When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 15



“Oppa?..” she mumbled still not believing her eyes. She can totally understand her brothers to be here but Sungmin? Never in her mind would she ever think it’s possible to see him there.

“uri Sora-ya!” Siwon called out to her and was surprised despite herself as she felt her brother hug her. “Hey are you not happy to see your brother?” Siwon asked in a sad tone.

“Anya” she denied, “I was just surprised to see you here.”

“Siwon wanted to spend time with you just like we always do before our little sis gets married” Heechul interrupted as he came to give her a hug too. “You know how this little brat here gets emotional sometimes” he added while messing Siwon’s hair.

“Hey Hyung I didn’t say that!” Siwon blurted out while avoiding Heechul’s hands.

“Yes you did” Heechul continued “Who came to me in the middle of the night, wanting to plan how we can hang out again like old times because we might never get a chance to do that more often once Sora gets married?”

Siwon kept denying it. Sora just stared at her brothers with their usual banter and she smiled despite herself, forgetting the matter at hand. It’s been a long while since they hang out and knowing that despite her brother’s busy schedule, they still find ways to spend time with her.

“Sungmin, Jungsu what are you two doing there?” Heechul shouted at the two men still standing at the doorway.

Sora can feel the tension just looking at them both.

“Mianhe Lee Sungmin-shi, how rude of me” Park Jungsu apologized “Come on in”

Sungmin gave him a simple nod.

“I stopped by at the shopping mall before coming here and saw Sungmin so I invited him over since I know you’d be happy to see him” Siwon explained looking pleased thinking he’s done his sister a favour by bringing her bestfriend.

Sora knows Siwon doesn’t mean any harm. She looked at Heechul who gave her an apologetic glare.

“Sora-ra” Sungmin said softly and handed her the bouquet of flowers. “Sorry for coming without notice, I thought we were going to your place”

She would have been happy to receive the flowers only if the situation is slightly different. Remembering the last encounter between Jungsu and Sungmin, she couldn’t help but be worried. She didn’t even have a chance to explain to Sungmin what’s going on. He must have a lot of questions he wanted to ask her.

“It’s okay” she said to him “but I think it’s Park Jungsu-shi we need to apologize to for suddenly barging in in his house”

Park Jungsu who seems to have been surprised at the mention of his name looked up to her. He gave her a smile and walked to her side. Putting an arm on her shoulder, he said “Don’t worry. They’re your brothers and best friend. A part of your family which will soon become my family too once we get married

It didn’t slip to her notice how he emphasized the last word wanting to deliver the message and she knows who it is for. She took a glance at Sungmin who in no doubt know for a fact that Park Jungsu is directly talking to him. Before she could say something, Heechul announce that they should check out the food they brought, breaking the tension.

Laying out the food in his dining table, they all sat together and boys started talking about their own respective business. She was thankful that even though Jungsu and Sungmin clearly don’t like each other at that moment, they remained to be civil.

She was startled when someone called her gaining her attention.

“Sora-shi why are you not eating?” Park Jungsu asked who is seated beside her and before she could even respond “here” he offered the ssambap “say ah” he encouraged to open her mouth.

“I can do it myself” she refused.

“yah!! You two..don’t be too lovey dovey in front of us” Siwon complained obviously teasing them.

“Want me to feed you too?” Heechul asked, taking meat and wrapping it with lettuce, he offered it to Siwon who gladly opened his mouth but then Heechul ate it himself.

Laughing at her brothers antics, she almost forgot that Park Jungsu is still waiting for her, avoiding Sungmin’s eyes, she let him fed her. “hmmm…mashta” she said after having the taste of the meat.


“What now?” she asked to Park Jungsu who has his mouth open.

“Feed me too” he said with pleading eyes.

Looking up, she realized that everyone in the table was looking at them, Siwon clearly enjoying it, Heechul remained passive and so as Sungmin. She glanced back at Park Jungsu who is still staring at her expectantly. Giving in, she prepared the ssambap, holding it with her right hand, she turned to feed him as he got hold of her wrist guiding her hand to his awaiting mouth. All the while he was looking at her and for some reasons unknown to her she couldn’t bring herself to look away. She’s aware of the tingling sensation from his hand to her wrist as she stared at him as he took the ssambap to his mouth. What she didn’t expect was the feel of his lips against her thumb, whether he’s done it intentionally or not, that simple gesture brought her system to an overdrive. His hand on her wrist made things worse as he gave it a little caress and stopped his fingers just above her pulse. She knew then that he must have felt how fast her heart is beating at that instance. Sora noticed how the corner of his lips twitched into a smirk, a glint on his eyes as if telling her that he knows exactly how his action is affecting her.

“Get a room you two!”

She suddenly pulled her hand away from his grip and heard the laughter coming from her brothers.

“If you two are like this even if there’s people around, I wonder what you do if it’s just the two of you” Siwon asked in a serious tone, one eyebrow raised while looking at them but Sora knew her brother too well to realize that Siwon was trying hold a laugh wanting to tease them.

“You sure you want to know?” Jungsu shot back, still smirking.

Heechul decided to join the teasing “Yah! It’s my sister we are talking about here. I don’t really want to know and Jungsu, you better learn how to control yourself”

The three men fell into a synchronize laugh. Are they seriously talking about this? Unbelievable!!! Before Sora could reprimand them, Sungmin spoke.

“Sora is feeling uncomfortable so you better stop”

They all turned their head towards Sungmin at the same time.

“Does she now?” Jungsu asked in a soft tone but Sora noticed the hint of seriousness in it “How could you tell?”

“You might be her fiancé but I have known her long enough more than you do so I know when she’s happy, sad, upset or feeling uncomfortable” Sungmin seethed back at him. The two men looked at each other like they were ready to rip each other’s throat off. Siwon was about to interrupt when Heechul stopped him.

“Oh really? Why do I find it hard to believe that” Jungsu stated rather sarcastically “If you really know her that much then how can it slips into you’re notice the most important thing? Do you even realize when she’s hurt? Do you even know that you’re the reason why..”

“Stop it!” Sora blurted out as she stood up abruptly knocking her chair on the process. Everyone looked at her. “I need to go the restroom” she excused and made her way out of the dining and walked with no particular direction.

“Stop following me!” she said as she felt Jungsu’s presence behind her. He got hold of her elbow stopping her from advancing further. “What do you want?” she fumed as she turned towards him.

“You said you want to use the restroom and I thought you might need my help in finding it since this is my house in case you’ve forgotten”

“Just tell me where it is, I’m sure I can find it, you don’t need to walk me there” she spat at him still enraged.

Disregarding what she said, he took her hand. Feeling her resistance, he told her “If you don’t want your brothers to know what’s going on, just follow me” so he followed her.


“It’s here” he said, pointing at the door of the restroom.

Knowing that her brothers and Sungmin are out of earshot, she stopped and wrenched her hand away from his grasp. “What the hell were you thinking saying that to Oppa?” she seethed, still angry when he almost said the thing that she’s been avoiding Sungmin to know.

“What’s wrong with that?” he asked sounding outraged himself which Sora couldn’t understand what he could be angry about. It’s her who is supposed to be angry here!  “If he really knows you like how he claims to be then he should bloody well know that he is the reason why I always see sadness and hurt in your eyes!”

She was taken aback with his sudden outburst but she was still raging mad to get past his reasons. “It’s my problem not yours!”

“How long are you going to keep clinging unto your feelings for him?” He scoffed “Your feelings that will never be reciprocated no matter how hard you try?”

Sora was never the type to feel so much hatred and never was she the type to get physically aggressive but at that moment it’s as if she’s possessed and was even shocked herself as she felt her hand made in contact with Park Jungsu’s face in a loud slap.

Holding the left side of his face where she slapped him, he looked at her with raged in his eyes. “Fine! Live your life how you want it! I couldn’t care less!” He spat “I just hope you realize that you don’t deserve this. You deserve to be happy too Kang Sora-shi” he added, his voice void of emotions and he turned on his heels leaving her.


Feeling rather weak, she turned the knob on the door and went in to the restroom. Looking at her right hand still shaking from her outburst and from the impact it had when she slapped Jungsu. She looked up and saw her reflection in the mirror, tears threatening to fall from her now misty eyes.

“Your feelings that will never be reciprocated no matter how hard you try?” it echoed on her head and tears started falling. She realized the anger she felt was not directly for Park Jungsu but more to herself. It hurts because what he said was true and it hurts more because she has been telling that to herself for the past years. For someone to tell that to her face, worst from someone she barely knew was too much to bear.

“I look pathetic” she murmured to herself. Washing her face and drying it with the towel she found in one of the cupboards. She looked at the mirror and found her eyes puffy from all the crying. Taking a deep breathes, she told herself “He’s right Sora, you have to let go now. Five years of keeping the love you’ll never have is enough, you deserve to be happy”

I need to apologize to him. She thought as she made her way out to the door.

What she didn’t expect was to see him leaning on the wall just in front of the door. He straightened up when he saw her. She looked down avoiding his eyes. He took a few steps towards her but still keeping a safe distance.

“I’m sorry..” They both said at the same time.

She looked up “No I’m sorry for slapping you. Not that I admit that you were right but what you said was…” she stuttered trying to get the right words from her mouth.

“Have you been crying?” he asked in a soft voice. She saw him as he lift his right hand and was almost touching her face when he stopped clasping his hand in a fist instead and slid it on his pocket. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry” he apologized “I shouldn’t have said that”

Sora couldn’t quite understand but apart from the regret in his voice, she sensed that he was hurting too. “Sorry” she began “I wasn’t exactly mad at you. It’s just that what you said was something I’ve been telling myself everyday. I never had trouble with it before but hearing it coming from someone hurts like hell” she tried to joke about it as she felt her eyes starting to water again. Darn! When did I get so emotional?

She tried to laugh. “I’m so stupid. So pathetic! How did it take me five years to realize that? I’m such a..”

She didn’t get to finish what she was trying to say when she felt Jungsu’s arm around her, enveloping her in his warmth. She tried to let go but he tighten his hold on her. His left hand placed against the middle of her back, his right hand caressing her hair soothing her.

“It’s okay. You can cry.” he said trying to console her. “I’m here”

Accepting the comfort his embrace has to offer, she circled her arms on his waist, her head on his shoulder as she fell into silent sobs. This will be the last time that I’ll cry for the love I never had. This will be the end of my unrequited love. She decided and cried some more.

Sora was sure Jungsu whispered something  but she only heard the last word of what he said.


Author’s Note:

Ssambap- Korean lettuce wraps (ssambap) are perfect little packages made of boldly flavored seasoned meat, rice, a zingy sauce (ssamjang) and a crisp, cool leaf vegetable. “Ssam” means ‘wrap’ in Korean, and “bap” means ‘rice’.

mashta- delicious

WOW!! I didn’t realize this chapter was long. I hope it wasn’t too boring. I normally write 3-4 pages on MS word but this one’s 5!..hehe..pardon me for any grammatical errors. Don’t hesitate to point it out to me..^^

Just so u know..I never expected that slap too, I was too caught up in the moment when i was typing and I feel for Sora and thought PJS deserves it..ROFL.. sorry..I AM SO SICK in the head!!lol.. 😀

@adel: be patient dear, I promise, in time we’ll see Sora’s jealous streak.. 😀

@ZT: I really wanted their relationship to progress slowly but I don’t want to drag the story too long though ‘coz I’m afraid the readers might get bored. Basing on their WGM stint, their relationship progressed slowly because uri Sora-shi likes it slow like a bumper car..kkk

@teukrhodz: thanks for being patient with me. I feel sorry for making you all wait for the next chapter but ottoke? If only I don’t need to go school and work..*sigh.

@gomigummie: I guess Sora-shi need a little push so we can rush the wedding..LOL

@lucyjung: as always..u tend to exaggerate a lot..LOL.. but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Thanks for reading and commenting on every chapter.

@jerqu: I think everyone knows it’s going be to Sungmin..kkk..

@huey: *sigh..here u go again with your obsession in red!!

@montreal I’ll try to update as soon as I can unless you can help my with my school work, that’d be nice..LOL

Thanks for reading and commenting guys! I don’t know if you are my only readers..kkk..To my silent readers (if I have one that is) thanks a lot! And I apologize for updating late. Hope y’all understand why.. (^_^)



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    hugging each other…..
    remembering me the first tears at WGM when they talk about “omma”…

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    a i exaggerating? no im not..your r good!! so keep it up! *daebak!

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    this last chap touched me.keep up your beautiful work
    still waiting for SORA’s jealousy though

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    Finally Sora let Jung soo hug her tight,But…where s the Kiss ?? Haaaa♥♥★♥♥

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  7. umm… okay first thing. I love your fic! I really do. have been reading this ever since you wrote the first chapter. this is so good!
    but I kind of have a problem. I’m also writing a teukso fic and it’s also about arranged marriage. now when I read yours, it feels really similiar to mine. and I’m telling you, I haven’t been using plagiarism! my fic is pretty new, but I had this idea before I ever read yours. and when I first started to read this, I didn’t know that they were going to get married so I was pretty shocked when that came out.
    My fic was totally my own idea (sure when you write about arrenged marriage, there’s always some similarities with other fics) and I have never used your fic in any way.
    I don’t have any proofs that I had this idea for a long time, but I still hope that you will believe me. and I’m not here to sell my own fic, just wanted to tell you before someone else says anything.
    I’m sorry. But I still like your fic sooo much 🙂

    • Hey there!! Thanks a lot for reading!! LOL..don’t worry..I even pointed out that before, that I kind of thought that my FF may have the same plot as others though I haven’t read that much of FF since I am really new to fanfiction. I even hesitated if I should share it because the plot is a cliche with the plot of arranged marriage and love/hate being overused. Am not gonna accuse u of plagiarism..kkk…who knows? some might be thinking I am plagiarizing someone else’s work too??hahaha.. I have written the story 5 years ago..it isn’t even a fanfiction but a part of a series I used to write when I was in university just for fun but I only share it to my friends. The name of characters and description was totally fiction..kkk.. When I read it again, I just thought I could turn it into Teuksora fanfiction and I have edited a lot from my original story though the plot remains the same and the ending of the story is still the same..kkk..unless I change my mind.kkk

      OMO!! that was long rambling from me. Again..thanks for reading and dropping by a comment. Please do share your fanfic..^^ I only read a few teukso fanfic though..the one written by jerqu which i posted on this blog and other fanfics shared at soompi..^^

      • what? 5 years ago? okay you have had that idea longer than me 😀 well I read fanfics in asianfanfics.com there are lot of teukso fics too. if you really are interestend, than my fic is also in asianfanfics.com and it’s name is Fake Flower. and yeah my name is there also ssecrecy 😀 and me too, I’m still a total newbie in this field 😛
        but thanks for being so understanding! can’t wait for the next chapter! is it okay if I share your website, cause I don’t think that many of the readers in asianfanfic.com know about you and I think they would love to read your fic. after all this is really good one ❤

      • yes..5 years ago when I was still in university, I mentioned it on Chapter 1..^^ I used to write stories in a series and this is the book 2 now turned teukso fanfic.lol.. Funny thing is I wrote it on my drawing book (coz i started it when I was bored, waiting for my board exam results..hehehe) and never had a chance to type it..kkk..So everytime I type a chapter now, I end up changing some of the scenes from the actual story.. 😀

        Nah..don’t mention it..I am only writing this ‘coz I miss DC..any similarity from your fic, I don’t mind. I kind of expected that I may have the same fanfic plot with others..^^

        Yes, sure, you can share the site if u think they’ll like the FF.. ^^ I am only sharing this in soompi and never thought of sharing it in asianFF since I never thought anyone would be interested to read.. 🙂

        Thanks a lot! I bookmarked your story and I’ll read it definitely.. 🙂

  8. Wow, my LLT! Now I see why the others said this chapter was emotional. Love it. He sure does need a slap on the face! LOL Are you going to make Sungmin see them embrace each other from behind a wall? Kkk Anyways, I’m almost home. kkk Will wait for Ch16. ^^

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