When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 21



As she informed her parents about her decision, her mother got all worked up and with the help of Jungsu’s mother, they finished all the preparation needed in less than two weeks.

“Are you sure about this?” Jungsu asked her in a whisper as they sat on her parents’ living room as their mothers discussed the details of the wedding while their fathers just nodded to everything that Mrs. Park and Mrs. Kang tell them.

“Yeah..why?” she asked back in low tone “I thought you wanted this too. Do you want to back out now?”

“No!” he answered quickly “I thought you needed more time to think about it”

She shrugged “Like you said, there’s no point in dragging this wedding too long when it is going to happen eventually so why not do it early?”

“I just don’t want you to make a rush decision that you might regret later.”

She looked at him eyebrows frowning. Did he change his mind? It was him who used to convince her about the marriage so what is wrong with him now? Does he not want to get married to me anymore?

She wanted to ask all those questions but she can’t with her parents around. She excused herself and pulled him with her and took him out to the garden.

“If you don’t want to get married anymore just say so” she told him.

“What?” he asked shocked “No”

“Then why do I hint uncertainty on you now?”

“It’s not what you think it is”

“Then what is it?!”

Combing his hair with his fingers, he fidgets and looks like he finds it hard to say the words. She grew more irritated by the minute.

“I’m going back in. Tell me once you sort out what’s on your mind” as she made a move to go back in, he stopped her as he got hold of her arm.

“I didn’t change my mind” he told her as he looked straight in to her eyes “I was actually happy when Omma informed me that you already made your decision but I want to know, are you happy?”

“What kind of question is that?” she asked not understanding the point of him asking that now. “In a few weeks’ time, I’ll be married to someone I despised when I first met him” she felt his grip on her arm loosen and dropped to his side. “I am just starting to let go of the past that I should have done long time ago but only found the courage to do so. I am sad yes, but I’m relieved though I can’t tell you if I’m actually happy because of that.” With her right hand, she reached out for his hand to hold. “I deserve to be happy. You made me realize that. I’m tired of being alone and broken.” She held his face to have him look at her “I decided to find my happiness. Will you be there for me when I do that?”

“You know I will” he answered softly smiling at her with tenderness in his eyes.

They went back inside the house still holding hands which put a smile to their parents’ faces. They tried to help with the wedding plan but their mothers insisted that they have it all covered and they just have to be surprised during their wedding day.

“It will be a wedding to remember” they told them.


Sora took a leave off work but didn’t tell the true reason for taking a holiday. Days before her wedding, she was surprised to see her brothers on her front door telling her they will be spending the night at her flat.

“You’ll be getting married in a few days’ time so we decided to stay with you just like the old days” Heechul reasoned out.

“We can always do that anytime”

“but it’ll be different since you will be married by then” Siwon said “We bought DVDs to watch”

Just then the doorbell rang again. Opening her door, she let Jungsu in.

“Oh man! You are already taking our little sister away from us. Can you not give us this time to spend with her?” Heechul said in mock annoyance.

“and besides what time is it now? Do you come here like this everyday?” Siwon asked “Don’t tell me you two..” as he pointed at two of them, eyes widened in surprise.

“What?!” Sora asked irritated.

“No way!” Siwon added “Is that why you’re getting married early? Soraya are you..”

Realizing what her brother meant. She felt herself blush to the ends of her hair “Hyung!”

Heechul and Siwon just laugh at them noticing how both of their cheeks turned red.

“Geez! Hyung stop it” she turned to Jungsu “Don’t mind them” and asked him to sit down.

“I think I should leave, I don’t want to disturb your time with your brothers” he refused.

“Stay at least just for dinner” she offered.

“As if he would stay to taste your awful cooking” Heechul teased.

She gave her brother a piercing look “Who says anything about me cooking? I’m ordering dinner”

Her brothers laugh at her again “Jungsu Hyung are you sure you want to marry Sora?” Siwon asked

“You better prepare yourself for eating take away most of the time” Heechul added.

She had enough of her brother’s teasing, grabbing throw pillows from her sofa, she hit them with it.

“Don’t believe them” she told Jungsu “I can cook” she informed him.

“Yeah, she can cook burned toast and eggs” Siwon managed to say whilst still avoiding Sora’s hit.

“Believe us when we say don’t ever try eating her cooking.” Heechul said as he put a hand on Jungsu’s shoulder “we are victims of her cooking” and made a face like he was about to vomit.

“yah!!! Hyung you better stop before I drag you both out!” she threatened them. “You don’t believe them do you?” she asked Jungsu.


She glared at him. She saw Siwon signalling Jungsu not to believe her.

“I believe you” he answered finally.

Siwon and Heechul let out a sigh. She stuck out her tongue at them and turned to Jungsu and said proudly “I’ll let you experience my awesome kitchen skills in the future” and she went to her room to grab her mobile to call and order food but not before she heard her brothers laugh and wished Jungsu good luck. She just shook her head as she dial the number.

Jungsu went home after dinner. Sora and her brothers watched movies together, played video games until dawn. The next morning, before her brothers left, they got emotional than usual.

“You two make it sound like I’m leaving out of the country, I’m only getting married!” she told them.

“We know that.” Heechul said “It’s just that we didn’t expect you to get married before us”

“You are our little sister after all” Siwon added. “We seem to have always looked at you like you are still a child that needs taking care of but you have someone you can rely on now”

Hugging both of them, she said “and I thank you for always being there for me. I can still rely on both of you right?”

“Of course” they both answered in unison and Heechul added “If Jungsu upset you in any way, call us and we will beat the hell out of him”

She just laughed at that although she knew there was seriousness at what her brother has said.


Seeing Park Inyoung on the early morning of her wedding day is something she didn’t expect.

“I’m here to pick you up to get ready” she told her.

“Isn’t it too early?” she asked glancing at her clock. It’s barely eight in the morning and the wedding won’t be until late afternoon.

“Bosses orders” Inyoung answered referring to their mothers. “Go change while I make you something to eat” as she shoved her to her room.

After getting ready, she found Inyoung in the kitchen with breakfast set for her.

“You don’t really need to do that” she said shyly “Thank you”

“No worries” she said smiling “You excited on your wedding?”

She drank her coffee and took a bite of her toast before she answered “I’m nervous which is normal but I am worried because I don’t even know the details of the wedding. I’m lost at what to do. I should have convinced Omma to do a wedding rehearsal.”

“All you have to do is walk down the aisle. You’ll be fine.” she told her and excused herself to answer a phone call.

Sora continued eating and was almost finish when Inyoung came back. Looking at her watch she said “We better get moving now”

“Where exactly are we going?” She asked confused.

“To get you ready for your big day of course” Inyoung chirped happily and Sora allowed herself to be dragged along.

A little while after, Sora realized what getting “ready” meant. It means going to a spa, get a massage and all sorts of treatment she has no idea about. They spent almost half a day doing just that though it did help her relax. After that, Inyoung brought her to a hotel and took her straight to a room she reserved where she found a group of people whom she was informed to be her make-up artists. As soon as she stepped inside, she was stripped off her clothes and was given a silk robe to wear as they worked on her hair and make-up.  Her hair was made in perfect waves. Her face didn’t need a lot of work as they only applied a light make up on her making it look natural. The gown was the last thing to come, and just like the first time that she led her eyes on it, she was still amazed at the beauty of it. She was allowed to look at herself in the mirror after they fitted the veil and once again. She was stunned with her own transformation.

“You look perfect!” Inyoung exclaimed as she entered the room looking pretty herself on her sapphire blue gown.

She smiled at her “Thank you and I can say the same thing to you”

After doing some final touches, they said their thanks to the make-up artists and Inyoung led her to the elevator but not before she was asked to close her eyes.

“Just trust me on this” Inyoung has said to her and she unwillingly obliged.

She felt the elevator move and stopped few minutes later. Inyoung held her hand and led her to walk. Sora heard a  metal door creaked open and felt a gush of strong wind which made her guess where they are but the question is why?

Inyoung pulled to a stop. “You can open your eyes now” she told her.

“What the..” was the first words that came out of her mouth the moment she opened her eyes.

“and this why you shouldn’t have let our mothers to do the preparation” Inyoung stated smiling.

“Are you freaking kidding me?!” Sora blurted out in disbelief.


Author’s note:

@teukrhodz YES!! The most awaited lovey dovey moments…kyaahhh..I can’t wait to type it and share to all of you…

@gomigummie LOL..Huey’s RED will take a long time…kkk

@najwa85 I’m glad you’re enjoying the FF..^^ *Amen to that..I really hope to see TeukSo tie the knot for REAL!!! Kyaaaahhh..I’m all giggly just thinking about it.

@meridian bebegurl..you know this Unnie likes to take things slow so IT won’t come sooner..ROFL..

@zeez well yeah..I like taking it slow..LOL..I hope it didn’t bore the readers though of the slow progress of their relationship..^^ I haven’t covered the whole Sora-Sungmin-So-Yool issue yet..kkk..so me no comment on that as of the moment.. 😀

@mianazra, @lazyme2day, @lialea, @hippohaven, @athena @lovelysin, @echalovable I’m glad I made u all giggle on the previous chap.. 😀

Please don’t kill me on the cliffhanger..LOL..I guess you already have an idea about the end of this chap? O_o I can’t just rush to their wedding now, can I?kkk.. If I can go home early after work then I might be able to type it from my written draft then update quickly..^^ I’m off this Saturday..yay!



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