When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 13



She finished her photo shoot schedule early that day so she was home early. She texted Park Jungsu to pick her up at her flat and asked him to send her message when he’s in the parking lot and she’ll come down saving his time going up to her floor. She decided that there’s no point in avoiding his calls and there’s a lot of questions she wanted to ask him regarding the interview he had yesterday.

It was exactly 3 o’clock when her phone beeped with his message. She made her way to the car park and found him leaning on his car looking at his phone. He was wearing jeans and a simple red T-shirt showing his toned biceps. Whether she admits it or not, the man got a nice bod. Shaking her head, not believing what she was thinking. Geez! When did I ever find toned muscles attractive?

He must have heard her approaching as he looked up and greet her with a smile. She’s not use to seeing him smile that it always comes as a shock when he does.

“I told you to wait for me in the car” she said in a hush tone while cautiously looking around.

Ignoring what she said, he commented “What’s with the get up?” as he playfully tap her baseball cap. She’s wearing a simple shirt and jeans with a matching baseball cap and eyeglasses.

“This is your fault!” She reasoned out “Because of your interview yesterday, there’s a possibility that paparazzi are following you around and I don’t want to take the risk of being caught in the camera. Go back to the car quick” as she pushed him.

He just laughs “Arrasso arrasso” as he made his way to the driver seat.

Having herself settled in the passenger seat and letting out a sigh of relief that there’s seems to be no one in the car park as of the moment apart from them. After putting the seatbelt on, she told him what’s been going on her mind since yesterday “You’re being weird”

“Huh? Why?” he asked.

“I have been finding you weird since yesterday. Giving me flowers and smiling at me” she commented.

He started the car then turned to her “What is weird in sending you flowers and smiling?” he asked.

“We are not a real couple for starters, you don’t like me and I don’t like you either. We only act differently when we are in front of our family so you doing this while there’s just the two of us is kinda weird” she explained

“When did I say that I don’t like you?” he said not looking at her as he focused on the road.

His question caught her off-guard. What is he trying to say? That he likes me?

“Well, you haven’t told me that you do” she said but instead of clearing it up for her, he just smiled. She felt annoyed and wanted to ask him again but she doesn’t want to appear too curious so she just left him be.

“Where are we going anyway?” she asked changing the topic.

“To a bridal shop, Mom said you need to fit the dresses they chose” he answered.

Taking a deep sigh she said “I don’t see the point of doing this. Do we really have to do this?”

“What do you mean?” he asked looking at her.

“I meant all this fuss about the wedding. Why spend all this money when we will end up in a divorce anyway so…” she wasn’t able to finish her sentence as he suddenly stepped on the brakes. Good thing she put on her seatbelt or she’ll end up having a concussion hitting her forehead on the dashboard. “What the..”

“Sorry” he simply apologized and started the engine again. He didn’t say anything after that and she kept quiet too but there’s one thing that she’s sure of now. He is indeed weird.



He wanted to talk to her again, to say sorry but he couldn’t bring himself to. What is he going to say anyway? Sorry for stepping on the brakes so suddenly, I just couldn’t believe that you’re already thinking of divorce when we’re not even married yet? That would just create more questions and he doesn’t even know how to answer it himself.

To tell her that he likes her at this stage is not an option, unbelievable even. He’s not even sure himself.

Does he like her? Maybe.. If liking means enjoying him teasing her then he does but is that even consider liking someone?

Does he love her? That’s unlikely and too early to tell.

Is he attracted to her? That is something he couldn’t deny to himself. That he was sure of. Even though they always end up arguing, he couldn’t deny the fact that she is indeed one attractive lady and she’s not even aware of it herself.

Whether that attraction would lead to something else, he doesn’t know. She was never his type in the first place, he prefers short petite ladies unlike Sora who is tall and slender

After parking his car, they walked silently to the boutique shop. The manager was made aware of them coming and had series of clothes ready.

“Mrs. Kang and Mrs. Park already picked some gowns but if you’d like to see and try the other gowns then you can.” She led them to a room full of wedding gowns. “These are the ones picked by your mom’s” she said pointing at the set of gowns separated on the side.

The manager left them for a while then he saw her moving through the racks and started looking at the gowns. He just stood there not knowing what to do. What does he know in this? As long as it’s wedding dress, he’s fine with it. Just then two gowns caught her attention, one is tube mini dress, considering Sora’s long skinny legs, it will look good on her but decided against it.  Anya..she’ll think I’m a pervert if I ask her to wear it. The other one is a tube top with a long terrain cut like a princess gown. She’ll look beautiful in it but he stopped at the thought and shifted his gaze at Sora who seems to have lost her breath at the sight of the dress.

“This is beautiful” her voice barely an audible whisper and then he heard her add “This is the kind of dress I’d like to wear when I get married”

He is sure she didn’t really mean for him to hear it but it struck him like a piece of lightning. He stood there dumbstruck. His heart started hammering so fast. His throat went dry like someone is strangling him. He can’t comprehend what’s happening to him. He never thought of it.

He knows he agreed on giving her divorce when that time comes but what if the marriage work? What if he finds himself not wanting to let her go? What if in time she’ll want her freedom back?

Sora wearing a wedding dress. Walking down the aisle. Who was going to walk her down? Who is going to wait for her at the altar?

He couldn’t stop thinking about it. The mere thought of someone else waiting for her is driving him mad which he couldn’t understand.

Is this normal for me to react like this? I don’t even love her for Pete’s sake! What the hell is wrong with me?! It’s just a bloody dress! Who cares what’s going to happen after they get married? Or even when they divorce? He only wants to make his mother happy by agreeing to this marriage arrangement and if it doesn’t end well then it’s not my problem. Or is it?

“Would you like to try that dress?” asked by the manager that ended his battle with himself.

She just simply nodded. He was also taken to a dressing room for a fitting. He was done quickly and he sat on the sofa in the waiting room. He couldn’t stop shaking his legs as more series of questions started flooding his mind.

After waiting for about half an hour, she came out. He watched her as she took small stride towards him, only meeting his gaze once and noticed how flushed her face has become. He’s even aware of it himself and could feel his face burning with just the sight of her. She looks breathtaking. With the little time they had, they’ve done her make up simple and curled pieces of her hair and pining half of it. She was naturally beautiful and only a fool would not take notice of it.

Smiling lightly, he reached out for her hand and she took it although he noticed that she hesitated a bit. Once their skin touched he felt her hand cold again but it’s weird that he sense warmth at the same time.

“I look funny in this don’t I?” she murmured.

“It’s fine” he answered although the answer is more addressed to himself than to Sora. He led her to the studio to take a picture to their mother’s request.

And it is fine, he thought. He has no idea what the future holds for both of them. Whether their marriage will be successful or not or whether she’ll find someone soon. Whether what he feels for her is more than just an attraction. Those don’t seem to matter at that moment as he led them to the photographer and felt every eye in that room are on them. He’s not totally sure what he feels and he has no energy to analyse what’s happening to him. All that matters to him in that very moment is that Sora is standing beside him as his bride and Sora is his.



There!! I have been wanting to write a chapter with Teukie’s POV and I just did!! Kkk.. I dunno if I’ll write more chapter with his POV..I don’t even know if I did a good job in it.

What do u think ladies? Shall I keep it with just Sora’s?? I guess I’ll just depend on my mood..hehehe.. Do you think PJS is too fast to fall?? I just based it on their WGM episode, I always think he fell for her rather fast like a ferrari compared to Sora who seemed to have realized her feelings late.. (^_^)

Just so you know, I edited a lot on my original story plot.

*Shoutout to my LLT and @gomigummie..this is what I meant when we were on twitter. My LLT mentioned about their wedding photo shoot and they just did again on my FF..LOL.. 😀

Anyway..Thanks for reading!!!

*hugs and kisses.. xoxo



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  1. omooo, so romantic..
    and at all, im really like this words “And it is fine, he thought. He has no idea what the future holds for both of them. Whether their marriage will be successful or not or whether she’ll find someone soon. Whether what he feels for her is more than just an attraction. Those don’t seem to matter at that moment as he led them to the photographer and felt every eye in that room are on them. He’s not totally sure what he feels and he has no energy to analyse what’s happening to him. All that matters to him in that very moment is that Sora is standing beside him as his bride and Sora is his.”

    please update soon, im so curious about next chapter ^^

  2. ~~
    so short…
    but why LT not express what he feel??
    and sora…
    maybe next time she will be jealaous???

    imagine their photoshoot..
    their eyes playing with them ^^
    looking at eatch other ^^

  3. Yeah right eon. He is so fast like ferrari when sora is bombom car kekekekekek. But it’s cute when read leeteuk’s POV you know reading the man’s side kekekekeke. Update soon^^

  4. Hai dear, congratulation for your new chapter 🙂 ooowh this is what you meant, I thought they have it somewhere else we didn’t know hehehehe. I guess you are right, teuki is falling fast for her. Waiting for next update. Fighting

  5. Hello dear..tq for poke me. 😀
    i think im gonna be ur loyal fans here. i just love how u.make us fall into their love…pls cont the chaptr huhuhu…hwaiting.:)

  6. Hello dear..:D, tq coz keep the promise.i think im gonna be ur loyal fans..huhuhu.i love how u make us fall into their love..pls cont ur chaptr ASAP..i will love to read it..dont be hsitate to poke me again.. Hwaiting playerkbd..

  7. I want more!! I want more!!! Cute teuk.. owh!! Let him burn with jealousy!! Kkkk. Unni, i’m waiting for X-tra scene. U know what i mean right??? ROFL

  8. I love your story…,
    I think teuk is not too fast to fall,

    all his interview answer show how the feelings developed

    I mean, who will not fall for this kind of girl..
    ah! I am waiting for next story!

    thank you for updating

      • yup I think, based on your story they already start feeling something to each other,
        even though haven’t realized it yet, and even faaar to admit it :))

        can’t wait for the next chap .. >-<

  9. in arab we say “jealousy is the salt of love” i think i had my dose of LT’s jealousy
    but i’d like sora to taste it too. it will do both of them a lot of good.
    keep up your hard work

  10. ohh LT’s POV! well i think its really nice to see how LT thinks but i bet in reality, this is a very complicated situation in his mind.. ohh i agree with everybody here, i want to see Sora getting jealous, i hope Sungmin will show up pretty soon and i miss her hyungs.. wahaha will be waiting for the next chapter!! keep it up!! love it..

  11. Mianhe my LLT ^^ I only found a bit of time to read your CH 13 just now and it’s AWESOME! ; ) So that was your secret eh? LOL I do hope you can do more of both their POVs. It allows the reader to understand what the other party is thinking. Based on PJS’s POV that you’ve wrote, it did bring forth a bit of angst and really
    got me gasping for air — thinking ‘OMG, can he really take it if he fell in love with her and yet she wants a divorce?’. Good job my LLT (^_^) It was really nice how you wrote this chapter and I really look forward to your next chapter (CH 14).

    However, I’m still waiting for the “Exciting” parts *hint hint nudge nudge* kkk Anyways, FIGHTING my LLT ^^ (Can’t stop giggling)

  12. leeteuk POV is good, like it. u should add more next chapter unni-ya 🙂
    yep he already fallen for sora unni, pabo oppa don’t realize it -_-‘…

    unni are u really teasing us is already chap 13 and still not bring sora past? jebal~~.
    this chapie more sweet than prev chapie keep it up!!! maybe bcz teuk POV we can now both side 😉

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