When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 8



After their lunch, their family decided to take one last tour at Nami Island. After almost two hours of just exploring the island, they decided to go back to the bungalow so they could get ready.

When they got back at the bungalow, everyone was surprised to see a car parked in front of their gate.

“Ji-joo what are you doing here?” Sora asked in surprise as she recognized her assistant leaning on the car who was busy typing on her phone. She looked up and relief flooded her face as she saw Sora.

“Sora, I’m glad you’re here now. I was about to call you”

“What happened?” Sora asked.

“I received a call from Ms. Lee and they needed a photographer urgently for the Muzak photo shoot because Moo-ryung-shi  called in sick at the last minute. We need to be at the location at 6 in the evening.” Ji-joo explained looking worried.

Sora glanced at her watch, quarter past three in the afternoon, they could still make it. “Give me a few minutes to get my stuff ready and we can go” she told Ji-joo and faced her family. After talking to them and explaining the situation without even giving Jungsu a glance, she quickly grabbed her stuff inside the house and hopped in Ji-joo’s car.

Looking at the side mirror as the bungalow slowly faded in her vision, Sora let out a sigh of relief.

“You owe me this one Sora” Ji-joo said smiling looking at her.

“Thanks a lot Ji-joo, I know it was a last minute request but I am so glad you came.” Sora said with a look of gratitude flashed on her face.

“So care to explain why do I have to be a knight to rescue a princess?” Ji-joo asked jokingly.

“It’s a long story” She answered simply.

Nodding in understanding, Ji-joo said “You can tell me when you’re ready to share and that include why the famous Park Jungsu a.k.a Leeteuk and his family are with you” and gave Sora a knowing look.

Sora just gave a simple nod. If her family finds out that there was really no photo shoot, she wouldn’t hear the end of it. She’s not worried about her parents but she knows Heechul would surely look in to it.


The next three days, Sora got herself immersed with her work but time after time she gets anxious. It’s been days since their Nami trip and she never heard anything from her parents nor from Heechul. Sora expected him to see her and give her a lecture for lying about the sudden photo shoot but he never came and that’s what makes her more anxious.

Few minutes before her lunch break, her phone rang, not checking who it is, she answered and was greeted by “Sora-shi we need to talk”. No “hi” no “hello”. Recognizing the voice, she took a deep sigh.

“Well hello there Mr. Park Jungsu” she greeted rather sarcastically on the other line.

“Meet me at the restaurant just a few blocks from your studio in half an hour. If you don’t show up I’ll come and pick you up.” And he ended the call.

Staring at her phone, her mouth wide open in shock not believing what just happened. What the hell? The nerve of that man!

She looked around the studio and everyone was busy setting up for the photo shoot in the afternoon and she can’t risk having Park Jungsu to come afraid that it’ll create a buzz. Unwillingly, she informed her team that she’ll be back after her lunch.

Entering the restaurant, she was ushered in to a private table where Park Jungsu was sitting looking so gorgeous on his black office suit. Wait, did I just call him gorgeous?! No way! He must have felt their presence as he looked up. The waiter then left and Sora sat down.

“Order your lunch then we can talk” he told her.

“I’m not here to eat but to talk. I have to get back at the studio in half an hour so let’s get this over and done with”

He looked at her and look like he was about to argue but changed his mind.

“Look I’m sorry for what happened in Nami” he apologized “but what’s done is done”

“What’s done is done?!” she repeated his words not believing what he just said “That’s it? You’re not even going to do something to fix the mess you created?”

“What’s the point?” he shrugged “One way or another we’re going to get married anyway”

“No way am I getting married to you. We could have found a way had you not used me as an escape to get away from your ex-girlfriend” she retaliated.

“She was never my girlfriend” he denied.

“You could have fooled me” she said crossing her arms “but that’s beside the point, take responsibility and do something so I could get away in this whole marriage thing”

“You don’t know my parents, once they set an eye on something, they’ll do everything so they can have it and as I see it, they have their eyes set on you” he explained  “and your parents are the same. Since they already decided, why not just go with it?”

Shaking her head vigorously, she said “No way! I am way too young for marriage. I am telling you, I’ll do everything I can so I can stop this”

“Too late now” she looked at him with question in her eyes “My mom asked me to tell you that we are having family dinner on Friday for our official engagement” She noticed a guilt on his eyes but she chose to ignore it.

“There is no “ours” ” Sora answered back emphasizing the word and quoted with her fingers. “Park Jungsu-shi, you’ve got to fix this. I don’t care how you do it, but take responsibility for what you did.”

“I already told you, there’s no point. Our parents already have everything set. Whether you like it or not, we are both set in an arranged marriage and even if we try to avoid it now, we will still get married eventually” he explained casually like he was talking about a business deal and that’s what annoyed Sora the most.

Feeling frustrated and not wanting to hear any more of what he was about to say, Sora stood up.

“I’ll pick you up at seven in the evening on Friday” Park Jungsu said now browsing through the menu.

“I’m not going” Sora said firmly and started walking out of the restaurant.



Waking up from the sound of her alarm, Sora went to the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, I look like a mess. She couldn’t get a good sleep last night dreading for the day to come. Where are all my photo shoot schedules when I need it?! All her schedules that day got cancelled and she was only informed the other day. After taking a shower and getting dressed, she tried to make plans on what she should do that day when an idea popped in her head. Grabbing her phone, she dialled Sungmin’s number.



Author’s note:

To my lovely readers, I am so sorry for updating late, been busy with college and work..^^ I won’t make you wait for the next chapter since I find this chap boring.. 😀

In case you’re all wondering who Ji-joo is, she’s one of the cast in Sunny with Sora,,^^

To Ella..sorry if I replied late.. I replied back on your comment for the password.. ^^

I didn’t proofread so I may have made a mistake..so mianhe..

Thanks a lot for reading!!



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  1. Whoa..the way JungSu told her about the married arrangement..wkwkwkwk

    I am curious what will happen on Friday…hmnnn…hope you will update it asap..

    This chapter isn’t boring..it is good instead..Fighting!!

  2. This is not boring.. It is thrilling! Thank you so much for feeding my DC addiction as well as for my loneliness and longing for Leeteuk.. Keep up the good work! I will patiently wait for the next chap.. Kamsamnida! 😀

  3. My LLT! I thought you said you’re going to post two chapters! Where is Ch.9??? Hope you’ll post it soon. ^^ Waiting for it! ^^ Fighting!! Sigh…I could have finished my Ch.6 if it weren’t for that “IT”. Darn troll!!! We need like another meeting soon! 😉 TTYL 🙂

  4. Sora should teach Teuk a lesson before she falls in love with him.. Another kick will probably do .. hhhh..
    Dear Teuki, if you like the girl just admit it. Don’t act as if you are forced to marry her.
    I love the way the story is going .. 🙂

    Another geat author 🙂 that’s why I know we’ll get another update this week kkkk >>> greedy
    fighting !!! XD

    • LOL..you’re the first one who wants to give Teukie another kick while others want Teukie to give Sora a sweet revenge after the kick…kkk

      Thanks a lot for reading…

      @huey, @lazyme2day @steffy @teukrhodz @arlita @athena thanks for commenting girls..^_^

  5. Heheh,, well, it doesn’t mean I don’t want a sweet revenge too .. I just think it’ll b sweeter after another kick … kkk ^.^ .. Komawa 4 replying

    • LOL…now I’m pressured to think of a sweet revenge..hehe..

      I am editing chapter 9, hopefully I can post it tomorrow..

      It should be me thanking you for commenting and reading.. (^_^)

  6. ~~ eh short chapter unni?… ah sora unni slowly u will fall to teuk oppa,.. okay will see next chaphie, haha read late i’m lucky… no waiting^^..

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