When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 24


chapter 24kbdk“This night..for me and Sora”

-LT (WGM DC Ep. 25)

Being thrown in the water came unexpected and as she struggled to stand up she can still hear him laughing while trying to help her. Regained her footing, she pushed him away and started splashing water at him as he did the same.

“Stop stop!!” She said raising a hand “My eyes..”

“Wae?” He asked with worry. “Gowenchana?” she continued rubbing her eyes as he stepped closer to her. “Let me have a look”

To his surprise, she suddenly pushed him and caught him off guard. “You’re so easy” she taunted as she ran away from him.

“You’ll pay for that” she heard him say. She just laughs at that when suddenly an arm circled her waist and felt herself being lifted from the water as he positioned her on his shoulder.

“Put me down you brute!” she screeched and slapped his back for good measure as she continued to wiggle herself out from him.

“I’ll put you down alright, but not just yet” he said, hint of amusement clear in his voice as he continued to walk towards the deep end.

“Oh no no!” she panicked. “I can’t swim!!”

“Do you really expect me to believe that?” he scoffed.

“I’m telling you the truth so put me down!”

“Put you down so you can push my head down in the water and drown me?” he shook his head “Na-uh..I don’t think so”

“I’m not going to do that.” She denied.

“Say please and promise you’re not going to drown me.”

“No” she refused rather stubbornly.

“Your choice not mine”

“Alright! Alright! Please..” she conceded.


Letting out an exasperated sigh she added “and I promise I’m not going to drown you” and mumbled “I’ll find other ways to kill you”

“I heard that” he said laughing as he slowly put her down but not completely letting go of her, one arm still draped around her waist as he pushed strands of hair from her face and gently tucked it behind her ear. Her attempt to strike back got blown away as she looked at him, his face painted with a contented smile.

A pair of brilliant, blinking dark eyes and strong arms wrapped around you like a safe, warm cocoon, and you lost your ability to speak? You, my girl, are such a goner. She shook her head vigorously at her train of thought. Her mind shifted to the events that occurred since the day they met and until the day she married him.

She may have married him but there was still so much to learn, to discover, to share. And as much as she wanted to, though she would never admit it, to just lie in his arms and soak up his warmth, Sora wanted something else even more…

To know Park Jungsu…

…like no one ever had.

To get to know him before she let herself tripped down the rabbit hole and get stuck again in Wonderland without a solid plan on how to get back. She’s been there before, been stuck there for so long and then he came along and slowly pull her out.

Is she willing to take the risk?

What if it happens again? How will she get back if she falls even deeper than before? She would never allow herself to be in that position again without knowing where she stands.

So, she took a deep breath and broke their comfortable, prolonged silence. Stepping back away from him, he looked at her confused.

Baby steps Kang Sora. Just take one step a time.

“What’s wrong?” he asked concern evident in his voice.

“Nothing” she answered avoiding his gaze. “I’ll take a dip for a while then we can take a stroll” Not giving him a chance to say anything, she took a swim.


After taking a stroll the rest of the afternoon, they decided to go out at night. Sora was thankful when he didn’t bring out what happened at the beach. Jungsu suggested to check out a bar called the ‘Paniolo Lounge. They walked into the place and looked around. The lighting was nice and there were tables scattered in front of a large well stocked bar. A stage was set off to the side and a doorway led to a backdoor. It was early, but most of the tables were already occupied. They looked at each other questioningly and Sora shrugged.

“It seems nice enough. Let’s give it a try.”

He took her hand and lead the way to the bar, clearing a comfortable path for Sora with his large frame. She smiled at his back. She noticed a band walk onto the stage and begin tuning their instruments and performing the ritual of sound checking. Jungsu found two empty bar stools and they each claimed one.

Sora scanned the walls behind the bar and saw different bottles stacked five shelves high. There was also a sign describing their house specialty drink. The bartender was already pretty busy, but he got to them after only a minute or two. He approached them and recognition shone his face as he saw Jungsu.

“Hey Mr. Leeteuk! Nice to see you again”

“Rob” Jungsu muttered smiling “Nice to be back”

“So where is the sexy vixen that was with you the last time? What was her name again? Hye Na? No..” Rob shook his head while snapping his fingers trying to remember a name “Oh I got it, it’s In-.”

“Rob!” Jungsu shouted a little louder diverting everyone’s attention in the bar.

Clearing her throat, Sora let herself known “So Rob what were you saying again?” she asked and added “before you were rudely interrupted…”

She turned to Jungsu smiling sweetly. Too sweet for his liking “by Leeteuk-shi”

Jungsu cringed knowing full well that he’s in deep trouble. Letting out an exaggerated cough, he said. “Rob, this is Sora, my wife”

Rob’s eyes widened in surprise, “Mrs. Park, Nice to meet you” he said offering his hand for a handshake.

Reaching her hand out for the handshake she said. “Call me Sora, I prefer Sora than Mrs. Park” She caught Rob glancing at Jungsu “So Rob, about my question..”

“That was years ago, I forgot her name” Rob reasoned and before she can ask again, he added cheerfully “So what would you like to drink? It’s on the house”

“We’ll have two of your special tonight” Jungsu interjected.

Sora looked at him incredulously. “I don’t really drink”

“Two special it is!” Rob declared as he went to get their orders ready. Happy to get away from the tension that he unconsciously started.

“Sora” Jungsu started “It’s not what you think” She looked at him not really believing what he said. “That was years ago and we were here for business”

“Business? Yeah right” she scoffed. “I didn’t know doing business involves sitting in a bar with a glass of martini or margarita”

“That’s not what I meant” he defended rather quickly “I mean-uh, we came to Hawaii together because of business and we sort of came her for a drink. We just had a couple of drink and talked.” he continued without a pause “That’s all we did I swear!”

She looked at him sceptically and shrugged. “I don’t really care who you dated before we got married. It’s none of my concern but if you know what’s good for you, you better get your act together” reaching for his left hand where their wedding band lay, she added “and this should mean something to you now”

Placing his right hand above hers, he whispered “It means everything to me”

Taking her hand away from his hold, Sora turned and leaned onto the bar when she heard him laughing softly “What?” she asked.

Shaking his head in amusement, he grinned at her. “I just realized, you were jealous”

“I wasn’t jealous!” she denied.

“You totally were”

“Was not!

“Were too!”


“Sorry to interrupt your lover’s spat guys but here’s your drink” Rob announced as he settled their drinks in front of them.

Sora was just too glad for the interruption. “Thanks Rob”. She turned to Jungsu who was still grinning from ear to ear. “Wipe that grin off your silly face and start drinking”


“Hep! One word and I’m outta here” she threatened.

“Okay! Okay!” he said laughing. Grabbing his drink, he offered a toast. “This night, for me and you”


After finishing their drink, they went outdoor to find a table overlooking the gardens and ocean view. They both learned that they are not much of a drinker but ordered a bottle of white wine just for the sake of it and none of them realized that they finished the whole bottle and the next thing they knew, they started playing a silly game of ‘truth or dare’ by spinning the bottle.

“Who came with you here the last time?” she asked him when he chose ‘truth’.

“Oh In Hye” he answered without much of a thought. He saw her face scrunched up in disappointment, “My turn, where does Sungmin-shi stand in your life now?” he asked.

“Hey!No fair! You have to spin the bottle first!” she reached for the bottle and spin it.

“Just my luck!” he grumbled when it pointed at him again “Dare” he chose.

She leaned over the table staring down at him.”I have a dare for you.” She sauntered over to him and grabbed a drink, quickly drinking it and gasped “ahhh”. The look on her face reminded him of a predator ready to pounce. “I dare you to find the hottest girl in the bar and kiss her.” She began laughing at the look of dread that showed his features. He took another drink which caused her to chuckle and say, “That’s not a bad idea, Jungsu-shi. Have a drink to give yourself a little courage.” She stood up and went to his side, giving him another glass to drink.

“Sora,” he practically whined. “I can’t do that.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. You don’t have the guts, do you? I would have no trouble with a simple challenge like that but you…” she let her words trail off and gave him a sideways glance.

He stiffened at her comment. I can do anything that she can do, he thought, sulking a little. Fine! If she wanted to play, then he would play. She saw resolve harden in his eyes and she let a small smile play on her lips.  She watched as he began to scan the room. His eyes stopped on someone over her shoulder. Sora turned and saw a leggy blondie leaning suggestively over the bar.

Sora turned to Jungsu and gave him a smile wagging her eyebrows at him. “Not bad, Mr. Park Jungsu. Now get to it.” She waved her hand towards the bar.

Jungsu looked at her and smiled crookedly. Yes, if she wants to play, then I’ll play, he thought deviously. He moved towards the bar brushing her shoulder and trailing his right hand on her waist as he went. She stiffened as the light touch left a trail of fire on her skin and made her heart skip a beat. He paused and quickly turned to her resting his hands on the table behind her, one on each side of her trapping her in the process.

What the hell is he doing? Her mind screamed and her stomach did summersaults. His eyes found hers and they both swallowed a lump that formed simultaneously in their throats. Then he said, “The hottest girl in the bar, eh?” His voice came out much more husky than he had intended, causing Sora’s breathing to hitch again.

Jungsu straightened and put his hands on her waist and pulled her flush against him never breaking eye contact with her. He used his left hand to gently brush a hair behind her ear and then lightly caressed her cheek with his thumb. Every nerve in his body went overdrive. His hand tingled with the sensation of her soft skin under it.

His gaze left her eyes and darted to her full lips which she unconsciously moistened. “What are-” was all she got out before he closed the few inches between them and felt his lips brushed lightly against her own as if waiting for her to push him away but she didn’t do anything. He kissed her gently at first, his right hand made its way at the back of her head as the kiss deepened asking for a response. His left arm circled her waist bringing her body closer to his.

She was no expert kisser but then just a while later, she learned how to respond. Sora didn’t think she could have stopped herself even if her mind hadn’t been taken over by pleasure and desire. She heard a moan and was surprised that it was actually coming from her. She let out a gasp as she felt him giving her body a gentle caress. She wanted to protest when he leaves her mouth but purred when she felt his lips on her neck and as his tongue glazed over her sensitive skin. His lips made its way back to kiss her again. As he did, his hands travel its way under her shirt feeling her smooth skin under his palm.

He sighed into her lips, loving the feel of her touch. His stomach clenched at the sensations she was eliciting in him. Nothing had felt as good as she did in his arms and he pulled her even closer. He wanted, no, needed more of her.

Her senses were overwhelmed by the feel of his strong arms wrapped around her and his hands and mouth exploring her body. His lips were driving her mad and creating desires for him she never thought possible. She moved her hand and undid another button on his shirt needing to touch his hot flesh. She marveled at his hard toned chest and loved the feel of the strong muscles contracting under her fingers.

He finally pulled away trying to regain his senses thinking he had to stop before it get completely out of control. He opened his eyes and looked at her. He watched as her eyes began to flutter open and saw conflicted emotion that he was sure mirrored his own: confusion and desire. They both took a quick step back. He let his hands drop to his sides and attempted to get his heart rate and breathing under control.

Sora busied herself smoothing her clothes and hair. She cleared her throat and said, “I’ll be right back. I’m going to the restroom,” Her voice broke the slightest bit and she walked away quickly. He let out the breath he’d been holding and sat down. His mind returned to the searing kiss he had just shared with her.

Sora strode quickly into the bathroom and walked directly to the sink. She splashed her face with cold water and dabbed it off with a towel. She took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh. Her eyes took in her reflection then asked herself aloud, “What the hell was that?” She ran her finger tips over her slightly swollen lips in confusion, remembering the feel of Jungsu’s pressed against her.

Author’s Note:

Time for never ending apologies!!!

It’s been three freaking long months since I last updated. Sorry guys for being on hiatus for so long, college, work and personal life got in the way. I could have started writing a few weeks ago but I had a case of writers-block and had to get my inspiration back. I’m not even sure if you’re still interested in the story.

@athena, @happydimple, @frndsarpi, @tikas @tateuki thanks for still visiting the blog.

I hope this chapter was worth the wait. I actually wanted to leave a cliffhanger and wasn’t planning on adding the last bit then again you waited long enough. *wink wink. I am mostly worried that I may have lost my touch and won’t be able to write the way I used to.

I have to thank my friend Jos for giving me a push to get this chapter done and to my LLT for the encouragement. To my PFDs, you know who you are, and to my dear readers, thanks for being patient with me.


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  1. This is great chapter authornim,just what FD and PFD needed hehehehehe. You still have your charm in writing, I hope you can update soon 🙂

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