When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 9



Sora planned to be out the whole day so she invited Sungmin to go shopping and watch musical. Going out from the theatre, her phone rang and she just stared at her mobile as she recognized the number. It’s only three in the afternoon, what does he want?

“Are you not going to answer your phone Sora-ra?” Sungmin asked beside her.

Pressing the cancel button, Sora answered “the number is not familiar, must be a prank call” she lied and turned off her phone.

“So where do you want to go after this?” Sungmin asked. Thinking, Sora didn’t answer yet when Sungmin suggested that they can go to his place and he can cook dinner for them. It’s been a long time since she visited his place and she would love to go but she can’t take the risk.

Sungmin must have read what she’s thinking when he said “Sora-ra if you’re worried that you’ll meet her there, don’t worry. We don’t live together and she’s still out in the country”

Hearing that, Sora didn’t feel right. Why does it sound like she’s sneaking in someone’s home when she’s going to her bestfriend’s place? After much thought, she agreed.

Arriving at Sungmin’s house and finally stepping in inside only then Sora realized how she missed being there. Sungmin excused himself as he went to the kitchen to grab a drink for her. Looking around his sitting room, a feeling of nostalgia hit her and the memories as clear as water came flooding back. Joyful memories she always treasured but sadness filled her as she recalled the last time she was there. It was the moment when everything changed.

Taking a step towards the display of pictures, she was surprised to see that Sungmin still kept a picture of them together. Not wanting to remember things that she has been trying to forget she turned around then she noticed the guitar hanged on the wall. It is still where she remembered it to be two years ago. It was a gift she gave to him. Reaching out for it, she took it and sat down in the sofa, as she strummed on the guitar, the sound vibrated and filled the room and the next thing she knew, she was humming to the song she’s playing when she stopped in the middle of it as she forgot the chords when she heard someone clapping. She lifts her head up and found Sungmin standing near the television and he walked over to her and sat down.

“You forgot the chords?” He asked. She just nodded. Grabbing the guitar from her, he started playing. When she heard his voice, she was once again drawn back to the past.

It was a song she requested for him to sing before not him knowing that it explains how she feels.

I don’t know you but I want you all the more for that
Words fall through me and always fool me and I can’t react
And games that never amount to more than they’re meant
Will play themselves out…..

Falling slowly eyes that know me and I can’t go back
Moods that take me and erase me and I’m painted black…..

Falling slowly sing your melody
I’ll sing along




That special moment was cut off when they heard the doorbell.  “Were you expecting someone?” Sora asked.

“No” Sungmin answered as he also wondered who could it be. Standing up, he walked to the door as the unexpected visitor seemed to grow impatient as the doorbell rang again. As he opened the door, he was surprised to see who it was.

Giving him a courteous bow “I’m here to pick up Sora-shi” Park Jungsu answered and without even being invited, he went in.

Sora’s eyes went wide in surprise as she saw him walking to her like the man of authority that he is and he doesn’t look pleased. “What are you doing here?” she asked standing up.

“To pick you up” He said like it was the most obvious answer.

“You don’t need to. I can find myself way back home” Sora answered back annoyed “How did you know where to find me anyway?”

“You’re mom told me when you turned off your phone and I have to make sure you come to the dinner” he said and walked to her grabbing her right  hand to drag her along “Let’s go”

“Let go of me!” Sora refused trying to let go “I already said I’m not going”

“Park Jungsu-shi, she said she’s not going” Sungmin interrupted.

“It’s between me and Sora-shi so if you don’t mind Lee Sungmin-shi, we’re going”

“I said I’m not going!!!” Sora exclaimed still struggling under his grip.

Grabbing her left elbow, Sungmin said in a grave tone “She already said no” Jungsu stopped walking and looked at Sungmin’s hands on her elbow “I can’t just leave you to drag my bestfriend against her will” Sungmin added

Jungsu let out a smirk “Oh yeah? You’re the bestfriend and I’m her fiancé so please mind your own business”

Sora felt as Sungmin loosen his grip on her as shock was evident on his face “Oppa, it’s not true!” she tried to explain as she forcedly let go of her hands out of Jungsu’s hold but he was too strong that the next this knew they were already near the door and when he opened it, Sora got frozen in place. Jungsu must have noticed it as he stopped.

“So Yool?” Sungmin asked in surprise.

The tension in the air seems to have severed from what it already is a few minutes ago.

Approaching Sungmin and giving him a hug “What is she doing here?” So Yool asked pointing at Sora.

“We are just about to leave” Park Jungsu answered as he bowed to them and took Sora along with him and she unconsciously followed his lead.

When they were nearing the car, she came back to her senses. “You can let go now, I can manage to get in the car”

After a few miles on the road, his car was filled with deafening silence when Park Jungsu decided to break it “Are you okay?” he asked her. She just nodded. Respecting her silence, he continued driving.

Sora was still lost in trance and didn’t even realize that they were already in her apartment’s car park. When he stopped the engine only then Sora took notice of it. She was thinking of asking him how he knew where she lived but she already has a faint idea how.

Stopping  the engine, they just remained in the car and Jungsu spoke first. “I don’t know if you are in a good mood to talk about this now but we really need to talk and you can’t just escape this time”

There he goes with the marriage again. I think I’m going to have another headache. As if seeing Sungmin and So Yool wasn’t enough for me to deal today.

“I know you don’t like this marriage arrangement as much as I do” he suddenly stated as she stayed silent. She looked at him.

“Yeah right..that’s why you kept insisting to forego on this farce of a marriage!” she said rather sarcastically.

“Because unlike you, I already accepted it” he defended.

“You’re just a typical good rich man’s son who follows his parents every whim” she retorted back.

“I just want to make my parents happy” he answered ignoring her attempt to insult him. She scoffed. Did he expect me to believe that? So lame! “I have never seen my Omma like that for a long time, so happy and excited to arrange all the preparation for the marriage and I can’t just bring myself to disappoint her” he added. There was tenderness in his voice as he mentioned his mom. “What do you really want to do in your life Sora-shi? Are you going to keep clinging unto the past? I am not trying to delve in to your private life but I think I know enough of what is going on between you and Sungmin and your one-sided love towards him” she noticed how he was being careful to say the last part.

How can someone whom I just barely met know this much about me?

“What does my past have to do with me getting married?” she asked not getting what he was trying to say.

“Don’t you want to get everything back to where it’s supposed to be?” he asked back. She just stared at him “By getting married, you’ll be able to attend any party with Sungmin without being afraid that you’ll be seen as someone who is still clinging to the past. Don’t you want to be with your best friends again? Don’t you want to move on?”

Does she want to? Is she ready to face the past? Seeing Sungmin and So Yool again reminded her of how they destroy the friendship they had. Or was it her who started it? Was it her who took her distance away from them just because she couldn’t accept the fact that she can’t have all she wants?

“Just think about it.” He said and she took it as the end of their conversation. She just nodded and was about to get off the car when he spoke again “I’ll pick you up before seven”

“You don’t have to, I’ll be there”

Author’s note:

The song is Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova and one FD shared a video with Sungmin singing it and I fell in love with him more..kkk

So Yool is the actress who was paired up with Sungmin during the Fighting Junior blind date in their WGM episode.

I hope I am not boring you my dear readers..(^_^) I know I am not that good of a writer but I wanna say thank you to those who are sticking up with me and my FF.

Knowing that you’re reading and taking your time to comment means a lot to me..



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  1. Ahhh..now I see..Sora and Sungmin have been stuck in the friendship zone..

    I feel like I fall for Sungmin more and more too, because I think he is more mature, kind hearted, and honest too..that’s why Sora like him as her brother in law..

    Thank you for posting 2 chapter..^^

    • thanks for reading and commenting dear..

      I love Sungmin too.. (^_^) Sungmin is mostly used as the third party for DC and he’s the one who always loves Sora so why not have it the other way around??kkk…

  2. i thought it would be sweet or sad chappie when it related to sungmin oppa.. but teuk oppa make commotion… teuk oppa why u here like ~~ u know^^…

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