When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 25



“Okay. Pull yourself together, Kang Sora. You’re going to go out there and play this off, no problem. He can’t know that he’s had any effect on you.” She consoled herself and took another deep calming breath. She straightened her hair again and applied some lipstick before leaving the bathroom.

She pushed her way through the crowd and back to Jungsu. Her step faltered when she saw him where she left him a while ago and her stomach did another somersault. What was wrong with her tonight? She wondered as she neared the table.

She sat back down and tried not to glance his way and kept wishing that he won’t try to bring up what just happened. She can’t deal with it as of the moment as she can still feel the palpable tension between them. She heard him clearing his throat. Please don’t bring it up. Please don’t. She kept repeating it on her head that she missed what he just said.

“Sora” he called out to her gaining her attention.

“I’m sorry what?” she asked rather distractedly.

“I asked if you would like to go back to the other side. A new band has started playing and they sound pretty good,” Jungsu suggested in an attempt to lessen the tension. Sora let out a sigh of relief until he added with a glint of playfulness in his eyes. “I don’t see an open table inside though so, I guess you’re going to have to dance with me,”

Sora’s mind went on panic. Dancing? Dancing will involve body contact and getting close to that glorious body of his is the last thing she wanted. Oh really? Her mind retorted. Need I remind you that just a few minutes ago, you couldn’t help but caress those firm chests, just admit it girl.  “No no no!!” she suddenly blurted out shaking her head.

“Sora are you okay?” she heard him asked.

“No..I mean yes..No I’m fine” She chastised herself for sounding a complete incoherent fool. Blame it on the alcohol. Darn! I shouldn’t have drunk that much.

“So which one is it? Yes or no?” he asked laughing clearly having fun with her sudden lack of demeanour.

“Yes I’m okay and no I don’t want to dance.” She answered. “I don’t really dance”

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to teach you” came his smooth reply. Taking no for an answer, he grabbed her hand and drag her to the dance floor joining the others.

Jungsu put his hands on her waist and pulled her a little closer. She responded by looping her arms around his neck. She was incredibly awkward at first and Jungsu, of course, took the opportunity to tease her. His laugh was contagious though and soon they were both dancing and laughing. She was a quick study and it wasn’t long before she was moving smoothly to the music.

They fell silent and let the music wash over them. Without thinking they gravitated closer together until Jungsu’s arms were wrapped completely around her and Sora’s head came to rest on his chest. They swayed together, simply enjoying the feel of being in each other’s arms. She felt warm and safe as if his ‘big strong arms’ were shielding her from the world. The moment just seemed…right.

Their dance wasn’t like the passion filled embrace they had shared earlier. It was gentle and unrushed. It was two individuals who had grown to care about each other sharing a quiet moment. Simply put, it was safe and sweet. Sora was engrossed in listening to the reassuring cadence of his heartbeat whilst he had his cheek resting against her hair and inhaled her soft clean scent.

As the song came to an end they slowly pulled away from each other. Jungsu looked down at her and said, “Are you about ready to go?” to which she nodded in response.


They burst through the door of their cottage. All the alcohol they had had through the night coming into full effect. Jungsu stumbled over the threshold which made Sora laugh. “Easy there, Park Jungsu-shi.”

“Pfft. I’m fine. Something caught on my foot,” he said defensively. The stumble had un-tucked the right side of his shirt. He walked into the room half tucked and half not, but he never noticed.

Sora giggled and said, “Sure.”

Jungsu walked to the couch and flopped down, letting out a satisfied sigh. She followed him to the couch, but tripped on the leg of the coffee table and unceremoniously fell into the cushions. The two burst into a fit of laughter. “Tell me again who needs to take it easy,” Jungsu slurred out and gloated, while she tried to pick herself up and maintain her dignity.

“My foot got caught on something,” she said, repeating his earlier words sarcastically.

“There seems to be a lot of that going on around here,” he deadpanned while scanning suspiciously around the room, seemingly searching for the cause of their tripping.

She chuckled and punched his shoulder then she scooted close to him until their sides were plush against each other. Neither of them thought anything of it when Jungsu put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer. She turned and looked him in the eyes. She realized for the first time how close they were. She swallowed and cleared her throat, feeling a familiar sensation trickle down her spine. Under normal circumstances, she would have made a joke that would rattle him and make him uncomfortable enough that he would pull away from her, but she found that she couldn’t form the words. She chose a much better option, to move herself away from him.

“Drink..I need a cold drink” she announced suddenly as she stood up and walked to the adjoining kitchen and grabbed cold water from the fridge and took a sip. Why does he have to be so damn hot?

She saw from the corner of her eyes when he stood up and said “I’m just going to take a shower now or do you want to use the bathroom first?”

“No, you go first” she offered. Hearing the door of their room shut she went to wash her face from the kitchen sink then went back to the living room and sunk herself down in the couch and started to massage her throbbing temple. I swear I’m never going to have a drink ever again!

He returned from the shower few minutes later and joined her once again on the couch dressed in baby blue shirt and white shorts.

“Take this, it’ll help”

She opened her eyes and looked up at him. He handed her another glass of water and Aspirin tablet. She thanked him and took the tablet and finished a whole glass in one gulp.

“You must be really thirsty, I’ll get you another one” he said smiling and went back to the fridge.

Having rested for a moment, she felt her wits coming back. Sitting herself comfortable in the couch, she noticed Jungsu’s wallet which he must have laid out in the coffee table before he took a shower. She grabbed it and began flipping through.

“Geez how old are you in this picture, Jungsu-shi? Eighteen?” she asked with a wide grin holding up his ID.

He looked over at her confused, and saw her looking through his wallet. He skidded back toward the couch and lunged towards her trying to snatch it back, but Sora predicted the move and jumped off the couch circling around it so that it was between them.

“Sora” he said dangerously. “Give me back my wallet.” He sprang off the couch and stalked towards her.

She giggled and moved around the room always keeping something between them. “I just wanna know how old you were in here”

“That was taken six years ago” he answered. “now give it back”

“No wait” she said stopping him from advancing towards her. “Six years ago..hmmm” then she started counting on her fingers. “I was sixteen at that time. I was in middle school”

“Yah!” He tried to grab her again but she danced away from him. “I’m not that old”

“Come on you can do better than that. You’re so slow, must be the old age Ajuhssi” she taunted.

“Oh just wait till I catch you, Soraya,” he said and once again chased after her. She continued looking through his wallet until she came across a picture. This one stopped her in her tracks. “You carry the picture of us at the wedding photoshoot?” she asked shocked. She didn’t even know he got their pictures delivered to him. He took advantage of her surprise and grabbed her. She spun at the last second and he ended up with his arms wrapped around her from behind. She had her arms fully extended to keep the wallet far away from him. She looked over her shoulder and asked, “Why?”

They danced around the living room in a struggle for possession of the wallet. He said a little breathlessly, “You should know the answer to that”

Sora managed to break out of his hold and darted towards the bedroom. He was instantly hot on her heels. She broke through the doors at a dead run and tried to hurdle the bed when his weight came crashing down on her and they tumbled onto the soft bed, both already laughing. Jungsu rolled on top of her and their laughter died as they stared into each other’s eyes.

Then Jungsu gave Sora her third surprise of the night when he asked, “Are you happy being married to me?” When he saw her guard go up and a stubborn look take root he leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Please at least tell me you’re not regretting any of this yet”

Sora was having a lot of trouble thinking clearly. The combination of alcohol, Jungsu’s body pressed over hers, and his hot breath tickling her ear were driving her crazy. She let out a heavy sigh and because the alcohol was seriously impairing her inhibitions she relented. “I don’t regret marrying you unless you give me a reason to”

He continued his deep stare into her eyes and both of their breathing became a bit erratic. “I’ll never give you a reason to” he said with conviction and leaned in to brush a feather soft kiss just below her ear. He continued placing feather soft kisses along her neck. His every fiber was focused on her. He had never known what he wanted more than in that moment. He boldly continued to assault her with his lips and body. His hands roamed to her sides stroking their passions higher.

Without having a second thought, Sora pulled his head down and lifted herself up to meet his lips. He sighed into her mouth as they initiated a passionate kiss, neither willing to resist the temptation the other provided any longer.

Jungsu loved the way her hands were massaging his neck and scalp. It was sending waves of pleasure through him. He took her lower lip and nibbled on it before licking and sucking the teeth marks away. He deepened the kiss and their tongues danced and dueled with each other. Their soft moans and heavy breathing were all that could be heard in the silence of the night.

The chemistry between them was electric. The room was practically crackling with it. Every touch caused a ripple of pleasure and desire to shoot through them. She felt his hands run up her thighs and slip under her shirt and she froze all of a sudden, her hand stopping his from going further south.

“Did I do something wrong?” he slurred, his brain clouded with passion.

She shook her head and tried to gather her thoughts. “It’s just that I’m scared” she confessed. “This thing between us, it’s new to me and I hope maybe we can take this slow. We had a drink and I’m pretty sure I’m drunk and so do you.” She reached out to him and held his face gently. “I don’t want our special night to be alcohol-induced”

He rolled himself off her and lay beside her. Running both hands on his face he said “Thanks” She turned to gaze at him as he continued. “Thanks for stopping me” She took his hand and intertwined their fingers. He turned his head towards her. “We’ll take this one step a time. I’ll wait until you’re ready even if takes forever”

“Forever is a long time” she said smiling “Are you sure you can put up with me that long?”

“I sure can, but the real question here is can you?” he asked, uncertainty masked in his voice.

She was caught off guard. Can she?

She just smiled at him deciding not to answer that particular question. She wanted to say she can but then she’s not fully confident about it. Afterall, forever is the same as saying eternity. Sure, she felt a strong attraction towards him but is it enough for them, for this, whatever it is that they have, will this be enough to keep their marriage last forever?

He didn’t dwell on it and respect her choice to remain quiet and for that she was thankful. They stayed like that for a moment, basking at the comfortable silence when he gave her hand a gentle squeeze. He then stood up and made his way to the bathroom. “Where are you going?” she asked

“I..” he struggled to breathe out “I think I need to take another shower.”

“But you just had-“

“I know but I could do with a cold shower” he answered his face flushing. “and the bed is all yours tonight, I’ll take the couch” He didn’t wait for her to respond as he shut the bathroom door close.


“The shower is all yours” he announced after having his second shower of the night and went out quickly.

Still feeling groggy, Sora walked to the bathroom and an hour later she walked out with a towel wrapped around her. She yawned and stretched. Clothes. She needed clothes. She rummaged through her luggage but was too sleepy to look for her night clothes. Her vision was blurry, but she thought she saw Jungsu’s shirt hanged on the vanity chair. She stumbled over to it and slipped it on. As she buttoned it up, she took a moment to enjoy the traces of his scent that remained on it, pulling the collar to her nose.

She walked to the bed and lifted the covers climbing in. What a crazy night, she thought. Who would have ever guessed? She was asleep almost instantly.


Author’s note:

I re-watched WGM DC episode to get a little inspiration and came across episode 13 when Sora saw PJS ID and couldn’t help but incorporate it in here.. hehe.

That’s two *cough*intimate*cough moments in two chapters. I hope that made up from my long disappearance. kkk. please do let me know if you’re uncomfortable reading that kid of stuff. I myself isn’t too comfortable writing it and I’m not really good at it. I’m still learning. I didn’t feel like I need to put a password as I did try to be non-explicit as possible or at least I did..or do u think it needs a warning?hmmmm.. ^^ Protected chapter will come before u know it..*wink wink

Next Chapter will be posted on Wednesday.

Thanks for reading!!


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  1. Woaaaa new update from u, new tweet from sora , reallllllly happy tonight kkkkkk. Don’t worry I don’t mind for that scene 😉 will be waiting for next update, fighting

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