When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 16




Hurting her and making her cry brought by his harsh words was the last thing he ever wanted. He only wants her to realize that she needed to let go of something she’ll never have. She’ll only end up being hurt. All he wanted was to help her forget, to move on. She deserves to be happy. Why the hell did he feel so inclined to help her out anyway? He questioned himself. I have no idea. All I know is that whenever I see her eyes filled with sadness, I had the urge to wipe those sorrows away. 


“What’s taking you so long—”

He felt her stiffen against his arms as she leaned closer to his chest. Understanding that she doesn’t want her brother to see her in that state, not letting go of his embrace, he turned his head towards Heechul.

“Sorry” Heechul apologized. His eyes filled with question and concern. “I thought I had to check on you two since you’ve been gone for long and..” He paused as he realized that Sora was crying.

“We’ll be back there in a few minutes” he answered for her but Heechul didn’t seem to have heard him as he walked towards them so he tried to stop him. “Don’t worry Heechul, she’s fine”

“Fine?!” he asked incredulously “My sister is crying Jungsu and you’re telling me she’s fine?”

Hearing the anger on her brother’s voice, she pulled away from him. He felt a strange emptiness as she was finally out of his grasp.

“Hyung, I’m fine really” Sora said trying to wipe her face.

“No you’re not Sora” Heechul said disbelievingly. “What did he do?” he asked sending daggers on Jungsu’s side.

“He didn’t do anything” she defended. He looked at her still not believing her “I’m fine. I’ll tell you about it later so calm down.”

Hearing that, Heechul’s expression changed to that of relief. “Go back there before Siwon Hyung comes here. You know how he gets impatient when he’s left not knowing what’s going on” Sora hasn’t even finished talking when Siwon turned up.

“Hey what’s going on..” Just like Heechul, he stopped as he saw Sora and his overprotective brother instinct kicked in “Who made you cry?!” He asked anger in his voice and turned to Jungsu who just raised both hands as his defence. Jungsu knew he deserve the slap but that doesn’t mean he’d like another one, worst, a punch from her brothers although if it does come to that, he might just accept it without giving much of a fight. He has his own sister and he’s protective of her himself so he understand Heechul and Siwon’s reactions.

Massaging her temple, Sora said “Hyung I’m okay and no, it’s not Park Jungsu-ssi’s fault”


Heechul held Siwon’s shoulder and said “Sora said she’s fine. It must be just a little lover’s quarrel.” Siwon raised an eyebrow and looked at Sora and Jungsu “and they already made up so don’t worry.” Letting out a non-existent cough he added “I actually saw them hugging each other a while ago” and winked at them both.

For the first time since the argument he had with Sora, Jungsu’s lips stretched into a smile but Sora reacted differently.

“Hyung!” She said exasperated, her cheeks flushed in deep crimson.

“Arrasso arrasso” Heechul gave up “We’ll leave you two now.” As he dragged the still confused Siwon out in the hallway.

As he saw them disappeared at the corner, he turned to Sora. He reached out his hand to touch her face when she stopped him holding his hand against hers. “I’m feeling better now, thanks” and let go of his hand. “I..I’ll see you in a bit. I need to wash my face again” she told him avoiding his gaze.

“Okay” he said sounding defeated “Take your time” then he turned to leave.


Jungsu found the three men in the lounge and they all turned to him as they felt his presence. He bowed his head ready to apologize when Heechul stopped him.

“Sora said you didn’t do anything wrong so you don’t need to apologize” he told him. Clapping his hands, he turned to them “So what do you want to do now?” he asked.

“You can check out the gaming room and entertainment room if you want.” he suggested. He acknowledges Sungmin but didn’t say anything.

“Woah! Let’s see what games you have” Siwon said sounding pleased at the mention of the games.

He was about to lead them the way to the gaming room when Sora came in. She smiled at them though her eyes are still puffy.

“Just take a look at the crybaby” Heechul cooed teasing Sora.

“Hyung!!” she pouted. Siwon went to her crumpling her hair which she tried to avoid to no avail. He then snaked his arm around his sister’s shoulders.

“We’re going to check out the gaming room, wanna play a game with me?” he challenged.

“Why not? That is if you’re ready to lose” she said confidently crossing her arms.

“Yeah right” Siwon answered with a note of mock sarcasm that earned a hit on his ribs from Sora. “Ow!! Geez I’m joking” he said holding his ribs.

He told them where the gaming room is and they all worn the same expression as he called Sungmin and asked him if he can talk to him. Sora looked at him, her eyes full of worry and concern. She looked like she doesn’t want to leave but Heechul and Siwon started taking her with them. He gave her a smile wanting to tell her not to worry.

As they left, he turned his attention to Sungmin and without beating around the bush, he went straight to what he wanted him to know.

“I wanted to say sorry for what just happened but don’t get me wrong. I am only apologizing because of Sora-ssi”

“I still don’t know what’s the deal between you two and I don’t understand what you two are playing at” he retorted back at him. “But never once did I believe that you are in a relationship, more so being engaged.”

He may have got it right but he doesn’t want to give him that satisfaction. “You can ask Sora-ssi yourself” he told him “but just for today, let’s forget our differences for Sora’s sake”

Sungmin nodded in agreement and off they went to follow them.

Upon entering the gaming room, they found Sora and Siwon already on it playing a game. Both eyes glued on the screen with Heechul sitting beside Sora trying to distract her from the game.

“Woohoo!!” Sora suddenly shouted with joy.

Siwon and Heechul’s eyes wide in shock clearly not believing that Sora just won the game. “This is unbelievable!” They both said in unison.

“Hyung don’t be a sour loser just because I won the game by just randomly pressing the buttons.” She said giggling. The sound of her laughter is like music to his ears.

Siwon turned as he noticed them on the doorway. “Jungsu Hyung, you need to get your Xbox fixed I think it’s broken. There is no way Sora could have won that game!” He complained.

He let out a laugh as he walked towards them. “My Xbox is fine Siwon, don’t be a baby and accept that you lost”

Sora looked at him and his heart skipped a beat as he saw her smile at him and that’s when he found the answer to the question he asked himself as to why he feels so inclined to help her. He wanted to see her smile, he realized. His reason for helping her was as simple as that, he convinced himself. I only have to make her realize that she deserves to be happy, to love and be loved in return. Love? Have I fallen without realizing it? No..that’s impossible. He still denied, though he knows at the back of his mind, at the deepest recesses of his heart lies the truth.



Forgetting something that you have been treasuring for all these years isn’t going to be easy but she made her resolve. She has to move on.

She looked at the boys in front of her who were fighting over the game console. She has no idea what Jungsu told Sungmin but it’s obvious that they were trying to get along though the awkwardness between them is as clear as the sky. She stared at Sungmin, the man she was going to try to forget. The man who has hurt in ways more than he ever knew, the man whom she tried to forget for a number of times but failed just because she can’t find herself to stay away from him.

Her gaze drifted to Park Jungsu, the man who is going to help her forget. The man she’s to marry although she still has no idea how marrying him would help. Then again, marrying without love seems to be more appealing to her than continue loving someone she’ll never have. Afterall, Jungsu did promise that he’ll let her go when she wanted to.

“Sungmin-oppa” she suddenly called out to him.

The shock was apparent to his eyes when he turned to her. “Deh..”

The three continued to play games although she knew their concentration is not on the game anymore.

“Tell your Omma I’m coming to her birthday party this Saturday” She informed him, his face alight with happiness but changed abruptly when she added “Is it okay if I bring along Jungsu-ssi?”

That grabbed Jungsu’s attention as he turned to her forgetting the game as Heechul sneakily took the controller from him.

Sungmin nodded and forced a smile. “I guess you can, I’ll tell Omma, I’m sure she’ll be really happy.”

“Your mom’s going to hold an auction as part of her charity event for her party right?” Heechul suddenly joined the conversation.

“Yeah” Sungmin answered simply.

“If she’s going to do it like how she does every year, it’ll be covered by the media” Heechul stated that gained everyone’s attention including Siwon.

Crap! How could I forget that?! She told herself. That’s because you haven’t been attending her party since ages ago you “pabo”. She snapped at herself. Sungmin’s mother is active in her charity works and wouldn’t accept any gift as she’d rather encourage people to donate to charities.

“Why what’s wrong with that?” Sungmin asked at their worried faces.

“Sora and Jungsu can’t be seen in public yet because they are planning to keep the wedding unknown to the media for now” Siwon explained for them.

“Don’t worry about it” Park Jungsu said smiling at her “I can still come with you”

“But the media..”

He shrugged nonchalantly “Only Sungmin knows about us, we can still attend the party and tell them we’re friends”

If Park Jungsu doesn’t come with her, she’s not sure how she can face Sungmin and So Yool together on her own. She needed him to be there for her more than she cares to admit. He reached out for her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “It’s going to be fine” he said with a reassuring smile. It’s strange, but she found herself believing him.

Author’s Note:

This chapter is more like a filler..kkk..and boring as hell so I posted 2 chapters to compensate for wasting your time in reading this.. 😀

@sitiistiana thanks for commenting on the previous chapter..^^

@Huey why would I need to write a deleted scene after the hugging?LOL.. when I was writing the last part, I was thinking of that WGM episode you mentioned when PJS doesn’t seem to know what to do when Sora was crying while I want to shout at him “Just hug her darn it! That’s what she needs!” LOL.. 😀

And Siwon doesn’t know that they’re not really in a relationship. I mentioned it on Chapter 11, am I failing as an author here for not properly conveying the scenes??kkk.. LOL at your obsession with RED, in time Huey, I’ll make your RED fantasy come true..ROFL.. xD

@lucyjung yah!! Sungmin is mine!! LOL..

@teukrhodz I am still honing my skills with writing and has to edit a lot from my original story and trying to express the characters feeling hoping that I can have my readers feel it too just like how I feel when I am writing it.

@secressy I read 4 chapters of your FF.. awesome! Daebak..although I’d say apart from the “arranged marriage”, “hate at first sight” and “one-sided love[on Sora’s]”, I didn’t see any other similarities and we have a different style of writing so I don’t see anything wrong with it. FIGHTING to us novice FF writers!!

@L hey there!! I guess my LLT asked you to post that comment right?kkk..we are LLT afterall so I know she’ll agree when I said PJS deserves that slap. 😀

@najwa85, @lialea, @gomigummie @adel thanks for reading and commenting ladies!!

to my dear readers.. I did mentioned on my first few chapters that this FF will include a lot of overused cliche’s in a book/drama series starting from it’s love/hate, arranged marriage, one-side love interest. Although the story may have a lot in common with other FF, the plot and writing is my own just like how other authors write their own.. 😉 If there are any FF that has the same plot as mine (I bet even better than this), kindly share. I love reading Teuksora FF too.. ^^

Thanks for the lovely comments! It brightens my day when I read it although I am not as good as others, thanks for taking your time to read..

Enjoy reading the next chapter people!!! (^_^)



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  1. omo!!! sungmin!! LOL.. he is MINE!!! nyahaha anyway, dear rhey, stop saying its borring, it’s not boring! everything about teuksora is not boring, its very interesting everytime i read FF about them that include yours so be proud okie? anyway, i think the much awaited jealous-sora will be out nxt chapter ehh?? excited!! keep it up!

  2. hi there awesome job as always not boring at all but i am happy u posted 2 chap
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    when i read ““Don’t worry about it” Park Jungsu said smiling at her “I can still come with you”” this.. i know something naughty will happening…. must read next chap ^^

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