When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 17




Sora forced herself to get out of bed. She couldn’t even get a decent sleep just thinking about the party tonight. She went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk and a toast which she find hard to swallow. Her stomach lurched feeling nervous.

Am I ready for this? Maybe I should call Oppa and cancel it. She hasn’t been in a party for a long time except for their family’s private functions. She seems more worried about having the media in the party than the fact that she’ll be seeing Sungmin and So Yool together. Standing from her seat to throw the remaining toast she doesn’t feel like eating, the doorbell rang.

It didn’t take Sora a moment to answer the door and was surprised to see Park Inyoung smiling brightly at her and gave her a hug.

Letting go of her, Inyoung looked at her and shook her head “Did you not sleep at all last night? Just look at you and you have to attend a party tonight. Your Heechul Oppa made the right decision of asking me to come here.”

Wrinkling her eyebrows, she looked at her “Heechul Hyung asked you to come here? Wae-o?”

“He said you might need help getting ready for the party so you better change now, we’re going shopping for clothes, we still have a lot of time to prepare”

Truthfully, Sora never paid attention to fashion and she only wears something comfortable. Her job doesn’t require much of a fashion anyway but she didn’t think that the way she dressed was embarrassing other people. “Do I really look that bad?” she asked.

“Of course not” Inyoung shrieked. “You are gorgeous Sora-ya even if you don’t like dressing up but new set of clothes and little makeup wouldn’t hurt”

Sora gave a weak shrug “Well okay”


Whether Sora admits it or not, she enjoyed her extravagant shopping spree with InYoung. She was never the type to buy expensive clothes. It’s not that she can’t afford it, but she doesn’t want to use the money given to her by her parents. Even her brothers who keep insisting on giving her money but she won’t accept it, she wanted to make money herself.

When she told Inyoung about her budget, she brushed her off saying “You don’t have to worry about it. It’s all being taken care of” and give her a wink. She wanted to ask again but she stopped her. She just let Inyoung drag her in every shop and bought her things she didn’t really think she would need.

Among other things, Inyoung picked out an evening gown for her, a blue coloured dress with a halter neckline, with thin black belt with silver sequence and a slit that shows her legs. The dress is made with soft satin fabric that feels so smooth against her skin but she’s uncomfortable wearing it. She was rather timid with her figure in public.

“Are you sure I look good in this?” she asked Inyoung as she came out of the dressing. Inyoung gave her an approval look.

After having late lunch, they went back to her flat to get ready for the evening. She just followed her orders, and sat rather uncomfortably as she did her makeup and given her a total make over.

“You’re gorgeous” Inyoung chirped in as she finished.

She looked at her disbelievingly. “Inyoung-ssi Isn’t this dress too revealing?” she muttered as she looked down at the plunging neckline and the slit that reveals her long legs when she takes a step.

Inyoung gave her a smile and said “You should drop the ssi now and call me Unnie” and dragged her to stand up at the full length mirror on her dresser and Sora’s breathe caught in her throat. The girl in front of her looks like a model she usually takes a photo of for a magazine cover. When they went to fit her wedding dress, she thought she was beautiful with the light make up they did on her but the woman in front of her is too stunning to be her. Maybe it’s the dress? Or Inyoung’s magic touch perhaps?

“I can’t wait to see my brother’s reaction when she sees you.” Inyoung giggled. Just then her phone rang. “Your ride is here” she told her.

“Jungsu-ssi is already here?” she asked surprised.

“Yes, with your brothers”

“My brothers? Why are they here?” she asked confused.

“You ask them yourself. We have to come down now, we don’t want them to wait long do we?” she said rather ecstatically. “Omo!! I can’t wait to see all their reactions. Let’s go.”


Needless to say, when they meet up the boys in front of her apartment, they were completely stunned.

“No way” Heechul muttered as he exchanged look with Inyoung.

“Is she really our sister?” Siwon exclaimed. They pretty well know that their sister is beautiful but they never saw her dressed up like that.

Park Jungsu on the other hand couldn’t take his eyes off Sora and looks like he’s having trouble talking from the utter shock that seems to consumed his mind. Inyoung gave her brother a little nudge. “What do you think?”

Clearing his throat, he said “I think we better get going” and quickly turned his heel to go to the car.

“Park Jungsu-ssi get back here right now!” Inyoung demanded in annoyance “You have to tell your fiancée what you think”

He stopped on his way to the car and turned around giving Sora a fleeting glance. “I..uhmm..It” his words trailed off as he looked down the floor avoiding everyone’s gaze. “It looks good”

Inyoung let out a laugh seeing her brother’s uncomfortable state. She never thought she’ll see the day when her brother turned speechless. “Alright, that’s enough for now. Your face is burning already” she teased and it didn’t help that Siwon and Heechul helped with the teasing.

“Guys I think we should go now” Sora interrupted them as she noticed how uncomfortable Jungsu has become.

“Enjoy the party” Inyoung told them as they made their way to Heechul’s car. She gave Inyoung a hug and said thank you.


As they all made themselves comfortable in the car. Sora turned to her brothers and asked “I didn’t know you were coming to the party. Heechul Hyung, aren’t you supposed to be on a business trip and Siwon Hyung on a photo shoot?”

“We both cancelled” they answered at the same time.

“We just thought that attending the party with you both would at least stop the media from focusing on you two.” Heechul explained.

Siwon nodded in agreement “Since you’re our sister and Jungsu is our friend, they won’t suspect anything.” he added as he looked at them at the back seat.

On a normal occurrence, she would have given her brothers a hug for cancelling something important just to protect her but she can’t do it while in the car so she just gave them a smile to convey her thanks.

“Where’s your engagement ring?” Siwon suddenly asked looking at her ring finger.

“I have it here” she said showing her purse “If we are trying to hide about the engagement, I think I shouldn’t wear it in public” she explained. They all nodded in understanding.

She shifted her gaze to her left and found Jungsu staring at her but he quickly looked down avoiding her eyes. As they stopped at the luxurious venue, they were greeted with sea of people. Sora never thought it’ll be like this but then again, knowing how Sungmin’s mother is active with her charity works, she would have guessed that rich and famous will probably be invited.

She must have been standing there for a period of time and she almost panicked when she realized she got separated with her group. She’s never used to attending big parties like this so she didn’t know what to do. She looked around trying to find her brothers and Jungsu.

“Sora-ssi” she heard someone yelled in the crowd.

“Jungsu-ssi” she uttered as she scanned the crowd looking for him “I’m here”

He found her minutes later. “We better find your brothers” he said as he placed his hand on her waist. Feeling his warm hand on her back, a tingling sensation washed over her with the unexpected touch. Weirdly enough, she didn’t find it disgusting as she thought it would be. Months ago, she would have hit him for even touching her waist. His hand placed on the base of her spine as he guide her way to the throngs of people and brought her closer to his body as if to shield her from any possible harm. She hates to admit it but she rather enjoyed the subtle possessiveness and finds his overprotectiveness attractive.

“Soraya, Jungsu.. here!” they both turned to see her bothers talking to Sungmin’s mom.

“Omo!! Look who’s here” Mrs. Lee exclaimed joyfully as she saw Sora and give her a hug “I am so happy when Sungmin told me you’re attending the party” letting go of her she said “You’re as beautiful as you always were”

Sora smiled shyly and muttered thanks.

“If I am not mistaken, you are Leeteuk-ssi right?” turning her attention to Jungsu.

He gave her a courteous bow “Yes Mrs. Lee but you can call me Jungsu.”

“He’s our friend” Heechul interrupted “As you know, he’s loaded so he can help raise a lot of money for this event” he added with a cheeky grin.

Mrs. Lee laughed “I expect you to help out too” and gave her brothers a wink as she excused herself to attend to her visitors.


They settled themselves in an unoccupied table they found. Long after, Siwon and Heechul engaged themselves with some people whom Sora thinks must be a part of their business circle and she was left with Park Jungsu who is still avoiding her gaze but won’t leave her alone at the same time.

She decided to talk to him “Why don’t you socialize with other people too?”

“I’m okay” he answered when his phone rang but pressed the end button and was in the process of putting it back in his pocket when it vibrated again.

“It seems important, you should answer it” she told him. “I might as well go around and look at the items for the auction and see if I might have something to buy to help the cause”

“Are you sure?” he asked worried.

She nodded and she stood up to look around as he made his way out of the crowd to find some place quiet.

She was amazed at the items being displayed and there’s one thing that she couldn’t keep her eyes off, a diamond necklace. It was rather simple and nothing extravagant but it looks magnificent.

She almost jumped in surprise when someone suddenly whispered on her ear “See something you like?”

“Oppa!” she exclaimed. Sungmin just laughed at her startled state. “You scared me”

He was still laughing and stopped as he got a good look at Sora. “You look beautiful Sorara”

She could feel her cheeks blushing and murmured thanks and looked behind him. He must have noticed it when he said “So Yool is not here tonight, she has to go on business trip.”

She only nodded in response. She knew meeting So Yool again will just be a matter of time but she still feel relieved that there won’t be any confrontation with her tonight.

“Would you like to get some drinks?” he offered.

“Yes sure” she agreed. She didn’t even know there was a bar until Sungmin led her there. As Sungmin ordered their drinks, she looked around at the party and was less thrilled when she found dozens of male eyes staring at her.

What’s wrong with these people? Sungmin must have noticed the confused look on her face when he asked “Something bothering you?” as he handed her a glass of white wine.

“Do I look weird?” she asked “people keep staring at me”

Sungmin followed her gaze, learning what she meant, he laughed “You don’t look weird Sorara, you look stunning that they couldn’t keep their eyes away from you.” She blushed at that “That’s why I wonder why your fiancé left you on your own” he added and turned back to the bartender asking for a refill.

Speaking of him, she looked around to look for Jungsu and found him talking to someone, a man and a woman, her forehead turning into a crease when she realized it was Oh In Hye who was clinging to her fiancé like a leech. She stopped at the thought. Did I just say that? Her fiancé? HER? It was only a few weeks ago when she dreaded him to be one and now she’s already putting a claim on him?

“Sorara you okay?” Sungmin asked.

She nodded, turning her gaze away from Park Jungsu. They started talking like the old days when other people whom she knew from university came to talk to them. The next thing she knew, she was joking and laughing with them. All the while, she tried to avoid the direction where Jungsu is, trying to forget the uncomfortable feeling she felt as she saw  him with a woman clinging to his side.



After the call, Park Jungsu went back in to the party and went looking for Sora and found her staring at one of the items for the auction. He was about to approach her when he was stopped by Mr. Lee Donghae, one of his business associates and couldn’t get away. He decided to stay for a while when Oh In Hye approached them. Hell. He doesn’t even know she was there and started clinging to him like a snake to her prey. He couldn’t just casually brush her arm off, not when there’s camera around.

“What is this I heard you’re getting married?” Donghae asked.

“You should know that isn’t true Donghae” Oh In Hye purred “Do you think Leeteuk Oppa is someone who’d like to be tied down easily?”

Park Jungsu was busy looking around at the crowd to even care about what they were talking about only to find the person he’s been looking for is talking to Sungmin with other guys and she seems to be enjoying their company as she’s been laughing with them.

“Yah Park Jungsu” Donghae nudged at him “Who’s that girl?” he asked pointing his direction towards Sora. “She’s smoking hot”

It took some of Jungsu’s willpower to tell Donghae to stop ogling at his fiancée. He heard Oh In Hye scoffed and said “She’s not even that pretty”

Yes, pretty isn’t even the right word to describe her. He finds himself wanting to tell her. When he saw her earlier that night, he literally stopped breathing at how stunning she looks. With her soft  silky white skin that he longed to brushed his hand with. Those long pretty long legs that he tried not to look at afraid that  she’ll call him a pervert again. She doesn’t even know the effect she has on him or in every male species in that room. If only she knows how he tried to control himself not reach out to touch her face, to brush his hand to her dark brown locks, to feel the smooth strands of her hair on his fingers. He has to clenched his fist numerous times to stop himself from holding her hand.

“I need to get her name” Donghae said immediately gaining Jungsu’s attention.

He is surprised that the glass on his hand didn’t break as he was holding it rather tight to control himself. “She’s taken man so don’t even try” he told him with threat in his voice.

He was not obsessive. He was never possessive. But he wasn’t to just stand there when people become impertinent, when people try pry into his own business because when people do that he becomes territorial. And now that some stupid looking guys are stepping beyond the line, he felt the need to make the mark more visible.

Setting the glass at the nearby table, he started walking to where he would place his mark. As he near them, she turned her gaze and met his eyes. Saw her lips moved to whisper his name that made the group of men follow her gaze. He glared at the squadron of men who were shamelessly staring at his fiancée.

He stopped in front of her and grabbed her hand without even glancing at the bunch of people who are now looking at them. He was glad when she followed him as he took her away from them.

“Park Jungsu-ssi?” she asked as she pulled into a stop. “What’s wrong?” she asked fidgeting. She looked puzzled when he suddenly grab a hold of her purse and took out her ring and slipped it unto her finger.

“You should always wear this ring all the time” he said loud enough for everyone to hear.

No, he was not really possessive. He simply wanted to mark what is his.

She stared at it, her eyes wide in surprise as flashes of camera and series of questions started throwing at them. He held her hand again to take her away from the crowd when she asked in a whisper. “What do you think you’re doing?”

He would explain to her everything but explanations could wait and the hell with the media, they can take pictures to their hearts content and he wouldn’t care. Right now, all he wanted to do was something he’s been holding himself to do ever since he saw her that night, to brush his lips against hers in the most fleeting of kisses to show everyone what rightfully his.

And kiss her he did.


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    but I loved these two chapters so much ❤ sora's jealous 😀 and the way Leeteuk acted in the end… nice job (two thumbs up :D) can't wait the next chapter, more double updates please xD

    • Hey!! don’t worry too much about it..don’t let that stop you from writing your FF the way you want it. It is your FF so u can do whatever you want. I was worried too when I started sharing this FF, that some might claim that I am copying someone else’s but then I thought “hey! I know I didn’t copy it and I worked on it so why bother?”. What’s more important is you’re enjoying what you’re writing. (^_^)

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  8. “Setting the glass at the nearby table, he started walking to where he would place his mark. As he near them, she turned her gaze and met his eyes. Saw her lips moved to whisper his name that made the group of men follow her gaze. He glared at the squadron of men who were shamelessly staring at his fiancée.” kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….
    Naughty is coming LOL

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