When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 7



Unexpected Turn

They were not due to go home until four in the afternoon and her family decided to have lunch in one of the hotel in Nami. Before lunch, Sora decided to take a walk to clear her mind from what just happened in the morning. She was busy taking pictures that she almost forgot the time. She went straight to the hotel and asked the hotel staff about the reservation they made but was surprised when she found out that her family hasn’t arrived yet.

Going directly to their table, she saw Park Jungsu sitting already. Why am I not surprised to find him here? She asked to herself. She silently made her way to the table and chose the chair as far as possible from him. She grabbed the menu trying to act to be so immersed in selecting her meal.

“We need to talk” he voiced out. She just stared at him. He stood up and sat in front of her. “You can choose to ignore me Sora-shi but we have talk about the predicament we are in now.”

Closing the menu, she glanced back at him “What’s there to talk about? You find your own girlfriend, problem solved.”

“Funny, I was going to suggest the same thing, I’m sure you can find yourself a boyfriend.” He scoffed.

“I am not planning to find one and seeing how you are in the papers it’ll be easy for you” she reasoned out.

“Not planning to find one or is it because you are still not over from the love you’ve been keeping for long?”

Ouch! That hit a nerve.

He must have noticed the change on her expression and regret mirrored his face. “I’m sorry” he apologized.

“That’s fine, it’s true anyway” Sora answered back. She acted like she wasn’t affected at all even if she was hurting inside. It always hurts when someone tells you the truth right in front of your face. “How did you know?” she asked.

“from the locket” he answered simply still looking apologetic. She just nodded.

“So what do you suggest we do now?” she asked to change the topic.

He was about to say something when he suddenly swore “Darn it” Sora got confused “Sora-shi, can I ask you a favour? Just play along with me just this once” he asked. Sora still not understanding what he meant he stood up. “Oh In Hye-shi, how surprising to meet you here” Park Jungsu suddenly said in surprise as a woman stood in front of their table. She was wearing the skimpiest of clothes which made all of guys in the hotel restaurant to stare at her. Tsk tsk..guys..as Sora shook her head.

“You’ve been avoiding my calls and I only found out that you were here Oppa.” The woman said in a sexy voice as she held on to Jungsu’s hands.

Sora was amused looking at Jungsu’s uncomfortable state. It seems like he wanted to brush off her hands but couldn’t, afraid that he might offend the woman.

“Oh yes I am on weekend trip with my family and I would like you to meet someone” Park Jungsu explained as he walked to Sora’s side, grabbing her hands, he assisted her to stand. The woman looked at Sora from head to toe and Sora didn’t like it one bit.

“and who is she Oppa?” Oh In Hye asked

“Oh In hye-shi, meet Kang Sora, my fiancée”

“What—“ Sora stopped on what she was about to say when Park Jung Su hold her face, leaned forward and whispered “Please, just play along with me” feeling his breathe on her ear, she felt uncomfortable and a warm feeling that she couldn’t quite understand filled her system. Then he looked at her still holding her face, she looked in his eyes, he was staring at her with pleading gaze, asking her to play along when it changed abruptly to a look that she couldn’t explain but seems so familiar at the same time.

She’s not sure how long they stayed like that but that short unexplained moment cut short when someone let out a happy shriek.  They both turned to see their whole family standing there and they need not to ask if they stayed long enough to witness what happened. Their parent’s expression said it all.

“Omo Omo!!” Their moms both squealed and ran to them.

“I am so glad you made up already. Why do you have to lie to us? We knew there is something going on between you two. We would have understood if you just had a fight. You still have to tell us the story of when and how did you two meet” Mrs. Kang stated happily. She spoke too fast without even a pause.

“Mianhe” he apologized “Sora-ya is so mad at me that I had to find a way to make her forgive me before telling you the truth.” Park Jungsu explained. Sora couldn’t believe what she’s hearing and tried to let go of her hand but he would not let go and he whispered again “If you say a word, I know a way to shut that mouth of yours and believe me, I wouldn’t think twice to do it.”

One minute, he was apologizing. The next minute, he sounded so caring and looked at me differently. And the next moment, he’s threatening me? What is he? Bipolar?!!!! These are all playing up in Sora’s mind but she’s not going to let him to take control. Just because he said so doesn’t mean she has to follow like a mechanical doll.

She looked at him and mouthed Try me, she forced to let go of her hand and felt a little victorious when she managed to let go. “You got it all wrong” She started gaining everyone’s attention.

She was about to explain everything when Park Jungsu grabbed her right hand and turned her around facing him and what he did next shocked everyone.  Both their mothers started squealing like teenagers, Mr. Kang and Mr. Park looked at each other, Siwon even managed to grab his camera to take a picture, Oh In Hye stood there watching the scene in front of her in disbelief and anger. Heechul’s expression remains passive and unreadable.


He was holding her face with his right hand and his left arm circling her waist.

“Next time, I’ll do it for real” Jungsu whispered so close to her mouth but she couldn’t speak as he has his thumb on her lips. His face is so closed to hers that everyone might mistakenly think that he was actually kissing her when he’s not. “I’m going to let go now but if you try to run or do anything, you already know what’s going to happen” and then he let her go.

Sora wanted to run, to hit or slap Park Jungsu but that would just add to the scene they just created and all eyes in the restaurant are all focused on them.

After so much contemplating , she decided to play along but not without giving him her piece of mind. Leaning towards him, she whispered “We have to talk and you’ll be responsible in getting us out of this mess”.  Then she turned to their family.

She just let him do all the “talking and explaining” and they almost forgot about Oh In Hye if not for Mr. Park who nicely asked her and even asked her to join the dinner which she refused and made her way out of the restaurant.

“I don’t know what you saw in that woman for you to date her Park Jungsu” Mrs. Park said sounding disappointed of her son’s taste in women “but you made a good choice with Sora-ya” she said happily as she went to hug Sora.

They proceed to dinner and Mrs. Kang and Mrs. Park could not contain their happiness and continued their plan for the wedding. Sora just speak when asked.

The whole time, Sora was avoiding her Heechul-hyung’s glance coz he knew that something is off just the mere look at her. She also knew that he doesn’t buy the whole “jungsu-sora” story while her Siwon-hyung was ecstatic knowing that a friend of his will be his brother in law.

Sora felt her phone beep and she opened her message.

“You have a lot of explaining to do Kang Sora”

SENDER: Heechul-hyung

Author’s Note:

I know I was supposed to post this on SUnday but I got completely distracted with my Rurouni Kenshin…:D Blame it to Takeru Sato for being so awesome..kkk

Mianhe…^^ I am just posting this now without proper editing so I’m saying sorry in advance if there are errors in the Chapter..^^ I will let u know if I did some editing or change some scene.

Thanks for reading guys..^_^


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  1. Wow..this is great!! Daebak!!haha

    Well, I have to say that this chapter is soooo interesting..beyond my expectation!!
    It was a good thing, you found your old note and made this story..

    When I read this, I never stopped smiling.. 🙂

    Hope you already write the next chapter..cant wait to read..

    Honestly I am so envy..I try to write FF but I am stuck..give me some advices please..thx

    • Woah!! Thanks for the comments u always do every chap..this gives me confidence and continue writing. So glad to know it makes u smile coz I do when writing it..^^

      It was an old story written by an immature me..hehe..so I’m editing and adding some scenes..

      I have written few chaps but I still have to edit..^^

      Just try writing. Everytime there’s a scene that pops into my head, I jot it down quickly so I won’t forget then when I start writing, ideas and scenes just starts flowing.. 😀

  2. kkkk Sshhhhh my LLT ^^ Don’t tell Ms Rusher I’m here. Had to read your FF before going to bed. kkk Awesome chapter! And you call yourself a novice? ^^ I think I should call you Sunbae from now on. kkkk
    Will be waiting for your Ch8, which will be posted soon right? ^^ Fighting!! Goodnight my dear LLT. ^^

    • LOL..don’t worry..not going to tell Miss Rusher.. 😀

      woah really?? but I really am a novice..I’m still working on chapter 8, needs more editing. Thanks for reading my LLT..have a good night sleep… ^_^

      • Lol. of course dear. compared to mine, mine is not up to speed since I like to take things slow. kkk. Not as good as yours ^^. still need to finish it too. kkk. Too distracted with twitter. ^^ Anyways, really need to sleep now. ^^ TTYL my LLT. ^^

  3. OMO “Oh inhye?” kkk i have no idea unni use she here kkk LOL… oh surprised barely read her in teukso ff.. 😛

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