When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 20



It was only two days ago when she agreed to be friends with Park Jungsu and apart from his constant message on her asking how her day went and reminding her to eat her meals, she never saw him again nor did he ever tried to call her. She’s not even sure if she should feel relieve or not.

“Sora are you okay?” Ji-Joo asked as they took a break from doing the photo shoot.

“I’m fine”

“You don’t look fine to me though, you’ve been spacing out”

“I’m not” she denied.

“You do”

She was about to argue when her phone beeped and read the message. She wasn’t aware that she was smiling until her friend teased her about it.

“What did it say that made you grin like a fool?”

“I wasn’t grinning” she denied again.

“Yes you were, you were like this” and Ji-Joo mimicked her smile with exaggeration that earned a laugh from Sora.

“You look like an idiot” she commented still laughing.

“and you look like a woman who just receive a message from a lover inviting you for a date” Sora blushed heavily that made her friend laugh at her. “It’s Jungsu-ssi right?” Sora just nodded shyly. Patting her shoulder, Ji-joo smiled at her warmly. “I’m glad you are giving him a chance. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure about him before because of how the newspaper dubbed him to be but then I don’t know him personally. Seeing that he can make you smile like this then it’s enough for me to trust him”

“It’s too early to say that, I still don’t get him.” Sora admitted.

“Grab this chance to get to know him. You may have not realize this Sora but he’s good for you”

Sora looked at Ji-Joo with a frowned expression.

“No matter how you hide it Sora, I know you still hold the pain from the past and I’m glad to know that you seem to forget it when you are with him”

“I don’t get what you mean” Sora said confused.

Taking a deep sigh “You’ll know once you try to be honest to yourself.” She said patting Sora’s back “break is over we need to go back to work” and started walking out leaving Sora in her own thoughts.


Sora arrived early at the restaurant Jungsu has asked to meet him and she was showed to a reserved table for them. As she was glancing through the menu, an all too familiar voice spoke.

“Well..well..if it’s not Kang Sora”

She stiffens as she’s well aware who it is without even looking. She builds her courage to look at her.

“Hello to you too So Yool” she greeted in sarcasm.

So Yool ignore her and without even being invited, she sat down in front of Sora “That was quiet of a show you pulled out during the party, shame I wasn’t there” she said but Sora didn’t respond to that and she added “So you’re getting married huh? Don’t tell me you’re finally got over from Oppa?”

“What if I tell you I am?” she asked calmly.

She scoffed “I don’t believe you. Weren’t you the one who told me you can’t live without him?” she asked in a mocking tone.

Controlling her rage, Sora took a deep breathe. “And knowing that, it didn’t stop you from taking him from me did it?” she retorted back.

So Yool laugh and said “I didn’t take him from you Sora, he chose me not you”.

“So Yool stop it” Sungmin suddenly blurted out that surprises Sora. She didn’t know he was there “Mianhe Sora” he apologized and turned to So Yool “We need to talk” and tried to drag her along with him but she didn’t budge.

“But Oppa, it’s been a long time since I met Sora, isn’t it nice for a reunion? The three of us together again like old times?” and gave them both a smile. Sora didn’t fall it for she knew that her smile never bore any sincerity.

“If you don’t mind, can I join your reunion party?” They all turned around and relief wash over Sora’s face “Sorry I’m late” he apologized smiling down at her then turned to Sungmin and Soo-Yool to greet them “I’m Park Jungsu” he introduced himself as he offered his hand to Soo-Yool for a handshake.

After the introduction, he offered them to sit with their table leaving Sora no choice but to accept. Settling himself beside her, he reached for her hands which she didn’t realize she has been clasping together on her lap shaking. She glanced at him as he gave her a worried look. She relaxed under his hold and gave him a reassuring look, trying to tell him she’s fine. I’m fine since you are here. She finds herself thinking. Surprised at the sudden realization, she turned her gaze away from him but not letting go of his hand.

“So how long have you been together?” So-Yool asked.

“Long enough to decide to get married” Jungsu answered for them and displeasure was evident on So-Yool’s face as Jungsu didn’t show any sign of adding any details to it as he called the waiter to take their orders.

Soo-Yool didn’t stop though as she asked again “I thought you were dating Oh In Hye?”

“We just went out to have coffee as an acquaintance and media started making stories out of it” Jungsu defended in a calm manner.

Sungmin who has been staying silent for long suddenly asked “Sora never mentioned you before so I was surprised to know you’re engaged”

“I never mentioned it to my family Oppa, we both decided not to tell anybody” Sora lied.

“Not even to your bestfriend?” he asked. There was a hint of accusation in his voice that snapped Sora’s patience.

“So you both can hide your relationship behind my back and I can’t?”


“If it was me, I would have told you but Oppa doesn’t want to hurt you” So-Yool said like it’s not something worth arguing.

“but isn’t that what happened in the end?” she asked not hiding the pain and anger in her voice. All the feelings she has been keeping to herself for so long suddenly coming out.

“You still kept in touch with Oppa after that night so why make a fuss about it now?” So-Yool fought back.

“Because unlike someone I know, he went to ask for an apology and I am not that heartless not to forgive him”

“It was easy for you to forgive him because you still love him” So-Yool scoffed. “Just being with Oppa is enough, even if you think he doesn’t love you back, isn’t that what you said?”

“So-yool!” Sungmin stopped her from saying anything further.

“That’s alright Oppa” she told him “She was right but I’ve moved on so you don’t have to worry about it now” she added calmly.

This confrontation that should have happened long time ago but she herself avoided it afraid that she’ll appear weak in front of them but she needed to face them one way or another. She realized Ji-Joo was right, if she is to be honest to herself, just being with Jungsu help her a lot. Just by staying at her side, even without saying a word, just holding her hand is enough to give her the courage to face her past.



He wanted to say something but it is her fight and she need to face it on her own. All he can do is stay with her. He’ll rescue her only when she wanted him to but he is confident that she’ll be fine on her own.

“That’s alright Oppa” he heard her say “She was right but I’ve moved on so you don’t have to worry about it now” He felt her hand tightened on his hold, he caressed it with his thumb and he felt her relaxed. She looked at him, smile stretched across her face. “I think happiness is within my reach now and I am not planning to let go”

Hearing her say that made his heart leap a mile. He is not sure if she is sincere when she said that or she only said that to prove her point to Sungmin and So-Yool who left a deep scar on her but he’ll take whatever she could offer. He is not going to rush her in to accepting him, she just agreed to give him a chance and he is not planning to screw it up.

Their confrontation stopped when their food arrived. Cutting his meat, he took her plate and changed it with him.

“Thanks” she smiled at him showing her one-sided dimple on her right cheek in contrast to his left one. He smiled back.

The tension still hangs in the air and he tried to lighten the mood by engaging them in normal conversation.

After the dinner, he took Sora home and like the night before, she just let her door open and he went in without being asked. He saw her as she slumped herself down on her sofa and took a deep breathes as she closed her eyes. “That was exhausting” she muttered. She opened her eyes to look up at him as he stayed standing beside the sofa. “Thank you for being there” she told him.

He shrugged “I didn’t do much”

“Just being there was enough to get me through” she admitted.

“Looking at your conversation at the resto, I know there’s still a lot you keep regarding you and Sungmin but if you’re not ready yet, I can wait”

“Sometimes I wonder if you have third sense or something. How can you be so perceptive?” she asked curiously.

He wonders himself. I seems like his senses heightens when it comes to her. He just answered with a shrug and sat beside her. They just sat there, enjoying the comfortable silence between them. He took a glance at Sora and caught her staring at him. She stood up abruptly and stammered “Would you like to drink something?”

“I would love to but it’s getting late and you have to go to work tomorrow” he refused although if he was to follow what he really want, he’ll stay but he was afraid  of what he might do if he stayed longer in her flat with just the two of them.

She nodded “So I guess I’ll see you then?” she asked unsure.

He smiled at that and couldn’t help to tease her “Why? You can’t wait to see this handsome face again?” he smirked.

“You wish!”

He walked towards her to continue teasing her “Why not admit it?” but what he didn’t expect was her taking a step closer to him closing the distance between them.

“What if I say I do?” she asked in a soft voice feeling her breathe brushing his face “What if I say I don’t want you to go yet and stay for a while, would you?”

“I..uh..I mean..” he muttered incoherently then he heard her laughing.

“You should have seen your face” she said in between laughs. “Omo! Your ears turned red”

He turned redder than he already was. He was about to get back at her but decided against it as he saw her face, she was laughing and smiling brightly.

“Woah! It’s really red!” she exclaimed still laughing as she motioned her hand like a fan and touched his ear. He caught her hand and felt the softness of it against his. She gazed up at him and like the few moments that they have been like this close to each other, he once again was lost in a trance and everything stopped.  He felt a strong pull to lean down and feel those lips again against his but he promised her that he won’t do that again unless she permitted it to. Letting go of her hand, he took a step back to maintain a safe distance.

“I think I should leave now” his voice was so low that he was uncertain if she even heard him.

“Hmmm..yeah..It’s getting late” she managed to say.

He turned to his heels and made his way to her door. As he reached his car, he took a deep breathe he wasn’t aware he has been holding as he rushed his way out to avoid temptation. Temptation that is Kang Sora.


Sora wasn’t sure how long she stayed standing in her living room as Jungsu walked out of her flat when she snapped out of it and went to her room. Sitting on her bed, she reached out on her bedside table and took out three jewellery boxes. She opened one hold on to the locket she has been keeping for long. Getting rid of it means she’s ready to start again, to forget all that has happened in the past. Is she ready for it?

Opening the two boxes, taking out the bracelet, she put it on her wrist. She pulled out the ring on the sapphire blue velvet box and slipped it on her right ring finger.

I’m ready.

Placing the locket back on its box, she collected everything that reminded of her past and kept them in a bigger box. After putting it away, she picked up her phone and dialled her parents’ home number to let them know of her decision.

To leave all the past behind and start anew.

Author’s note

@lazyme2day a few more chapter and I’ll need L’s special talent..kkk

@najwa85 If only both of them can be brave like that, I mean TeukSora being bold in announcing their relationship in public.. 😀

@lucyjung yep, I’m at my cousins now..^^ just imagine when I’m writing it and I ‘m giggling on my own..LOL..#crazy!

@teukrhodz Sora is the queen of jealousy alright..LOL.. and that we still have to see..^^

@ssecrecy I know you are doing great on your FF..*pat on the back.

@echalovable thabks for reading bebegurl.. Godbless on your exam!!

@athena woah! I thought you are  not reading the FF anymore ‘coz I haven’t see you here for a while.

@steffy I want them to get married soon too!! Like right now!! LOL

@lialea @sachixia I’m all giggly when I was writing it too..kkk

Thanks for putting up with me ladies!! Chapter 21 is already done and will be posted in the next few days. (^_^)


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    “That’s alright Oppa” he heard her say “She was right but I’ve moved on so you don’t have to worry about it now” He felt her hand tightened on his hold, he caressed it with his thumb and he felt her relaxed. She looked at him, smile stretched across her face. “I think happiness is within my reach now and I am not planning to let go” >> SO sweeeeeeeeeeeeeettttt ~~

    He walked towards her to continue teasing her “Why not admit it?” but what he didn’t expect was her taking a step closer to him closing the distance between them. “What if I say I do?” she asked in a soft voice feeling her breathe brushing his face “What if I say I don’t want you to go yet and stay for a while, would you?” >> WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW… now sora teasing MODE ON LOL

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