When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 18



Kang Sora’s first kiss wasn’t exactly like what she dreamed it would be. It was sudden, happening amid a flurry of other movements, amidst a lot of shouting, squealing, and screams of shock from people who gathered around them. So it was nothing like she expected it would be. The moment that she felt his lips against hers, she was momentarily lost in an overwhelming sensation she couldn’t quite understand and the next thing she knew, the kiss ended with Park Jungsu pulling her with him as they struggled their way out of the crowd. Flashes of camera blinded her, the questions thrown at them she couldn’t even comprehend.

As they managed to get out from the hotel, a car was already waiting for them with Heechul handing out the key to Jungsu telling him to get in quickly. “Me and Siwon will handle the media” he said and Jungsu muttered his thanks as he quickly stepped on the engine.

The sound of the engine brought back Sora to her senses “What in the world do you think you’re doing?” she screeched.

He looked at her with those dark brown eyes that she unwillingly admit to have taken a liking to but currently wanting to poke out with needle as he answered rather stupidly “What do you think I’m doing? I am marking my territory”

To say that Sora was dumbfounded was an understatement. She was in utter shock. “Marking your territory?” she hissed “Why don’t you just put a freaking dog collar on me too with your tag while you’re at it?”

“Don’t be so dramatic” he said nonchalantly, pissing her off more than she already is.

“I am not being dramatic! How can you just put a claim on me like that?”

“Can you blame me?” he asked in an angry tone “I was irritated with all those guys who are trying to hit on you. I already have a lot in mind, and worrying that some stupid assholes are trying to get my fiancés attention takes a lot of my thinking space.”

“They weren’t hitting on me!” she defended.

“Yeah right” he said rather sarcastically “They were just looking at you like some rabid dogs ready to pounced at you”

Sora’s mouth hanged opened in shock “Just how rude can you be? They were my friends, we were just talking”

“I wasn’t just referring to your so-called friends but to other males in the party” he said jaw clenched.


Shaking his head, he turned to her “You really have no idea of the effect you can have to other men do you?” he said looking at her, admiration apparent on his eyes.

“But that doesn’t justify why you have to kiss me!” she exasperated.

“Like I said, I just wanted to make it clear to everyone that you’re mine”

“I am not anyone’s property you dope!” she raged. “especially not yours you over possessive jerk”

“I am not possessive” he denied.

“Yeah right, Just a jealous freak” she scoffed.

“I am not jealous!”

“Yeah yeah and I am the President of America”

He didn’t say anything after that as they drove in silence. She’s still mad but she’s too tired to argue. As they reached her flat, before he even got off the car to open the door for her she stopped him.

“I don’t want to talk to you right now, I need time to cool off” as she got off and made her way up to her apartment.


Sora woke up at the ringing of her phone, glancing at her bedside clock, she wondered who would be calling her at this ungodly hour. It’s only 7 in the morning and it was almost dawn when sleep finally decided to overtake her. She chose to ignore the call but it rang again..and again.. “aish…!” she blurted out giving up, not bothering to check the calling ID, she pressed the answer button. “Yeopsseo”

“Thank God you finally picked up the phone” her mom answered on the other line “OMO!!! Sora-ya it was all over the news! We are happy you both decided to announce it to public” squealing like a teenager.

Sora’s brow creased in confusion then realization hit her and before she could utter a word, her Mom went on talking “I just had a talk with Jungsu’s mother and we were both elated with the news and now that the media knows about it, there’s no reason for us to delay the wedding. The preparations are almost ready so maybe next month will be a good idea…”

“Omma hold on!” she panicked but Mrs. Kang appeared to have not heard her.

“Oh yeah! The honeymoon! You both should decide where you want to go or we could arrange it for you two so it’s going to be a surprise”

“Omma andwe!” she suddenly screamed.

“Wae?What’s wrong Sora-ya?” her mother asked in confusion.

Taking a deep breathe “Omma, I still have to talk with Park Jungsu-ssi about this, we still have to deal with media”

“It’s all been taken care of, have you not read the news yet?”

“What news?” she asked.

“Jungsu’s interview” her Mom answered simply “It was the sweetest ever”

“Omma I’m hanging up I still have to do something” and ended the call despite her Mom’s protest.

Not bothering to go out and check for the newspaper on her front door, she turned on her laptop and searched for the news. She found a headline with “The girl who captured Leeteuk’s heart: a shocking revelation” with a picture of them kissing and a solo picture of him with microphones in front of him. Judging from the picture, he was still wearing the one he wore for the party so it is likely that he came back to do the interview.

“Mrs. Lee’s charity event as part of her birthday celebration was attended by most influential and famous in society. The highlight of the party was the auction with people expecting to raise a fund for a good cause but Leeteuk stole the spotlight with his unexpected and dumbfounding act.

Reports said that there were no pictures of Leeteuk’s arrival in the party as it was unknown to everyone that he is attending as he was never in Mrs. Lee’s previous events. When he was first spotted by media, he was found chatting with Mr. Lee Donghae and Ms.  Oh In Hye who is rumoured to be dating by the business tycoon/model.

In the middle of the crowd, Leeteuk suddenly appeared with a gorgeous woman in tow but what shock everyone the most was when he slipped a ring on her finger and kissed her leaving everyone flabbergasted.

They left the party out of media’s grasp when Leeteuk came back to the party kindly asking everyone to leave the matter at rest until the charity event is over and promised an exclusive interview.

“Yes I am getting married” he answered to questions when the party was over. “I never really planned to reveal it this way and I owe Mrs. Lee an apology for disrupting her party.”

Upon asking people at the party, we gathered that the mystery girl was named Kang Sora, when asked about this, he said in a warm smile “She’ll probably kill me once she sees this report but I’ll take the risk. I never thought I’ll find someone who will make me settle down then I met her, the woman whom I decided to share my forever with, my Soraya.”

My Soraya? My? There he goes again at trying to make a claim on me like I am one of his possessions! Sora thought in raged and didn’t feel like finishing the whole interview. How can he easily act like that in front of everybody?! He would pass as a great actor with the way he acted in the interview. Slamming her laptop shut, she went back to bed to rest as she felt a headache coming. She turned off her mobile and set her home phone to voice mail not wanting any one to disturb her.


Going to work on a Monday was worse than she expected. Her colleagues kept staring at her, questions thrown at her. She was the subject of gossip at her work. Some was honest enough to tell her they were jealous about having Leeteuk as her fiancée and some were rude enough to say something behind her back.

“What did Leeteuk saw in her? She’s just a struggling photographer newbie” she heard one commented but she chose to shrug it off.

Upon entering her office, Ji-joo who has been controlling herself suddenly blurted out “Ugh.. I wanna bitchslap those girls!”

“Ji-joo, stop cursing” Sora said laughing.

“Seriously Sora, I want to tell them you’re not just a mere photographer. You are Kang Sora for God’s sake! You own a fortune I’ll never have even if I work my ass off my whole life!”

“They don’t know that and it’s my parents and brothers who are rich not me” as she made her way to her desk dropping her things and settled herself on her chair.

“Same thing” Ji-Joo shrugged and dropped the issue “I always knew there was something between you two ever since your Nami trip but I didn’t know you were getting married” she commented.

Being her friend for a long time, they always keep each other’s secret and so she told her everything from the first time they met until the party.

“The nerve of that man! Putting a claim on me like that!”

“You like it” Ji-joo teased, swatting Sora’s arm playfully. “It’s written all over your face”

“What?!” Sora squeaked in a high-pitched voice.

Ji-Joo dropped the topic like it never happened as she went to start her work. Sora was completely baffled with it. Why in the name of things that is holy would I like it? What was there to like about Park Jungsu marking me like he owns me?

Nada..Nil..None at all..nothing to like about it.

 Author’s Note:

I know.. I know.. I updated so late..I was so busy with school work and I am busy moving houses too!! *sigh.. I only managed to finish the chapter ‘coz I couldn’t sleep at all..I just hope I wrote this chapter well. I am on school holiday for two weeks so I might be able to write more chapters, that is if I don’t get too busy at work..*another sigh

@gomigummie: I don’t think this is a sweet chapter yet..kkk..I’ll come to that..^^

@lucyjung when u mentioned about Full House, I didn’t get the connection and then I thought..AH! the kiss? But Youngjae-shi and Jungsu has different reason for doing the kiss..LOL.. hi 5! PJS is truly the King of Jealousy!! Hail to the King..nyahaha

@jerqu thanks pakner!! Finally got an A+ from you..LOL.. 😀

@secressy just in case you haven’t read my reply on your comment, don’t be bothered by the similarity of our plot. The similarity of our FF ends there, I bet you are doing well with your story..  What matters is you enjoy what you are writing..

@steffy hey! I missed u girl..where have u been? Haven’t seen your comment on the last few chapters.. ^^ glad to have u back. You really think this story will be hot??kkk.. I am still having trouble writing the HOT parts..LOL.. need to revise to suit my readers taste..ROFL

@lazyme2day: let’s squeal together..kyaahh..!! 😀 Like I said I will need L’s help to write more XXXciting parts..ROFL.. XD XD

@pepichan @sitiistiana @teukrhodz @najwa85 @tienvo2 thanks a lot for commenting..it means a lot to me..^^

I hope you enjoy reading this chapter..I’ll try to update as soon as I can once I get settled in at my new place (actually at my cousin’s flat..kkk).. cheerio..^^


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    another great chapter!! i’m screaming inside me now, can u imagine, keeping it only to myself?? #crazy

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    Fighting for your studies and of course for the next chap!! ^^

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