab water. On her way, her phone rang and she struggled to open her bag and dropped it sending all its contents on the floor.

“Aigoo” and she started picking up her things when she recognized the caller ID on her phone, she grabbed it quickly and pressed the answer button “Oppa”

“Sora-ra are you alright?” Sungmin asked on the other line.

“ne Oppa, I just had a little drink” she answered as she started getting up and felt another headache and thought Argh I shouldn’t have drunk the Bok Bun Ja.

“You must be having fun then” Sungmin commented to which Sora just answered with a simple Yeah, you could say that. “Actually I called to remind you about Omma’s birthday and—“

Sora knowing where the conversation is going, she interrupted him “You already know the answer to that. I’ll just meet Ajemuhnni a day before her birthday like I always do to avoid any problem”

“but Omma really wanted you to come so please Sora-ra, don’t make it too final and think about it for a while”

Taking a deep sigh “Alright, I’ll think about it but don’t raise your hopes up” she concede and hang up the phone after saying goodbye.

She was about to open the fridge when a voice startled her. “hmmmm…this is interesting” she turned to look and found Jungsu leaning on the kitchen door looking at a locket.  Recognizing it, she quickly made her way towards him.

“Where did you get that? Give it back”

“Hey not so fast, I found it on the floor” he explained as he raised his right hand to prevent Sora from taking it forgetting that Sora is tall enough to reach it, he quickly turned and hid it behind him as he walk backwards. “ever heard of finders keepers?” he mocked with a lopsided grin showing his dimple which for some reason, Sora find more irritating.

“Jerk” Sora murmured as she started walking towards him “I said give it back” she found a great opportunity as Jungsu couldn’t step back further, placing her hands on his sides trapping him in the kitchen counter. She reached out behind him but she didn’t expect his next move as he grabbed her hands bringing herself forward. Feeling his hard chest “What the—“ she said looking up but stopped as she realized the close proximity they are in. They were so close that she could feel his breathing and smelt his cologne. She couldn’t read his eyes but at that very moment she felt strange, like she was trapped somewhere and finding it hard to breathe but she didn’t had a chance to contemplate on what she was feeling when someone let out a gasp. They both turned their heads and found her mom on the doorway and Jungsu quickly let go of her.

“Am I interrupting something?” Mrs. Kang asked with twinkle in her eyes.

“Omma it’s not what you think” Sora quickly explained to which Mrs. Kang completely ignored.

“I am just going to get something” and made her way to one of the cupboards.


“That’s it, I’m out now and you can continue where you left off” she said winking at both of them and left the kitchen.

Sora was left bewildered and dumbfounded when she heard Park Jungsu laughed, she looked at him and he stopped. Still annoyed, she grabbed the locket on his hand and ran off towards her mom to try and explain it again but Mrs. Kang kept brushing her off. The rest of the barbeque party, Sora felt so uncomfortable as her Mom and Mrs. Park kept glancing at her and Park Jungsu. What’s more annoying is that Jungsu seems to be not so affected at all as he enjoyed drinking and chatting with his brothers.


The next day,

“Omma, Appa tell me you’re joking!” Sora almost screamed. She was still in her peaceful slumber when her mom asked her to come down and there she was, in the sofa with her parents and Mr. and Mrs. Park in front of her and the worst part? She’s sitting beside none other than Park Jungsu.

“Soraya, we talked about it before remember? You agreed that we will find a groom for you when you reach the marrying age” her mom calmly reasoned out.

Yes she did, but that was when she was lost and confused and gave up that the man she long to have will never be hers. “but I am still too young and Siwon-hyung and Heechul-hyung should be getting married first”

“We gave up on them already and considering that they don’t have any girlfriend as of the moment, we can’t get them to marry but you on the other hand…” her Appa explained and looked at her and Park Jungsu

“Appa! There is nothing going on between us!” Sora explained.

“But I saw you two yesterday and you were the one..you know…” her mom  stated but couldn’t bring herself to describe what she “witnessed”.

Remembering what happened in the kitchen, Sora’s cheeks painted red. She turned to Park Jungsu who was trying to hold his laugh. He find this situation amusing?? Seriously?? Sora thought and stepped on his foot.

“ow!” he wailed in silence and looked at her with What the hell? expression on his face which she returned back with This is not funny-look.

Clearing his throat, he turned to their parents. “Sora-shi is right, there is nothing going on between us”

Their parents exchanged glances still not believing them. His mom spoke “I dunno why you are denying your relationship to us, are you in a fight?”

“No!” they both answered.

Oh God!This is making my head ache. Sora thought as she massaged her temple.

“Let’s get this right” Mr. Park started. “You’re not in relationship?” to which they both nodded

“We are not” they echoed.

And their parents started whispering to each other like they were not in front of them when Mrs. Park turned back to them. “I think we need to confess now” she stated “This family trip was pre-planned by us to get the two families get along but most especially to get the two of you to get along”

“and when I saw you both yesterday in the kitchen, I thought we don’t need to wait for too long” Mrs Kang added. “So we already planned the wedding”

“What??!!” They both exclaimed.

“we were already planning your marriage and Jungsu-ya, you already agreed that we will find a wife for you” Mr. Park explained “and we already announced it to the board when we had our meeting last week.” Mr. Park added and it was Jungsu’s turn to be shocked.

“Why do you have to announce it without even talking to me first?” Park Jungsu asked in frustration.

“If it’s not because of that scandal you had with that girl, then we wouldn’t have done it. This is the only way we know to stop her parents from bugging us in to marrying you with her”

“but I only dated her once!” he reasoned out.

“and that didn’t stop them from thinking you’ve done more than that. If you want to marry her then it’s fine.” Mrs. Park calmly told him.

“No” he refused

“then marry Sora-ya” Mr. Park stated firmly.

This is so not happening to me. Sora closed her eyes, wishing that this is all but a nightmare but when she opened her eyes, she knew this is happening for real.

She saw her parents just sitting there letting the Parks settle the problem with their son. Park Jungsu let out a deep sigh and slump his head back in the sofa. Sora decided to interrupt them.

“Pardon me for interrupting but aren’t you being too unfair to both of us, we do not agree to this marriage and you can’t force us”

But her parents didn’t give in “We will keep the marriage arrangement for both of you and we will only cancel once either of you found someone else” Mr. Kang stated.

That’s seems fair enough. Sora wasn’t confident of finding someone but she knew that Park Jungsu will quickly solve the problem. He’s a womanizer after all.

Massaging the area between her eyebrow. She consoled herself, Everything will be alright. Soon,  she’ll be able to get out of this trap created by their own wicked parents.

Author’s Note:

First of all, thanks for reading guys. One comment is enough for me to continue writing..^^

Second, sorry for updating late so I tried to make up for this chapter.

Lastly, I’m sorry if the FF isn’t that good..^^ I’m still a novice and not really good with words..


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  1. No no my LLT, you write really well. ^^ Love this chapter as well! kkkk a force marriage and soon they’ll know they fell for each other. ^^ FIGHTING!!! 😉 Keep up the good work. ^^

  2. Honestly, for the very first time I’ve already thought that they parents would arrange their married secretly..But still surprising me.. I really love this FF most..Give me another surprise please..hehe..Fighting!!

    • Hi 5!!!! I hope I didn’t disappoint you though…

      Thanks for reading and keep the comments coming..LOL..if not for u and other readers, I would have stopped writing. Thanks a lot!!

  3. Playerkbd Annyeong hasaeyo! I really love, love, love your new fanfic! It is a lighthearted, rom-com themed Teokso fanfic that leaves me waiting for the next chapter. How soon can you write it? I am also one of those who visits the Teukso thread at Soompi under lurker mode. Keep up the good work! More power and God bless!

    • Hi there..thanks a lot for reading and your comment means a lot. It gives the author a little boost and confidence. I love Rom-com and I try not to make it too serious..kkk and I am not confident with my writing skill.. 😀

      I’m posting Chapter 7 tomorrow to make up for the long wait. I’ll try to update every week now since I’m back to college and I’m working at the same time, it might be delayed at some point..^^

  4. good chapter dearest….SO they will have arrange marriage….it seems like fast and hmmnn…Sora’s furious^^ @lazyme2day kkk^^ I so love Fast & furious too….

  5. love it! the more you hate the more you love! it happens all the time… even to me…
    please let them marry soon… hahaha!

    • Hi there..I guess you don’t visit Teukso Soompi Thread?? ^^ I’ll just give u the password here but let me once u finish so I can delete it here..and yeah sorry for replying late..time difference.. 😉

      Chapter 16: teuksoisreal
      Chapter 18: certifiedperjuhmma
      I am not sure which chapter has passwords now..I’m on mobile,I think it’s 20, anyway,whatever chap it is, the password is proud2beperjuhmma

      Special cut chapter: perjuhmma4ever

      Thanks for visiting the blog and reading the FF..^^

      • Kamsa yooo… ^^ I visit the thread daily, it’s just hard to search in 1000 pages kkkk… thank you very much awesome writer ^^

      • You’re welcome..thanks for reading..^^

        And yeah, the first fanfiction here I didn’t wrote, it was jerqu. I only started writing When Love and hate collide..^^ but yeah, jerqu’s an amazing writer, I’ll let her know..^_^

  6. sssttt,,,, just let u know …. i’m back^^ reading ur storry unni…

    hehe teuki oppa seems enjoy the party very much^^… he like teasing her…
    i wonder why sora’s mother gave up at siwon and heechul? 🙂 kkkk
    unni teuk oppa more line please^^…

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