When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 19


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Sora spent her day working on editing pictures and choosing photos to be used for magazine. She was so engrossed with her work that it startled her when Ji-Joo suddenly barged in without much of a knock.

Mianhe” she apologized “Look what you got here” she said handing her over bouquet or red roses along with a velvet box. “I already signed the delivery for you” she added smiling widely.

Sora’s face turned into a frown. Looking at it, she already has an idea who it is from.

“Just leave it there” she told her.

“Are you not even going to look at it?” Ji-Joo asked.

“No” she said in finality “You can have it if you want” she added as she continued to work.

“Come on now Sora..you have to at least see it” Ji-Joo encouraged. She went to Sora’s side and stopped her from working. “I won’t leave until you open it!” as she shoved the box in front of her.

Giving up she said “Arasso..arasso” while shaking her head. Taking the box from her, she turned to Ji-Joo who wears an expression of excitement like a little child opening her Christmas present. “Why are you so excited when it’s for me?” she asked.

“For one, you never received any gift from a guy…well, apart from your brothers and Sungmin and this guy Leeteuk-shi or Jungsu-shi as you call him seems to like giving you surprises, like the kiss for instance..” realising too late that she said something that Sora has been avoiding all along, she mouthed “Mianhe”

Disregarding her apology, she said “It’s probably something that he usually give to his women so—“ she stopped mid-way her sentence as she finally managed to open the box.

“Oh my God!” Ji-Joo exclaimed “It’s beautiful” and took it away from Sora to admire the beauty that lies on the velvety box. “I’d say he’s a keeper. You should give him a chance” she added as she gave Sora a little nudge and winked at her.

Inside the box was a diamond bracelet. The cut seems so familiar to her then it dawned her that it looked like the necklace she’s been looking at during the party and was planning to bid for because apart from wanting to help the cause, she really liked it.

“This must have cost him a fortune” her friend said whilst still looking at the necklace.

“If he thinks I’ll forgive him by giving this to me then he’s mistaken” Sora stated defiantly.

“Forgive him for what?” Ji-Joo aksed “For kissing you? You liked it anyway so why does he have to ask for forgiveness?” she teased.


Her friend just laughed at her startled state. “Arasso..arasso..you know what Sora, the more that you strongly deny it, the more I’m convinced that you really liked it” she said wiggling her eyebrows at her which made Sora’s cheeks turned into deep crimson either from embarrassment or for being furious. Ji-Joo made a quick dash to the door before Sora could inflict harm on her. Ji-Joo knew how temperamental her friend can be.

Sora was left staring at the door. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breathe to calm herself..inhale..exhale..as she tried to empty her mind with any thought but failed miserably as memories of that night flooded her mind. She unconsciously traced her lips with her finger, remembering the look in his eyes as he leaned down to kiss her. The feel of his lips against hers still lingers that it haunted her ever since.

Andwe! Andwe! Shaking her head to get rid of her thoughts, Why am I thinking about it? No..No..that can’t be!

Picking the box from her table, she hid it somewhere out her line of vision afraid that it might trigger another no so nice thoughts.

She busied herself and kept herself occupied leaving no room to think about anything else apart from work and didn’t even realize that it’s time to go home until Ji-Joo reminder her.

She was already on her way out of her office when she paused and went back to her table. Reaching underneath it and took out the box.


Reaching her flat, she found Jungsu, the man who is to blame for her recent dishevelled thoughts waiting for her. The weird thing is, she didn’t even feel surprised to see him there for in her subconscious mind, she must have known all along that he will come and see her.

He stared at her with an expectant look and greeted her. She opened her door without even giving him a glance and went it.

“What are you still doing there?” she asked irritated as she turned to face her doorway where he still stood wearing a confused expression on his face. “Are you not going to come in?”

“Can I?” he asked, uncertainty evident on his voice.

“I left the door opened didn’t I? That means you can come in  you pabo

“You could have said so” he said smiling widely as he stepped inside her apartment. Seeing him smile made her more irritated. She showed him to her living room and the moment that he sat down, she handed him the box.

He looked at it but didn’t make a move to take it from her. “I bought it for you” he muttered.

“Well, I don’t want it” she said as she pushed the box at him.

“That’s too bad” he stated pushing the box back to her hands “I already bought it so you might as well take it.”

“I can’t take it”’


“I know you have a lot of money and you are probably used to spending money for your women and buy them whatever they want but I’m not like that Park Jungsu-ssi. If you are giving me this as an apology for what you did at the party then just forget it” she said in defiance.

“I’ll be honest with you and admit that’s partly a reason why I am giving you that” he said calmly “but I just didn’t bid for that on the auction for that reason alone”

“Wait..what?” Sora asked confused “You bought this during the charity event?”

He nodded. “When I went back to the party, they already started the auction and felt bad when the necklace you wanted was already bid.”


“Yes, it looked to me that you really liked it when I saw you staring at it and thought you might want to have it but I was too late when I came back and they were already bidding for that bracelet which is originally paired with the necklace” he explained.

Sora doesn’t know how to react to that.

“I may have bought it thinking it as part of an apology but think about it, the money that I spent for this, where do you think it’s going to end up?”

It took her a moment to realize what he was trying to point out. Her eyes widened in surprise. “No way! So you bid for this so you can donate it?!”

He took the box from her and pulled out the bracelet and stared at it. “Isn’t that what you wanted? I mean apart from wanting that necklace, you really wanted to help people right?”

Sora found herself looking at Park Jungu and finds it hard to tear her stare away from him. It always amazes her how he seems to read her so easily. “How did you know?”

“You told me as much during the party and I knew you were sincere when you said you wanted to help the cause” he reached out for her right hand and clasped the bracelet on her wrist not giving her a chance to protest. “I know you are still mad about the kiss but I am not going to apologize for doing it” he added.

“What?!” she exclaimed as she pulled her hand away from him.

“I am not sorry for kissing you” he stated looking at her “but I promise, it won’t happen again” she was almost relieved to hear that when he added rather smugly “not unless you wanted me to”

“As if I am going to ever let that happen again” she said with finality.

He just laughed at her, letting the matter about the kiss to rest, he asked “So are you going to accept the bracelet or not?”

“Well, I’ll be a hypocrite if I say I don’t like it” she said “How much did you pay for it anyway?” she asked.

“Let’s just say it’s enough to save children from hunger” he answered shrugging his shoulder. “There’s one more thing I wanted to discuss with you” he added changing the topic.

“What is it?” she asked as she plopped herself down on her one-seater sofa.

She noticed as he nervously rubbed his palms together “About the marriage—“she was about to protest when he stopped her “Hear me out first” she relaxed and motioned him to continue “I know deciding for marriage isn’t easy for you, you’re young and you must have planned your future already and marriage isn’t really a part of it but this is something we can’t avoid so why not make it work?”

“and how exactly do you plan to make it work?”

“We can start by being friends?” he asked unsure “Even if we get married, I am not going to force you to do something any normal couple would do. We can try to make it work and if in the long run, you still couldn’t stand being with me then we can always end it and tell our parents that it just didn’t work out for us.”

She thought of it and decided that there’s no harm in trying. “Call..” she said

“Call?” he asked confused.

“It means..okay..I agree” she explained that earned a smile from him “but keep in mind, I still hate you” she added crossing her arms on her chest.

“I know” he said laughing.

Author’s Note:

To my dear readers….I am tired of apologizing and you must be tired of reading it too but I again I’m sorry for updating late..T_T

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  1. Its okay my friend.. We understand! Thank you for giving us inspiration through your great stories.. I would always be grateful to you.. Keep it up.. God bless you! 😀

  2. Waeyo? Why sorry my LLT. I like this chapter even though a bit short. kkk I was giggling from the beginning! ^^ Keep up the good work my LLT! Gonna move onto the next chapter! FIGHTING! ^^

  3. didn’t read yet just want to thank you for updating as i told you before i became addicted to your FF ………………..LOVE U ……….GROS BISOU

  4. It’s sweet when a man can read your mind and understanding you aaaaaaaa envy, and called him ‘you pabo’ kekekekekeke cuteeeeee

  5. wuaa i will give sora unnies nickname for this chapter “queen of denial” kkeke approve it that you slowly falling for him..

    @playerkbd unni, hehe chapter to chapter now ur writing skill better like this chappie unnie^^

  6. She unconsciously traced her lips with her finger, remembering the look in his eyes as he leaned down to kiss her. The feel of his lips against hers still lingers that it haunted her ever since. >> u wanted more right…. so u play hard kkkk

    “I left the door opened didn’t I? That means you can come in you pabo” >> SEE!!! u like him but didnt realise or not accpet the reality LOL

    “I am not sorry for kissing you” he stated looking at her “but I promise, it won’t happen again” she was almost relieved to hear that when he added rather smugly “not unless you wanted me to” >> i hope this scene more TEASING her… like he come step by step to her but when they so close he leave it with smile LOL (my imagination kkkk)

  7. Wow, really love your FF hehehe
    I would like to know more about the “bid” that he fight to get that for her
    If he remembered and told her about that, it’s would be sweet ( my opinion )

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