When Love and hate Collide: Chapter 11



Brotherly Talk

“When do you want the wedding to take place?” Mr. Kang asked as they wait for the dessert to be served.

“We haven’t really talked about it yet” Jungsu answered for both of them.

“Why?” both of their mothers asked in surprise.

“This can’t be, we already planned everything. You can even get married in the next few weeks if you want to.” Mrs. Park informed them rather excitedly.

Sora stood there in shock “No way!” she suddenly blurted out. Did I say that out loud? Looking at the faces of everyone in the table, she already know the answer “What I meant was No Way you could have done that in a short period of time” she added trying to explain herself.

“Soraya, you should know for yourself that mom is the best at organizing events like this.” Siwon commented. “You don’t know what we had to go through these past few days right Hyung, Appa?” as he looked at their father and older brother.

“Yeah” Heechul said “Chullie call this and that person, Siwon do this and do that, Yeobo go make a list of our relatives and all this and that…” he added imitating their mother’s voice with Mrs. Kang’s signature wave of her hands and fingers as she orders everyone. The table was filled with laughter.

“You’re not alone on that guys” In-young agreed with them “My parents has been bothering me too since they learned about Sora and Jungsu’s relationship”

“Yah! I didn’t do it like that” Mrs. Kang defended herself smiling “I am just overwhelmed that at last I am organizing my daughter’s wedding”

“We would have loved to organize an engagement party too but Jungsu-yah insisted that we don’t need to” Mrs. Park said with disappointment on her voice.

“We even wanted to announce it on media but Jungsu said Sora wouldn’t like it.” Mr. Park stated and turned to Sora “Is that true?” he asked.

Still feeling overwhelmed with the fact that their family are all excited with their wedding, Sora didn’t quite heard what Mr. Park has said when he repeat it again. “I just don’t think it was really necessary to let the public know” she answered.

“So you’re planning to keep your marriage unknown from the public?” Heechul asked looking at Park Jungsu sounding casual.

“We just want the wedding to be exclusive for the family, close friends and relatives” he explained “The public will eventually know but announcing it on papers like how Omma would want it isn’t a good idea. Sora is not used to be exposed on media and you should know how harsh it can be” he continued looking straight back to Heechul.

Sora turned to Jungsu and stared. What is he trying to say? That he’s protecting me from the media?

“I think I understand where you’re coming from” Siwon nodded knowing full well how scary media is being an actor himself.

“It would be nice for the people to know especially the girls so they stop chasing at you Jungsu-yah” Mrs. Park commented.

Right! How can I forget that he is Leeteuk the womanizer?! Sora scolded at herself Of course, he wants to keep it a secret because he might lose his hordes of women!

“Omma how many times do I have to tell you those were just rumours!” Jungsu defended.

“Arasso arasso” Mrs. Park stated giving up “So when’s the wedding? If you don’t give us a date, we will choose it ourselves”

Jungsu and Sora looked at each other.

“How about next month?” Mr. Kang asked

“That’s way too early!”

“Next month is fine”

They both answered at the same time. Everyone turned their gaze at them. She looked at him. Are you crazy?! Next month? Understanding the look she’s giving him, he stressed a smile.

“We already talked about it remember?” his voice so low but Sora grasped what he was trying to imply but she just continued to give him a defiant look. No we didn’t! I can’t remember talking to you about it!

Ignoring her look, he turned to their family. “As you can see, Sora still think it’s too early to have the wedding next month. So Omma please don’t pressure her to decide. Give her time to think” he pleaded.

Their parents weren’t too happy and Sora’s mother was even disappointed but they realized that they might be making her unhappy if they still insist.

Sora was still staring at him when he turned his gaze back at her and gave her a warm smile.


It was past 10 in the evening when they reach her flat and without a word, she stepped out of the car. She felt exhausted acting in front of her family and all she wants to do at that moment is to lie down and rest.

As she was nearing her door, she took a deep sigh. Good Lord, Can I not even have a peaceful night? She thought as she saw Heechul leaning on her door. She already know why he was there, opening her door, she went in and he followed suit.

As he sat on her sofa, she asked if he wanted any drink but he refused.

“I don’t want to beat around the bush, you know why I’m here right?” he asked. Sora know her brother too well that she eventually realized that she’s in for another hour of serious talk. She nodded and sat down. “You both may have fooled the others with your acting but not me. You don’t expect me to believe that you found a fiancé out of the blue when you never even had a boyfriend” he added matter of factly. “Care to explain to me why you’re doing this?”

She wanted to tell him the truth but this doesn’t concern her alone. “Oppa”

“Sora-ya, calling me Oppa will not get you out of this situation” Heechul cut her off sounding so serious.

“I want to tell you but I can’t but please just trust me” she pleaded.

Ignoring her plea, he asked “Is it Sungmin?”

Sora was quick to deny it “No!” Heechul gave her a disbelieving look. Giving up, she sighed. “Alright, since our parents are so adamant with this marriage arrangement, me and Park Jungsu-shi had a talk that we’re going to get married eventually so why delay it?” she reasoned out hoping Heechul will believe her.

But then he asked “Then why do you have to act like you are already in a relationship?”

“It’s complicated” Sora answered back. “Hyung, just trust me on this please?”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you Sora-ya” Heechul started and sat beside her “I just don’t want you to get yourself in to something that you might regret later. I am not going to tell our parents about this so don’t worry.” Sora was relieved to hear that.

“Thank you”

“I don’t know what your reasons are for agreeing to this arrangement with Park Jungsu but if this is the only way that you will be able to let go of your past then I am okay with it” upon hearing this, Sora lifted her head up to her brother. It’s been years since her brother talked about her past. “Sorry for bringing it up” he apologized “All I want is for you to move on, you don’t know how much it pains me seeing my little sister get hurt and still living with the shadows of her past and I can’t even do anything about it”

Holding back her tears, Sora hugged her brother and a faint memory of that night flashed back in front of her and just like that night, Heechul stayed with her as she poured her heart out. “You can always speak to me anytime you know that right?” Letting go of her brother, she looked at him and nodded “If things go wrong, tell me. If this Park Jungsu ever try to hurt you in any way, I am not going to refrain myself unlike before just because you asked me”

“I will” Sora said.

“You promise?” Heechul asked “I am telling you, Park Jungsu is a dead meat if he ever makes you shed a tear”

“what if it’s a tears of joy?” she joked

“Then that’s different.” He answered smiling “I think I better warn him too.” as he patted his chin thinking “hmmmm..”

“oppa! You don’t really need to” Sora told him.

“but that’s what a big brother should do” Heechul defended. Sora just shook her head.

“Do whatever you want” she gave up “What about Siwon-hyung? Are you going to tell him?”

“No, it won’t hurt him if he doesn’t know about this. He was so happy knowing Jungsu will be our brother-in-law” he explained.

Heechul stayed another hour and before saying goodbye, he said “By the way, the company chose your studio to cover the photo shoot of our new line of clothing”

“I didn’t know about that” she stated “maybe other team is going to do the photoshoot”

“No, the model specifically requested you to be the photographer” he informed her.

“Huh?! Who could that be?” She wondered “You have any idea who?”

“No, I didn’t handle the choosing of model on this project. I left it for my secretary to do” he explained.

“Ok, I’ll just ask them tomorrow at work”

Author’s Note:

Boring ain’t it?? 😀

I am really sorry for letting you wait for so long. I am hating college now!! Every week we have to make presentations!! Imagine that? I still have loads of homework to do!! Aigoo..

I was planning to update when it’s our holiday but it won’t be until two weeks’ time so I tried to update the FF.

I am just trying to get rid of the boring parts so we can jump in to more JungSora moments.. (^_^) but no matter how much how I wanted to write more scenes about them, the side story and other characters are also important in the development of the story so I don’t want to leave them just like that.

Again, Sorry guys..on my knees now, begging, please forgive me..



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  1. no need to say sorry.. looking forward for the next chapter.. and im very curois about the past of sora between sungmin.. hhmmmm…. chullie as hyung is the best hyung ever!! great character!

  2. i’m new here but i’m finding your fan fic interesting, it’s okay if it’s taking too long due to your studies but please don’t abandon this fan fic, i like to know where it’s heading… okay?. waiting for the next chapter….

  3. im dying waiting for your update…… please make it hurry. i love your story line.. do your best and good luck 😉 cant wait for chapter 12 😉

  4. hallo playerkbd,

    I am enjoying your new chapter,
    I do like the arrange marriage plot 🙂

    will be waiting for the next chapter, 🙂

    I know how college life-with tons of homework- feels 🙂
    but still I really hope to read the new chapter soon 😛

    you are in UK now? I am studying in Netherlands now,

    • hey there!!!

      Thanks for taking your time reading the fanfic..(^_^) I was a bit skeptical about the plot but then again I realized I was writing because I enjoy doing it and as long as I know people read it then I’m happy. yup I’m in UK now. OMO, Netherlands..how’s the weather like in there?

      I am working on chapter 12, I hope i can post it by saturday.. 🙂

  5. weather in netherlands is…. ahhh I cannot describe it, just complicated,
    you can experience 4 seasons in one day… :), I think it’s quite the same as UK, rainy almost the whole year,
    I do prefer Asian weather more 🙂

    very cold these days, please take care of your health,
    heavy workloads and winter is not quite nice combination 🙂

    • Yeah..same weather here. *sigh..I love Asian weather too specially summer!!

      Thanks!! We’re experiencing long winter again. It’s almost spring but it’s still as freezing as ever!!!

      You take care too!!

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    fighting!! ^^

  7. Heechul is coming back soon in few months. I really hope he gets to know Sora. He’d really be the best fighting Junior. Don’t worry if it was short. Still I think it was well written and directed. I loved the scene. It was touching. 🙂 Hope you and all students, including me ><, do well in studying. 🙂 keep it up my friend.

  8. Eonni kekekeke I just read full of your ff. That was great!!! So please continue^^ kekekeke ps: make more sweet moment between them, and make sora move on faster kekekekkekekek and I wanna heechul being my hyung ^^

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