When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 22



“Don’t tell me I have to get into that?” Sora asked incredulously pointing at the helicopter.

Inyoung just smiled at her reaction. “I’m afraid so or you won’t get into your wedding on time”

“This is insane!”

“That’s how I’d describe my mother, she tends to do everything in a grand scale” Inyoung said laughing while shaking her head “I didn’t know your Mom would be like that too.”

“Can’t we just go on a normal car?!” she exasperated “There’s no way I’m taking that. This is unbelievable!”

Patting Sora on her shoulder to calm her, Inyoung said “Riding a helicopter to your wedding maybe isn’t your typical..”

“You bet it’s not! This is ridiculous!” Sora interrupted still not believing what her parents has done and now she’s scared of the actual venue of the wedding.

As if reading her mind “You shouldn’t worry about the reception because it won’t be as insane as this” Inyoung reassured her. Sora just stared at her still not convinced when Inyoung’s phone rang.

“I told you we’ll have problem getting her on the helicopter!” Inyoung said on the other line which Sora guessed could be Mrs. Park. “I am trying to convince her..I did..Omma..no what? I don’t think that’s a good idea” Sora just listened to Inyoung’s mumbling on the phone when she turned to her handing her the mobile. “Your Mom” she mouthed.

“Kang Sora you better get into that helicopter now!” her mother ordered.

“I would have only if I am not wearing a dress and going to my own wedding!”

After a series of convincing she finally said “Fine!” then added “As long as you promised that no more of this on the actual wedding” and she ended the phone call. Reluctantly, she started taking a step towards her “ride” then stopped when she remembered something “Unnie, you don’t think our parents will go as far as putting those big banner on this like we usually see on television with our names on it right?” She asked worriedly.

There was a long pause.

“No way! We have to take that out!” she screamed. “It’s not as if taking a helicopter isn’t weird enough and they want to fly this thing around Seoul announcing our marriage like it’s a political campaign! What are they thinking?!”

Omma won’t be too happy but getting you to your wedding is more important so we can take that out and I’ll deal with her later” Inyoung agreed.

Inyoung helped her get in as she still continued her incoherent mumbling as how crazy it is. As they settled themselves, Inyoung instructed the pilot to take off and told her “Sora stop frowning, you should be smiling, it’s your wedding!”

“I didn’t expect this that’s all” She said taking a deep sigh “and remind me not to let them handle any event again” she added and smiled despite herself.

“I can’t really blame my mother though” Inyoung confessed “She didn’t get to arrange my wedding, in a way I want to thank you for letting my mother be a part of your wedding preparation. I haven’t seen her this happy again”

Sora vaguely remembers Jungsu telling her the same thing. Sensing a little sadness in Inyoung’s voice, she joked “You could have said that earlier, I would have jumped in this freaking helicopter right away” making Inyoung laugh.

“Where will be the fun in that?” she answered back and they both fell into fits of laughter.


The ride took them around fifty minutes or so. “Look” Inyoung encouraged giving her a nudge “We’re here”

Sora took a glance out the window and gasped as Hyatt Regency Hotel came into view. The hotel is known as the most beautiful and captivating hotel on Jeju Island. It is situated at Jungmun beach overlooking Pacific Ocean and is set amid lush landscape garden and waterfalls and looks even more beautiful looking at it up in the air. It was breathtaking. Her disagreement about her “ride” long forgotten.

They landed on a wide green landscape. As the door opened, Inyoung helped her stand and straightened her dress for her. Sora still unable to say a word, she looked down and found her brothers both looking handsome on their black suit and assisted her as she came down the helicopter. She felt the softness of the grass the moment that she stepped on it.

“How was the ride princess?” Heechul asked smirking.

“bumpy..” she managed to voiced out earning a laugh from her brothers. They both gave her a hug telling her the wedding is about to start. Hearing that, her throat tightened. Oh God! This is really happening! She let them led her and she grew more nervously as everyone felt their presence. They all stood up from their seat marking the start of the wedding. The venue was set up at the hotel garden overlooking the vast blue ocean. A small breeze can be  felt offering a slight chill which provides relief from the warm setting sun. The setting sun’s radiant face was mirrored by the shimmering clear blue waves of the sea.

Her father was already waiting for her at the entrance wearing a proud smile on his face. She hooked her right hand at the crook of his arm as Inyoung handed her bouquet. She took deep breaths as the entourage started. She grew more nervous as it was almost their turn. Only U piano version started playing in the background from the live orchestra as she took her first step, a gasped escape her mouth as she marvel at the beauty in front of her. The rays of the sun sinking into the horizon illuminates several clouds in the sky outlining them with silver-gold paintbrush as it cast shadows at the aisle.

Sora gathered her courage and glance straight at the altar where Park Jungsu stood looking handsome as ever in his black tuxedo and bow tie admiration evident on his face as he stared at her. She felt her face heat up as she realized she was the object of his fascination. There was something in his gaze that she couldn’t quite figure out yet but she can’t bring herself to look away.

Her heart beats so fast she was surprised it didn’t come out of her chest just yet. After taking a bow and shaking hands with her father, he reached out for her hand. His hand feels warm against her cold ones. He held her hand tight as he led them to the waiting minister.

“We are gathered here to witness the union of these two people, Park Jungsu and Kang Sora.” The minister started.  “Marriage is not the end of love but rather a beginning. The bride and groom are promising to themselves, to their families and guests that from here on they are starting their journey and to love with their innermost passion and effort.” He then turned to Jungsu “Do you Park Jungsu promise to love and honor this woman, till deaths do you part?”

He looked at her, his eyes burning to her very soul as he spoke “Yes, I do”. The minister asked the same thing to her. Months ago, she  dreaded for this day to come and even thought of running away but as she looked at him, she felt an invisible pull so strong she couldn’t tear her gaze away as she answered softly “I do”.

They faced each other and with a slight quiver in his voice, he said his vow. “I feel that I am still undeserving to be called as your fiancé and a husband for that matter that’s why I want to thank you for giving me a chance to spend my forever with you. I, Park Jungsu take you, Kang Sora, to be my wife. Forever I’ll hold your hand tight and will  cherish every waking moment that I spend with you. I give you my hand and my heart, from this day forward as long as we both shall live” as he slipped the ring on her finger without leaving her gaze.

She wasn’t prepared what to say so she just recited whatever comes to her mind at that moment as she continued to stare deeply in to his eyes. “We met unexpectedly and never in my life did I ever think that we will be standing here together taking a vow.” She started “I, Kang Sora, take you Park Jungsu, to be my partner, to accept what I already know of you and trust what I do not know yet either it’s a good or bad part of you. I eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together and get to know the man you will become. I promise to cherish you through whatever life may bring us.” slipping the ring on his finger.

“You may now kiss the bride” The minister chimed after he announced them being husband and wife.

She just stood there unable to move as he leaned closer, both hands holding her face. She closed her eyes as she felt his lips landed on her forehead and lingered for a few seconds. She opened her eyes and found him still staring at her as he caressed her face. Taking a hold of her hand, he walked them towards her parents to pay their respect and thanking them for the life they’ve given them. What she didn’t expect was him dropping to his knees and bow while saying “Kansahamnida” repeatedly. He only got up when her father approached, giving him a pat on the shoulder and hug him.

“Park Jungsu you are my son now” Mr Kang affectionately told him. “I hope you will love my daughter a lot and take care of her like a princess like me and her brothers do. I hope you live well  until the future.”

“We will” he answered, giving another bow.

They then went to his parents’ side and paid their respect. Park Jungsu bowed the same. Mrs. Park gave Sora hug as she whispered in tears “Welcome to our family”

Holding hands, they walked back down the aisle as rose petals thrown their way.


They all gathered to the main banquet hall set still outside the hotel. The sun has set leaving the sky in clear azure surrounding the vastness of the whole island and the sounds of the waves and the tide washing onto the shore can be heard.  It was only then that Sora managed to meet every guest from her family relatives and friends and Park Jungsu’s. The next hour was filled with glittering wine glasses and whispers of congratulations to the newlywed couple.

She danced with her father and brothers and Jungsu danced with the ladies of his family and Mrs. Kang. Sungmin also asked for a dance which she complied to.

“Thanks for coming here” she told him. After the incident with So-Yool, she wasn’t able to talk to him.

“It’s my bestfriend’s wedding, I can’t miss it for the world.” He said smiling. “I know it’s not the right time to say this but I want to say I’m sorry for everything.”

Shaking her head slightly, she said “Let’s not dwell on the past Oppa, what’s more important is that we’re both happy.” and stated with confidence “I am happy”

“I can see that” he commented “I guess I better give you back to your husband because he looks like he’s going to kill me if I danced with you a second longer”

She followed his gaze and found Jungsu staring at them as he stopped dancing with his sister and made his way towards them. “Yeah, he could be a little possessive” she said giggling as Sungmin excused himself.

“May I have this dance Mrs. Park?” Jungsu asked holding out his hand. She felt a certain jolt as he addressed her with his name.

Mrs. Park. I am Kang Sora no more.


(picture credit to the rightful owner)

Author’s note:

I was supposed to finish this earlier but I can’t bring myself to post it because I wasn’t confident enough if I was able to describe the whole setting. I hope I wasn’t a disappointment. I actually have to do a thorough research as to where would be the best venue in Korea, I wanted it to be like a private event with just the presence of their family. After deciding the hotel and island, I also research how far it is from the city by car and air..LOL

Apart from the Korean weddings I watch from Korean dramas, I don’t have any idea what a real Korean wedding looks like so I asked google for help.. 😀 They usually don’t have a priest on a wedding and I don’t know what to call the person who weds them…kkk..They also don’t usually give vows but i just have to add that..:D I also had to rewatch their WGM episode to help me write their vows..nyahaha..

So basically..I did a lot of research on this chapter..LOL

I am addicted to Only U piano version and I was listening to it as I was writing it from the moment Sora walked down the aisle until the moment that they said their vows..LOL

Did all of you thought of Jamsil stadium?kkk..that’d be too predictable.. 😀 poke @lazyme2day @gommigummie I have other plans for Jamsil Stadium.. (^-^)

@mianazra  as per request, those are the closest pics I found to what I have envisioned of their venue.

@sachixia @huey @meridian @athena @steffy @najwa @yana7576 @lucjung @lovelysin25 and to others who are silently reading..thanks a lot!!!

I’ll work very hard on the next chapters.. 😀



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  1. it’s cooooooool 🙂
    really really cool,
    I really love the way you illustrate Sora as a smart and really logic girl.
    therefore, I was curious about what kind of ridiculous things that Sora mention in the end of previous chapter.
    and the way you write it, even make me feel, it’s beyond my imagination :).
    ps:I love Sora’s vow

  2. Teuki is considerate till the end 🙂 I was touched ..
    It must have been hard to write this chapter.. 🙂 good job as always Unnie 😀

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