When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 14



Sora stared at the woman who in no doubt gazing at her with the same stunned look. She looks beautiful. She murmured to herself and a faint smile formed her lips and watched as the woman in front of her did the same. She looked down at the wedding dress she’s wearing, wondering how it fit her perfectly like it is solely made for her and then she glanced back and once again fixed her vision on her reflection in the mirror still couldn’t believe her transformation. Even with the little time they had, they managed to apply simple make up the way she would really prefer and gave her hair a little curls.

“You look beautiful Kang Sora-shi” the manager of the bridal shop expressed as she entered the room “I bet your groom won’t be able to keep his eyes off you once he sees you”

The mention of her groom brought her back to reality. She was so mesmerized with the exquisite beauty of the dress and got distracted with her own transformation that she almost forgot that soon she’ll wear the dress and walk down the aisle and the man who will wait for her in the altar is someone she never dreamed to be her other half.

Taking a deep breathe, she followed the manager to the waiting room where she found Park Jungsu sitting in the sofa. Upon hearing them, she saw him as he raised his head and met her gaze and she didn’t expect the admiration that reflects on his eyes. Feeling uncomfortable, she looked down feeling her face flushing. She remained glued on her spot and didn’t even realize that he stood up and was now in front of her offering his hand out to her. After a moment of hesitation she accepted it and as soon as their skin touched, she felt the warmness of his hand against her cold ones.

“I look funny in this don’t I?” she whispered.

“It’s fine” he answered simply and she couldn’t understand the disappointment she felt. What did you expect? That he’ll tell you you’re beautiful? She snapped at herself. Of course not! She denied. Disregarding her thoughts, she let him lead their way to the photographer completely oblivious with all the stares of the people around them.

After positioning themselves in front of the photographer, she felt rather uneasy. Her job requires her to hold camera and take pictures and never once was she the subject of someone else’s camera. She just smiled as she’s told and follow the instructions.

“Now look at each other” the photographer ordered.

Before she could do anything, she let out a gasp as she felt an arm snaked around her waist, turning her to her left and she unconsciously raised both her hands on his chest. She looked up and realized too late that it was a mistake. Looking up and staring back at those eyes was a mistake. He was staring at her with a certain degree of intensity and the next thing she knew, she was lost, lost in a deep abyss in those pair of dark brown eyes and there’s no way back until..


Yes, one word, that word brought her back under the spell she was in.

“That was perfect” the photographer again commented that completely brought her back. She looked around and found the photographer and other staff staring at them, with smiles on their faces. She even caught a glimpse of the manager squealing to one of the staff. Wrinkling her eyebrows not understanding what could they be squealing about, she turned and just then she realized that he was still holding her, both hands on her waist. For the second time, she made another mistake looking up to him and saw his lips stretched in to a smile and as if not even aware of it himself, he whispered still locking his gaze with her “You’re beautiful”.

That was when she untangled herself away from him and moved a step back. “I.. uhm..I need to get back and change” she stuttered and quickly made her way back to the dressing room. Feeling the security that the small room has to offer, she let out a breathe she’s not even aware she’s been holding.

What is wrong with me? Argh!! I hate that man for making me feel like this!

Irritated with the unknown feeling he’s causing her, she changed to her clothes, took out the pins on her hair, tied it back in ponytail and put back her baseball cap. She went out and found Park Jungsu signing some papers in the reception.

“We will deliver you the clothes two weeks before the wedding so just give us a call once you finalized the date” she heard the manager said to him. She saw him smile at the manager as he handed back the papers. They noticed her presence as she got near them.

“Congratulations on your upcoming wedding” the manager said to both of them “I have seen so many couple taking their pictures and it always makes me so happy when you see the love radiating from them. You look good together, and so perfect for each other, the last photo you have taken as you looked at each other like you are in a world of your own and…” then she stopped, blushing, as she realized she was in a dream-like state with clasped hands looking at the ceiling and was talking like some die-hard fangirl of a couple fandom. “ OMO!! Mianhe” she apologized “I couldn’t help myself”

She heard Park Jungsu let out a chuckle “That’s alright” he said and turned to Sora with a grin plastered on his face as he reached out his left arm and put it around her shoulder and said “We do look good together, don’t we?” winking at her.

Using her right elbow, she gave him a good jab on his side and he grunted in pain but didn’t let go of her. “My fiancée is rather shy” he explained to the manager who witnessed the whole thing. She just smiled at both of them and they said their goodbyes.

From the moment that they were out in the building, she elbowed him again and feeling triumphant as he wailed in pain. She managed to let go of his arm as he caressed his left side where she hit him.

“Yah!! That hurt! What did you do that for?” he whined.

“’Coz you’re annoying!” she spat as she made her way to his car.

“What did I do to annoy you?” he shouted back as he followed her to the car.

“Everything you do is annoying me!” she burst out, slamming the door as she settled herself in the front seat.

“and what exactly did I do?” he asked as he sat down in the driver seat.

Yeah Sora what exactly did he do to annoy you? Her subconscious mind asked Everything! From the moment I met him, he’s been a constant annoyance!

“Forget it!” she stated instead “Just drive and get us out of this place”

Maybe he didn’t want to aggravate her further so he started the engine. If she’ll be honest to herself, one thing that annoyed her most is the fact that she get affected with every little thing he does. He goes near her and her face turns red while he doesn’t seem to be unfazed with her presence. But that is something she’ll never admit even to herself.

Lost in her own self-battle, she didn’t realize where they were going until she took notice of the unfamiliar road.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“My place” he answered simply like it was the normal thing to do.

“What?!” she exclaimed “I don’t want to go to your place, take me back to my flat” she added almost in a state of panic.

“Hey calm down” he stated with a laugh. He looked at her and found her glaring at him “What? You don’t need to give me that look. I am only taking you to see my place”

“That is exactly the point! I don’t want to go there. Why are you are you bringing me there?”

He turned to her again “What do you think?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows suggestively with a cheeky grin on his face.

She looked at him, shock. “Yah! You pervert!” she shouted at him.

He seems to enjoy taunting her as he burst out in another laugh “A moment ago, you called me annoying and now a pervert?”

She crossed her arms on her chest still staring daggers at him “Because you are an annoying pervert!”

It then caused him to fall into another fit of laughter, his face turning red. “Hey! It was you who’s thinking something else, I only said I’m taking you to my house” he managed to say in between laughs.

The next thing she know, she also started laughing not because she find her outburst childish but because his laughter was contagious.


She doesn’t know how long she’s been laughing but she suddenly stopped as she realized the car came to a halt. She turned to him and found him looking at her.

“What?” she asked feeling uncomfortable again.

“This is the first time I saw you smile and heard you laugh. It just felt nice” he commented still holding her gaze.

Clearing her throat, she sat back properly and decided to ignore what he just said. “Why are we going to your place?” she asked instead.

“There are some people who want to see you” he answered.

“Who?” she asked, curious who could it be.

“You’ll know when we get there.”

Not wanting to argue anymore, she stayed quiet.


Sora guessed that they must be a few miles away from Seoul. Neither skyscrapers nor building in sight. All she could see was beautiful greeneries. It looks like a community village.

“How long does it take for you to drive from here to the main city?” she asked.

“About an hour” he answered.

Hmmm..not that far. She thought. “So do you drive from here everyday?”

“I don’t stay here often. I have my own penthouse in Seoul but most people know I live there so I prefer staying here because it gives me more privacy.” He answered “Here we are”

Hearing that, she looked out the window and was awed with the beauty in front of her. His house was amazing. She stepped out of the car and followed him. The landscape of his garden down the patio alone was amazing. The structure and design of his house reflects who he really is. It must have cost him millions of fortune to build it. It looks so big that Sora was afraid she might get lost in it.

He led her to the front door and she was more mesmerized as they entered his house, the wall of his living room is painted white, from ceiling to the floor except for a big mural at the back of the black sofa which is painted with black and white stripes like that of a zebra. She thought that living room end there but as he lead her further inside the house, she found out that there’s another living room but in contrast with the other, the sofa is white, and side tables black and it looks like more of an entertainment room with the flat screen television and a rack of CDs and DVDs neatly arranged.

“It’s not obvious that you’re fond of white and black” she commented that earned a little laugh from him.

“You could say that”

She was about to ask again when the doorbell rang.

“It must be them” he said as he walked to answer the door.

Curious who he meant, she followed.

“Hyung?” she called out surprise as she saw Heechul and Siwon entered the door “What are you…” she stopped on her tracks as she saw another figure entering the room. “Oppa?..”


Do I need to apologize again for the severe delay??kkk.. blame it on our professor who just decided out of the blue to start teaching financial analysis and gave us tons of homework. Is there someone nice enough out there who can give me a hand with my assignments? hehe..

So yeah..I decided to write more of Leeteuk’s POV in the next chapters. (^_^)

I don’t want to drag this story too long and I really want them to get married ASAP!! Can someone tell Sora to just decide now ‘coz she’s not listening to me..so stubborn!! Geez..LOL..

If you notice any grammatical error, don’t be afraid to point it out to me, in case you all don’t know, I am not really confident with my writing skills.

Enough of my rumblings..Chapter 15 is almost done too, please bear a little longer.

Thanks guys for reading and commenting on the previous chapter.



Shoutout to majciakowe, if you’re reading this, I replied on your comment on jerqu’s FF chapter with the password. Gimme me a poke once u finished reading it.



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  1. I love your story so much that I dont want it to end yet when Im reading it! Thank you for making this chapter a little longer.. Waiting for the next chap! 😀

  2. haaaaai 🙂 i already told sora to except her jungsoo oppa and marry him as soon as their mothers can organize it hehehehehe. so you can make sweet chapter once they are married immediately, ok dear 😉 waiting for next chapter

  3. OMO, i am in a “dream-like state with clasped hands looking at the ceiling and was talking like some die-hard fangirl of a couple fandom” while reading this chapter!! *Daebak!! the hyungs are back and Sungmin? the opppa right? excited for the next chapter.. and goodluck on ur assignments dear, u can do it.. sorry can’t help u with that…

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