When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 10



It’s almost 6 in the evening and Sora hasn’t decided what to wear yet. Rummaging through her closet she just randomly chose a black evening dress and a pair of black pumps, left it on the bed and quickly went to the shower.

After drying her hair, she did her usual make up and tied her hair simply. She didn’t wear any accessory. Grabbing her clutch bag and keys there was a knock on the door followed by the buzzing of the doorbell. Looking at the monitor and learning who it was..Sora thought I already told him I am coming for the dinner, why does he have to come and pick me up?

Once she opened the door.

“Are you ready?” He asked, looking her up and down, admiration was evident on his eyes.

He doesn’t look bad himself dressed in black tuxedo. “I already told you I’m coming to the dinner, why do have to pick me up?” she asked not bothering to answer his question.

“I’ll tell you once we get in the car” he answered looking at his watch “We better go now”

Once they got in the car and he started the engine he asked “Did you think about it?”

“Honestly no” she answered. She never had the chance to think about it. “Marriage isn’t something that you can just decide in a matter of minutes.” She explained “but then I don’t think I’ll be able to stop it even if I wanted to so I just want to make this clear to you” and she turned to look at him. “Even if I get married to you, we are not going to do what normal couples do, and will you promise me that if I want my freedom back, you’ll give me a divorce?”

Stepping on the brakes of his car as they hit the red light, he turned to look at her. “I promise”

Oh..that was easy. Sora thought. “What is it that you’re going to tell me?” she asked.

Starting off the engine again, he spoke “We need to think of a story to tell our family”

“What story?” she asked curiously

“How and where did we met, how did I propose and all that kind of stuff. I’m sure our family is “dying” to know about the story” then he handed her a paper.

“What’s this?”

“I’ve written everything all you have to know about me and don’t worry about yours, I got my own sources to know about you”

“So did you hire someone to go detective on me? That sounds creepy” she commented and just gave the paper a glance and put it in her clutch bag. He just ignored what she said “So what about our story?” she asked.

“We can tell them we met in one of your location for a photoshoot, talked and dated secretly for six months now but we kept it a secret to them and we were already planning to tell them but we had a fight because of an article that came out recently about me and we didn’t expect that our family knew each other. My mom pestered me the other day so I told her I already proposed to you because she was going to plan secretly for me to propose”

Wow! He thought of that much? So detailed.

“Tell me more about the proposal”


“Because people would love to know the sweet details of a proposal”

“What do you suggest we tell them?” he asked.

“I don’t know, you tell me. I wasn’t there” She reasoned out.

“and so am I”

“But you thought of it. It’s not really my problem if we get this story all mixed up”

“Alright fine” he said giving up “I took you to one of the restaurant in Namsan, I reserved a special table on the rooftop and we went looking at the beautiful stars. Had dinner, surprised you with a song while I played the piano, I kneel down, proposed then you cried and said yes, that was it”

“I cried? How can that be? I was only happy, no crying”

“Okay fine, you were happy and got teary-eyed”

“What’s with the tears? I was just plain happy, definitely no tears. My eyes were dry”

“My mom wouldn’t like that, she likes romantic stuff and crying”

“and so does my mom but I don’t care. I didn’t cry. Period”


“Fine!” she snapped back.

He stopped the car and she realized they already reached the restaurant but before she could open the door. He reached out for her hand and gave her a small sapphire blue box. “It’s the proposal ring” and he went out of the car and opened her door for her. “The ring would not come out of the box itself” as he noticed that she was just staring at it. Inside was simple silver with a round cut diamond rested on top of it. “or do you want me to help you with it?”

Snapping out of her reverie “I’m fine” she said taking out the ring and slid it on her left ring finger.


Entering the restaurant, she was surprised that it was almost empty. They must have reserved the whole place. Mrs. Kang was the first to notice them.

“Finally, it was high time for both of you to turn up!” she said smiling widely and went to hug them both. They both did their courteous bow as greetings to their parents and her brothers.

Sora was also greeted by a pretty lady she has never seen before “I’m glad to finally meet you. I’m Park In-Young, Jungsu’s Noona. You are just as beautiful as my Mom and Dad describe you to be. My mom kept talking about you.” She said smiling as she hugged Sora. Sora returned the hug.

“Noona you didn’t bring baby MinHo with you?” Park Jungsu asked.

“No, it’s too late for him to be here” In-Young answered and turned her attention back to Sora “MinHo is my one-year old son, you’ll meet him soon” there was a glint of happiness as she mentioned her son. Sora smiled back. She love kids and she’s looking forward to meet her little son. She told  In-young that and then she grabbed her to the table and they talked like they have been friends for a long time.

They then proceed to the dinner. Park Jungsu was right when the ladies showered them with questions about the proposal. Both their moms cried when they told their version on the proposal.

“Awwww…that was so sweet” Mrs. Park commented wiping her tears.

“Indeed it was” Mrs. Kang agreed “I don’t believe you didn’t cry Sora-ya, that was really romantic”

“Well I didn’t. I was just overwhelmed and happy” she defended.

“Actually..” she heard Jungsu said, she looked at him. Don’t you dare!! But he just looked back at her with a cheeky grin and before he could say anything, she kicked him under the table. “Ow!!! That hurt!!” he screamed gaining everyone’s attention. Rubbing his left leg where she hit him.

Clearing his throat, he said “Sora-sh..Sora-ya didn’t cry but I did when she said yes” and that gained more Awww’s and “that’s so sweet” comments from their moms and In-young.

This man really knows how to act. Sora thought.

Author’s Note:

That’s two chapters for you guys!!! Hope I made it up for the long wait you had to endure..^_^



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  1. This one is the shortest one..well I guess I should be patient to wait for another chap.. 🙂

    I think the nxt chap will be more romantic..can’t wait to read it!! 😀


  2. It’s so funny reading they plan the story of the proposal. Neither of them want to give up hehehhe. Both are hard headed hehehe. Waiting for the sweet chapter, don’t take to long 😉

  3. love it! *kinikilig ako! hahaha i really hope all the fanfics will have a movie version with jung su and sora in it!!! wah! ok,looking forward for the next chapters…

    • Hi pretty Luce!!! I know ur busy but I’m happy u still get the time to read and comment.. 😉

      I really hope we get to see them in drama in the future..maybe when we go to Korea we can give copies of FF to any big entertainment company in Korea..hahaha.. *we can dream.. ^^

  4. Love the story.. could we have more? BTW, this is my first time commenting here but I am one of the lurkers visiting soompi forums reading all about Jungsora and watching their WGM episodes from day one, also reading all your comments, interactions on this forum, MVs, fan arts, fanfics included… I am a fan of JungSora…love them. see you… waiting for more…

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting.. (^_^) it means a lot to me. We all love JungSora and I hope I can bring smile to those who love them as much as I do through my fanarts, FMV and fanfic..

      I’ll try to update every week as much as I can unless I get stuck with work and loads of homework.. 🙂

  5. hello playerkbd…,

    I turn off my lurking mode..,

    I am one of secret admirers of your fanfic,
    I really like the story about arrange marriage,

    wondering how pjs will steal ks heart in your story 🙂
    waiting for your update…

    I always amaze of people who can write and illustrate their imagination…

    I am sorry for keep on silent until now…


    • Hi there!! Thanks a lot for taking time to comment, I really appreciate it,it’s nice to know that other people enjoy reading the FF though it’s my first writing one..^^

      And I hope u comment in the nxt chapters..kkk.. *kidding.. 😀

      Sorry for taking too long to update..

  6. kkkkkkkk… well the kick part might not be added because of my request. But I just loved it kkkkk.. One more kick from story Sora and I, an FD, will give her a permission to fall in love with story Teuk loool.
    Just for one reason. Story Sora is still young and she must be frightened with the surprising marriage :(. That must be sadly scary for her. Story Teuk here is inconsiderate and kind of selfish, yet he is manly, sweet and loving. hehehe.. and because I think he is not aware that he, actually, likes Sora, I guess another kick might be awakening and appreciated. In dramas, tough controlling guys usually fall in love with tough girls who teach them lessons. Then everything turn sweeter than ever.. >> drama addicted
    Way to go dear friend 😉 kedari-kea = I’ll wait ;D

    By the way I’m participating in the thread now. @zeez ;))))

    • Hi there @zeez!! Glad ur posting at soompi now too! I know right?? Sora is still so young so I don’t want them to get married yet..LOL

      I am addicted to drama’s too!! Hi 5!! Thanks for dropping a comment..I really do appreciate it.

      I hope I can release a new chapter..

  7. hei..it has been a long time since your last chap..You must be really busy this time..Fighting!!
    Hope you will upload it soon..since it is my holiday, It will be nice to read somes..hee

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