When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 12


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Tapping on her wheels, Sora turned to Ji-joo again “Can you please ring them again to say we’re still stuck in traffic” she asked. She already talked to her team 15 minutes ago and looking at the traffic they are in, Sora doesn’t think that they’ll arrive at the photo shoot location on time. The event that they just covered took long than she expected.

She heard Ji-joo talking over the phone and it doesn’t sound like they are in trouble.

“We’re lucky I guess.” Ji-joo started “The model hasn’t arrived yet”

After another 10 minutes, Sora managed to struggle her way out of the traffic. Immediately after getting her car parked, they rushed to the studio where they found her team all set up and ready. Whilst Ji-jo was setting up her things, Sora talked to the staff team apologizing for being late.

“Don’t worry about it Sora-shi, the model just arrived too. He’s at the dressing room getting ready and we can start in a few minutes” Saeri, the overall in-charge of today’s photo shoot told Sora.

Upon noticing that there are also some journalists around, she asked about it. “It wasn’t discussed during the meeting but at the last minute, the magazine decided to do the interview for today.” Saeri explained.

Saeri was about to turn around when Sora remembered something that she’s been wanting to ask.

“Who’s the model by the way?”

“Leetuk-shi” Saeri simply answered and then smiled widely “Oh there he is, now we can start”.

Sora was left there standing, You’re kidding me right? It can’t be him! She‘s been avoiding his calls during the weekend and she’s not ready to see him yet.

“Sora” ji-joo called out her and that’s when she snapped out of it. Taking a deep breath, she turned around as Ji-joo dragged her to walk and there she saw him wearing a white vest showing his toned biceps and black pants. She didn’t even realize that they were already standing in front of him.

Saeri introduced them “Leeteuk-shi this is Kang Sora from FD Digital Photography”

He extended his hand out to her, for a moment, Sora contemplated if she should accept it or not then she extended her hand looking at him. The moment their skin touched, she was once again lost in a trance just like the time when they get this close although she doesn’t know how he could have this effect on her.

“Kang Sora-shi, your hands are cold” he commented which cause her to withdraw her hand quickly.

“Sorry, my hands get cold easily especially when it’s almost winter” she explained. “Shall we start with your photo shoot?” she asked.

She has decided to finish this as soon as possible but later she realized that it’s not easy as she thought it would be. Blame it to Park Jungsu who seems to always find a way to irritate her.

“I said move a little bit backwards” she instructed him but instead of moving a few steps he moved long way back. She could see that he’s doing it on purpose. That’s it! She’s had enough. She’s been holding on to her patience but her patience can only go this far. She made her way to the platform and she held him on both arms and dragged him a little forward. “I said step back a little not walk all the way backwards” she burst out clearly irritated. Raising her head up “Are you…” but stopped on her tracks as she realized belatedly how close they are. Up close, he was more handsome than she cares to admit and unconsciously, she took her time to look at him and only then she realized that he was only wearing jeans and a jumper that is left open showing his glorious abs. She looked at him and a smirk was plastered on his face.

“Like what you see?” he asked clearly teasing her and only then that she realized that she was still holding his arms. She let go of him quickly. She must have blushed as he started laughing.

“Leeteuk-shi, will you please behave yourself like how a professional model should be” she reprimanded as she stood there, with her hands on her hips as he continue laughing. “This is not funny!”

“Mianhe, I can’t help it” he said in between laughs. She was about to turn and go back to her job when he got hold of her arm “I’m sorry, it’s just that I never saw you looking so flustered it’s cute” he added smiling at her. She ignored his comment and tried to let go of his grasp “Arrasso, I’ll behave now” he promised with a cheeky grin on his face. She stared at him not believing what he said

“Promise” he said as he raised his right hand.

“Okay, now just go back there and do as you’re told” she told him still annoyed. Walking back to her post, she realized that everyone was staring at them, looking intrigued of what just transpired between them. She never lost her composure in every photo shoot they do so it’s unusual for her team to see her act like that. She ignored the silent murmurs that went about the people in the studio and continued with her work. True to his words, Leeteuk behaved himself and they finished the photo shoot in time for the journalist to do their interview.

After checking the photos with Ji-Joo and decided which pictures to use for the magazine, Sora went back to tidy up her equipment. She found the whole team watching Leeteuk’s interview, it would be rude of them to start packing while the interview is still going on so she decided to hang around too. She’s not sure what the interview is all about but she heard from Ji-joo that the magazine cover will be titled “Leeteuk: Ending his womanizing ways”.

“Your name Leeteuk is always associated especially with ladies as ‘womanizer’ but you always deny most of the rumours. Out of the ladies you have been linked, is there any one you have had an actual relationship with?”

He seems to have thought about it before he answered. “No one”

“When was the last time that you’ve been in a relationship?”

“Two or three years ago I think. It only lasted for a few months.” He answered then added “During that time, I was focused with work. As most of you know I am managing our family business and being in a relationship means I have to devote my time to the girl but that was something I failed to do. So naturally, she got tired of waiting for me and left me” he ended smiling.

“Being successful is important but having someone to share that success is more fulfilling don’t you think?”

“It has only been lately that I have been thinking about this. Like most man my age, I have come to a point of thinking about settling down. I am not getting any younger and who knows? I might be lucky and meet my ‘future’ by chance, say in a baseball match?” he stated with a touch of humour.

Baseball match? He doesn’t mean the baseball match where we met, does he? Sora thought as she listened to his answers.

“Hearing you say that, it sounds like you met someone in a baseball match?

He couldn’t hide the smile that formed his lips as he said “If that someone throws a shoe at you, will you still consider liking her?” as he laugh  “In all honesty, sometimes I get confused myself, people know me as Leeteuk the model, a womanizer but no one ever saw as my real self, as Park Jungsu”

“Throw a shoe at you, that woman sounds interesting” The interviewer commented trying to get a piece of information about the girl disregarding his last statement.

He just nodded still smiling. He was then asked about that woman but he remained mum about it. “Considering my reputation and how the gossips seem to follow me wherever I go, I don’t want her to be under the media’s scrutiny. This is something that I would like to keep in private, not for my sake but it’s the only way I know I could protect her” and he ended the interview.

Sora was glued on her spot with lots of questions reeling on her mind. Is he talking about me? Who is he really? As if meeting him as Park Jungsu who seems to have dual personality is not enough to confuse her and now this? What is he trying to get out of this? What is he thinking mentioning a woman on her interview?  She has to be careful when she’s with him now or the media will follow her around.

Ji-joo gave her a nudge. She looked at her and followed the direction she was pointing at. It was Leeteuk, Park Jungsu or whatever his name is approaching them.

“Nice working with you Kang Sora-shi, I hope I can work with you again” he said smiling at her as he extended his hand for a hand shake.

She accepted it but let go of her hand quickly not bothering to answer him. He looked as Ji-joo and gave her a courteous bow. He then said goodbye and they started packing their equipment.

“Sora you still owe me an explanation, you didn’t forget that did you?” Ji-joo whispered to her.

Knowing full well what she meant she told her “I know, I’ll tell you when we get a chance to chat”

They were on their way out of the studio when someone called out her name. It was one of her team and beside her was a delivery boy with a bouquet of red roses and a small brown paper bag.

“For me?” she asked as the boy handed the flowers to her as she signed the paper. Frowning, she looked at the card.

You’ve been avoiding my calls. I’ll pick you up at 3 o’clock tomorrow.

 I hope that’ll keep your hands warm.”


She opened the paper bag and found hot packs in it. She found herself smiling looking at the flowers and the hot packs but then it left her confused again. Leeteuk..Park Jungsu..What sort of game are you playing at?


Again guys, sorry for the horrid wait.

Chapter 13 will be up by Saturday..that’s a promise I am not going to break.. 🙂





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  1. hey! love your new theme of your blog.. u changed it ehh..
    looking forward for chapt13, the whole time reading chpter12, im smiling!!! wahahaha *kilig *daebak!!!

    • Hi there pretty Luce!! U like??kkk..I got bored of my old theme so I changed it.. 😀

      Chapter 13 is done..just need some editing.. (^_^) Is it weird that I am smiling while reading my own FF chapter?? LOL.. 😀

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  3. love it pakner…I hope my mild migraine will be cured by reading this cuteeee ff while eating ice cream…kkk! I need cold pack not hot pack…..

  4. argggh if i were sora unni, i’m going crazy too -_- he is bipollar can’t read what he think… jinja unni can guess his personality here … he often change his behaviour, sometimes sweet, sometimes so means, sometime cool, sometimes…. mood swing.

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