Love at Milky Way Cafe 1: “Bitter Like Americano, Sweet like Iced Choco”



As I walk out of the train station, I was greeted by the busy street of Seoul, honking of cars, sound of busy footsteps, ringing cell phones, and everyday chatters of people either on their way to school, work or sightseeing around the city. This is a part of my everyday routine life, getting up early, making breakfast, taking a train and then spending the whole day working. Sounds boring?

If you ask me whether I am tired of living a life like this or not, my answer would be: yes, but I don’t have much choice now, do I?

I walked across the street and turned around the corner with one clear destination. As I near it, the smell of freshly baked cakes and coffee filled my nose and I can faintly hear soft music playing. Beyond that glossy glass door is what I call my personal haven. A place where I can be myself, with no one to dictate me, for in that place, I am in total control.

Pulling the door open, I was greeted with cheerfulness, “Good morning Chajang-nim.”

“Good morning everyone,” I greeted back. “Let’s give it our best again today!”

“Yes ma’am!” they all said in unison.

I then went to my small office to drop my bag. In case you haven’t realized it yet, yes, I at the age of 23 am managing this small yet great café – The Milky Way Café.

I went out of the office and found my four favourite staff. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my staff but these four holds a special place in my heart, they are like brothers I never had. Sungmin may look young but he’s actually the oldest and the cutest if I may say. Eunhyuk is the most energetic of them all and makes everyone laugh with his comical antics. Then there’s Namja Sam-o, I meant Donghae, don’t ask me why we call him that because he might give me a smack in the head. Kyuhun, our little evil maknae who loves playing pranks on his lovely hyungs.

“Chajang-nim, we noticed that you’ve become a lot prettier lately, is there anything you are not telling us about?” Kyuhun asked me, wearing his usual devilish smirk.

“She has always been pretty,” Donghae commented as his cheeks turned red and avoided my gaze.

“But she has become a lot prettier and much happier,” Sungmin added.

“Are you seeing someone we don’t know about?” Eunhyuk asked teasingly. I was about to answer when I got interrupted.

“Yes, me!” as I felt an all too familiar arms hugged me from behind. “Ow!” he exclaimed as I hit him with my elbow.

“Leeteuk-shi, how many times do I have to tell you not to do that?” I spat at him.

“Hey now my Soraya, no need to hide our relationship,” he said smiling showing his cute dimple.

“There’s nothing to hide because there’s nothing going on between us.”

“Yah Hyung! You are far from Chajang-nim’s type!” Kyuhun voiced out.

“I agree,” Donghae dived in. “I am more of uri Chajang-nim’s type,” he added earning a hit on the head from the other three.

“Stop dreaming namja sam-o!” they teased him.

“Believe it or not, I am Soraya’s ideal type,” Leeteuk boasted “Right Soraya?”

Shaking my head I answered “No, you’re not.”

“Ouch!” he said as if in pain holding his heart. “You wound me my lovely Chajang-nim,” he said that earned more teasing from the other four.

“The café will be open in 10 minutes, we better get ready now.” I informed stopping them from getting at each other.

They followed me and went to their respected post. I went behind the counter when I saw Leeteuk-shi coming in too. “What do you think you’re doing here?” I asked.

“I am to prepare the coffee today,” he answered with a shrug.

“You always say that every day, you can’t even drink Americano and you expect to serve the customer coffee? Leave that to Sungmin-shi since he’s the coffee barista and stay in the kitchen where you should be.”

“I don’t need to like drinking Americano to serve coffee,” he said pouting.

I let out a sigh and said “No, but you are not a barista like Sungmin-shi. You do the cooking where you’re good at.”

He then turned around and went to the kitchen.

“Welcome to Milky Way Café!” she heard Eunhyuk said to a customer entering the shop and another busy day at the café has started.


It was already nine in the evening and I was still at the café auditing today’s cost and profit. When I’m done, I went to check the doors. After making sure that all doors were locked, I made my way home. As I turned the door knob open, I knew I was not alone in my own house as I heard movements from the kitchen. The sound of knife chopping to what I think could be vegetables of some sort. I walked to the kitchen and there I found him so engrossed at what he was doing.

Ever since he found the truth about me, he became a constant figure in my life. I was thankful for him not telling anybody about my secret, but I still don’t get why he has been sticking up with me ever since.

He must have felt my presence as he turned his head towards me.

“Oh you’re home, the pasta will be ready in a few minutes,” he told me.

“You didn’t even say goodbye before you left the shop,” I told him. I am not disappointed but rather curious why he just left like that without even telling me.

“Because you said I am not your ideal type,” he answered childishly. “And here I am, thinking you prefer someone with a handsome face and great body like me,” he added as he walked towards me and showed his pretty toned biceps.

Yes I do, but I won’t admit it. It will only increase his already big ego.

“I don’t!” I denied.

He moved closer to me trapping me on the wall. I smelt his masculine scent driving my senses insane. He leaned down his head and whispered softly into my ears, “Yes, you do. Want me to prove to you how much you like it my lovely Chajang-nim?

Who thinks my life is boring? My life will never be boring. Not with the existence of this super narcissistic human being, a dork who turns into a wolf whenever he wanted to.

I am Kang Sora and this is my story.

Author’s Note:

Teukso FF (Alternate Reality/Universe)

If you ever come across this new FF of mine, thank you for taking your time to read it. This FF is inspired by a mix of some of my favourite anime/manga especially Kaichou Wa Maid-sama (a little of OHSHC) so expect similarity with it. I have been planning to write FF with SJ members in it and I thought of using their SPY concept but I am not good in writing actions scenes. I only know kicking in the butt..LOL so the idea of a cafe came to mind.

I wasn’t planning to share to the thread.. those who got curious enough to click on it..thanks for taking an interest. I may update but it will take long considering When Love and Hate Collide is still ongoing.

Special thanks to my LLT for editing this one for me..will you be my editor from now on?.. 😀


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  1. First one to comment, I guess 🙂 and I like it authornim 🙂 feel free to update whenever you can, we’ll be waiting 🙂

  2. Oh em!! Eonni!! I don’t want to say it but we really have so many things alike ~ maid-sama is also one of them 😀 Looking forward for the updates,.. Fighting!!

  3. So either Usui and Tamaki will finally become real, or Leeteuk will become a perverted outerspace alien. haha,, loved it 😉 ur last few lines made me giggle ..

  4. Oooo daebak!!This one will be the cute one..

    You’ve already written some FF lately, but my first FF never improved..sigh..

    I thought this FF idea come from manga, what kind of manga?Can you tell me?hehe

    Although you said it needs a long time for next chap, as your fan I should wait then..keke

    • Kaichou Wa Maid-sama which is really awesome! Watch the anime..and I am still updated with the manga. There’s a bit of Ouran High School Host Club in this one two… 😀

  5. oohh.. i really like your FFs and this has piqued my curiosity as to how it their relationship started and/or how it will go.. please do update this one too.. =)

  6. Who thinks my life is boring? My life will never be boring. Not with the existence of this super narcissistic human being, a dork who turns into a wolf whenever he wanted to. >>> kyaaaaaaaaaaaa.. dork to wolf ROFl..

    suddenly remeber top pic and then 3rd pic ROFL

    Love this VP…

  7. hi! a silent reader here eversince yor 1st ff started and been a fan. i think the story looks promising, we’ll patiently wait for the next updates.

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