When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 26


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Sora was woken by a stream of blinding sunlight assaulting her eyes. Her arms automatically moved and she covered her eyes with her hands. Where was she? This wasn’t home. She felt someone beside her and tried to open her eyes to identify who it is. When she was finally able to force her eyes open, she found herself staring into Jungsu’s eyes, a smile stretched across his face. That’s when she remembered where she was.

“Good morning” he greeted in a sultry voice.

Why did he have to make a simple greeting sound sexy? She thought in frustration then panic washed through her when she realized where they are, in bed, no pillows in between them like she did during their first night. She sat up abruptly but regrets it too late when she felt her head throb. “Ow…”

“I thought you’ll have a headache when you wake up so I brought you this” he said as he stretched out his hand and grab the glass of water on the bedside table and painkiller tablets.

Murmuring her thanks, she accepted it and just like the other night, she took the glass of water in one go. “I am so thirsty. I don’t think I’ve ever been this thirsty,”

“Me too, I woke up feeling like that and thought you might feel the same” He then reached out his hand and gave her head a little massage.

“That feels nice” She purred feeling the tension on her head going away slowly. Allowing him to continue what he was doing, she was given a chance to relieve the events from last night. She remembered going to a bar, had a drink, and a couple more drinks. Then she remembered kissing.. dancing…then kissing…a lot more kissing after that…then kissing with more touching involved.

The initial warm sensation she felt from his hand massaging her temple slowly dissipated as she recalled the full details of last night. She wished she hasn’t. Should they talk about it or is it better left forgotten? Act like it never happened?

“You must be hungry so I made you a breakfast in bed. Good thing we have our fridge stuffed” she heard him say stopping her from her internal struggle. He excused himself and walked out the door.

“Ottoke? Well, he seems to be acting normal, I should too.” She mumbled to herself. “I mean nothing happened last night, nothing to talk about. We are married and are both consenting adults so there’s nothing wrong with it is there?” Girl, you did a lot more than consenting on your part. You liked it, just admit it. “Oh shut up!” she chastised herself. “Oh great! Now I’m talking to myself.

She heard the door open putting a stop to the brewing battle within herself. Jungsu walked in with tray in hand, smile adorning his handsome features. He sat down in bed and placed the tray between them. He made sausages and eggs, a bowl of fresh fruit salad, honey-glazed pancakes and he also had a freshly squeezed orange juice prepared. She felt her stomach grumble in hunger and started helping herself with the food. As much as Sora was reluctant to admit, Jungsu’s cooking was exceptional, she didn’t think he can cook like that and thought that maybe contrary to what he said, he ordered their meal and she told him just that.

“I cooked it myself!” he quickly defended. “I woke up quite early and couldn’t go back to sleep”


“I rolled off the couch startling me at 6 in the morning and I had nothing better to do” he reasoned avoiding her gaze.

“You know you can do better than that lame excuse of yours” she teased. “You could have climbed back to the couch and sleep.

“Well that’s the thing, I couldn’t go back to sleep” he stated and she noticed his face turning beat red. She motioned her fork urging him to continue “not after you know—“

“After what?” she asked mindlessly as she continued to chew on her food.

“After what happened—“ he struggled to continue “or almost happened last night”

“Oh” was all she could muster. Great Sora! I thought you wanted to avoid this conversation and you just have to bring it up yourself? Really Sora?! Real Smooth.

Awkward tension started to build between them. Sora was aware that one way or another, they’ll have to talk about it but she’s not ready yet so she chose the safest route – avoid.

“I never realized how starved I was!” she exclaimed. “This is really nice, you should eat too”

Sensing her discomfort, Jungsu decided to let it go which she was grateful for. He was going to start eating when Sora stabbed her fork against his and stabbed the sausage he was aiming for. “I don’t share!”

“Oh come on! I didn’t made that all for yourself” his fork dived beneath her extended arms and stabbed a piece of pancake, he smirked, tasting victory for a mere seconds when Sora took the same piece of pancake. “Do you really have to fight with me over little things? Just let me eat for Gods’ sake!”

The atmosphere almost completely went back to normal from what it was minutes ago. The tension slowly disappearing.

“Oh I’m sorry” she teased “I thought you said you made ME breakfast in bed”

“It’s a misunderstanding” he declared “I made you breakfast so I can share it WITH YOU in bed”

She smiled at him, her eyes glinting mischievously before allowing him to eat breakfast with her. They continued to eat peacefully, a few bites of foods later, he dropped his fork on the edge of the bed tray, hop off the bed and went to the dressing table where he grabbed a pile of brochures.

“So what do you want to do today? We still have a few more days and we got to enjoy what Hawaii has to offer” he said and claimed his position back in bed handing her leaflets.

She looked through it. “There’s snorkelling in Molokini crater” she started “Oh I want to try the Zip lining, I always wanted to try it back in Nami Island! They have dual zip line too!” she said excitedly. When she didn’t get a response from him, she looked at him. “Don’t tell me Park Jungsu-shi is afraid of heights.” She taunted.

“Of-Of course not!” he denied. Noticing her disbelieving look, he decided to change the topic at hand. “Watching luau is a must when in Hawaii.” And he read the advert on one of the leaflet aloud.

If you want to experience Hawaii’s most authentic Luaus  — then you want to attend the Old Lahaina Luau. Here, you’ll celebrate Hawaii’s rich island culture in a rustic setting reminiscent of an old Hawaiian fishing village. An evening here will enrich you with a genuine reflection of Hawaii’s rich history. Immerse yourself with traditional Hawaiian food, cultural dances, music and demonstrations — all while enjoying the breathtaking views of the ocean at sunset.

She looked at him nodding. “Of course you would love to see luau” she said smirking at him.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” he asked frowning.

“Well you know, who wouldn’t like watching sexy girls swaying their hips doing a Hula dance topless” she said waggling her eyebrows at him.

“They’re not topless! They wore this thing called a mu`umu`u, pareau to cover their bre—“ he stopped suddenly when he realized that Sora was fighting off giggles.

“Cover their what?” she asked encouraging him to continue whilst stifling a laugh.

“You know what” he stuttered.

“No I don’t”

“Yes you do” he defended. His face and ears flushed crimson.

She decided to let that conversation go but it doesn’t mean she’s going to let him go off that easily. “A mu`umu`u, pareau huh. I didn’t realized you were an expert at Hula dancers’ costumes” She struggled to make a straight face when he turned redder than before if that’s even possible. “So I guess you must have a close encounter with a certain Hula dancer and had your Hula Costume 101 while giving you a lapdance.”

“Ani..Aniya!!” he defended swiftly. “They usually take someone from the audience to dance with them and someone took me to the stage and I was forced to dance with her”

“hmmmm..you didn’t get a lapdance but you swung hips with her.” She stated nodding “Arasso”

Oh boy! How she loved teasing him.

Hearing the tone of her voice, he knew then that he pushed himself further into the corner. Unable to form an intelligent response, he gulped and shook his head vigorously. “Aniya”

“Park Jungsu-shi you must have enjoyed yourself then”

“Soraya—“ she stuffed a slice of strawberry in his mouth to stop him from talking.

“Just eat!” she ordered.

After finishing her food, Sora got off the bed and made her way to her luggage to get some clothes and left Jungsu to search for best destination for them to go to today.


As he sat there watching her from across the room, Jungsu wished he has some control over himself to keep his eyes from wandering back to her.

It was her fault, he tried to tell himself. He gulped as she bent down to pick up her luggage from the floor hiking up his shirt, giving him a fair view of what lied underneath. See? This is definitely her fault!. She already had her luggage laid down on the bed and made her way to the wardrobe where she had some of her clothes neatly hanged. He felt his heart fluttered furiously as he got a look at her, she run her fingers on her still messy bed hair, brows knitting in concentration as she looked at her clothes.

She looked absolutely gorgeous

His eyes betrayed him once again as his eyes went dangerously lower from her tiny waist to her incredibly long legs. Had they always been that long? He wondered.

Really, how could he be blamed for not being able to keep his eyes off her? He sighed loudly, his hand coming up to rub the traitorous orbs, attempting some sort of distraction to no avail as a few seconds later, his eyes was drawn back to her again and she was already looking at him, her brows frowning.

“Didn’t your parents tell you it isn’t nice to stare?” she teased placing both hands on her hips, hiking up his shirt again. Damn those legs! “and my eyes are up here” she added grinning at him as she point a finger on her eyes.

He can feel his cheeks burning at that instant. Letting out a non-existent cough he said with same grin plastered on his lips. “I’m not staring at you, I’m just simply admiring the view” Seeing her cheeks turning crimson, he added. “I was wondering where that shirt has gone this morning only to find out you’re wearing them.” Not that he mind her wearing his shirt ‘coz honestly it looks a lot better on her.

Clearing her throat, she said “Oh..so it’s the shirt that got you staring” Uh-oh, what is she planning now? “Do you want it back?” she asked as she started fiddling on the top buttons, her eyes filled with playfulness. He moved out from the bed at a lightning speed.

“Aniya” he said breathlessly, his right hand reaching out to stop her from unbuttoning the shirt “as much as I..I would like to..”

“To what?”

“to..to see” he stuttered “to see you n—“ he stopped when she burst out laughing “huh?…wait…what…why–?”

“Do you really think I’ll do that?” she asked in between laughs. She stood up straight poking his chest with her finger. “You, Park Jungsu-shi have a very…very naughty mind” she added giggling as she turned around to make her way to the bathroom.

She left him standing in the middle of the room. The sound of a door being shut seemed to have awakened him from his dumbfounded state. She’ll be the death of me! He murmured frustratingly then he heard the bathroom door opened slightly ajar. Sora poke her head out before she throw something at him and slammed the door shut again. He caught it in mid-air.

It’s going to be a long day” he mumbled to himself holding his shirt on his hand as he tried to keep his mind off from Sora and the bathroom. He shook his head, thinking of Sora…bathroom…shower…wouldn’t really help his situation. “A long cold shower is definitely on my to-do-list today” he sighed.


They decided to go to Ka’anapali Skyline Adventure to try the zip line. After signing in the necessary forms to make sure they passed the height and weight standards to do the zip line, they were introduced to their two guides, Danny and Aloha who will be with them during the entire tour on the island.

They were led to the platform and had their harness safely secured on them. Sora looked down and was awed with the beauty of the island. From atop, they could see the waterfalls and valleys.

“Whoa!” Jungsu exclaimed as he looked down and turned to their guides. “How fast is this?”

“the maximum hour is 80 miles/hour” Heather answered.

“Really?” Jungsu asked. He tried to hide his fear but failing.

“Looks exciting!” Sora declared happily.

Aloha used the zip line first so she could meet Sora and Jungsu on the other end. As the other staffs helped them to get to the zip line, Danny spoke. “You’re a newlywed couple right?” Jungsu nodded. “Do you want to say anything to each other before you go down?”

“Do we really need to?” Sora asked shyly.

“I’ll tell her on our way ‘coz I might never make it down so I need to tell my last words to my wife” Jungsu said in jokingly fashion.

They stood up near the edge of the platform and each took a deep breath as the brake released sending them off at exhilarating speed.

“Kang sora-shi!! Saranghanda!!” Jungsu shouted whilst they were in mid-air.

As they got down on the end, they waited for Danny to come down from the zip line, he stood next to Sora.

“Did you hear me?” Jungsu whispered at Sora.

She crossed her arms on her chest. “No, I was busy screaming my lungs out myself” she said but the blush on her face says otherwise.

“You’re lying”

“Does it matter?” she asked. “It’s not like you mean it”

“But I do” he said in conviction.

“Jungsu-shi, we’ve known each other for a few months, you can’t honestly think that I’ll buy that. So what? You fell in love with me at that short amount of time?”

“I did” he confessed but the look she gave him tells him she doesn’t believe it. “You may think I’m impulsive but that’s what I feel. You know Sora, sometimes you have to grab every opportunity to tell someone how you feel or you might end up not saying it at all or worst, you might end up losing them.”

It must have hit a nerve as her expression changed.

Maybe I’m doing this the wrong way. He thought. Maybe he should have planned it better. He meant what he said but then again, he must be scaring her. So much for taking it slow. He need to think this through and not rush her like a moving Ferrari as she’s keen on moving slow like a bumper car.

If she wanted to take it slow then so be it.

Not that that was what he wanted. But what he felt was necessary. To not only protect her heart, but his as well, he realized that now. Last night was incredible but he totally understands her reason for not wanting it to go further. He knew for a fact that it was the alcohol that made her lost her inhibitions and allowed them to go far beyond just kissing. What if something happened and she wakes up regretting it?

They were just in the first stage of their relationship. He doesn’t even know what to label their relationship. She is his wife, at least to him but is he a husband to her? Afterall, he was just man she was forced to marry and there’s that Sungmin guy. What if she’s not over him yet? Where would that leave him?

He needs to do this right. He has to. He’ll make her realize that he’s the one for her.


As Danny came down, they started walking to the woods on the way to a waterfall. They let them take the lead as he stayed behind to pick up something. He caught up with them a few minutes later.

He walked behind Sora and tapped her on her shoulder making her turn around. “For you”

“They’re beautiful” she gasped accepting the flowers. It was a bunch of hibiscus in different colours he randomly picked up in the forest. “What are these for?” she asked.

“This…” he started picking a red hibiscus and placing it behind her left ear “is an apology for what I said that may have opened an old wound. And this..” pointing at the rest of the flowers on her hand. “..is me courting you”

She let out a giggle. “Courting me? Aren’t we going backwards here? Is it a trend nowadays? Marriage before courtship?”

He smiled at her. “Well, you said you wanted to take this slow and this is my idea of taking it slow” he reached out to give her face a gentle caress “and to prove to you that I meant what I said.”

“Thank you” she whispered, her eyes never leaving his then gave him a gentle peck on the lips before turning around and started walking. He jogged happily to her side.

“and here I thought you want to take it slow. I’ve only started but you’re on second base already. I need to work hard to catch up with you” he taunted as he took her hand.

She blushed and gave his hand a gentle squeeze and let out…

“Oh just shut up”


Author’s Note.

I want to end it on a light note, with a romantic and a funny feel to it..^^

I know I promised to post this on a Wednesday, well, technically it’s still Wednesday here. Kkk.. If you want to blame anyone for not posting this earlier, blame it on my employer for calling me whilst I was still asleep to attend an emergency meeting. LOL

Writing this brought back our DC’s lovely WGM episodes..*sigh I can’t help but throw some references like the famous Ferrari and bumper car.LOL I haven’t been drunk my whole nor did I ever had an alcohol, kkk…so i’m not sure if the next morning, you’ll know what happen…Most drama’s tend to make the characters forgets but me??nahhhh…I saw my brothers get drunk and the next day, they still have memories of what they did..well, mostly, getting an argument with my mom..LOL

IS this taking taking so slow? but I’m scared of cutting out parts. I even re-wrote my draft. Don’t worry, I’ll finish this.

@athena: please wait patiently, jealous Sora is coming pretty soon..^^ and btw, you’re not only one who thought the last chap IS the night..LOL..

@lazyme2day My LLT, you tend to exaggerate but I had fun when u were reading the chapter while we were tweeting. You’re so funny!LOL..

@rika rozalinda which chapter is it that u want the PW for?

@sitiistiana, @gomigummie, @happydimple @tweetia @happydimple @danyestelle @frndsarpi @mayza_hinamori @sachixia THANKS A LOT FOR READING!!

NEXT CHAP: Back in Korea baby!! You know what that means? Same house? And maybe…same BED? ROFL… *I’m such a tease..nyahaha..

Chapter 27 release: This coming Sunday or Monday!

BTW, Happy 700th day to our DC.




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  1. hahahahahah “U are a naughty..naughty mind…. ” seems this words familiar with me *winkwink
    will u make a toliet scene again??? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee….. ^^
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  2. I dunno what to comment first.. kkkk~ First part was so romantically funny and sweet.. I had to keep myself from grinning.. And there was Sora who was such a tease..kkk~ Then nearing the last part.. aww.. Park Jungsoo ssi.. Let’s see what will happen back in Korea.. and ate, yeah, you can remember what happened when you get wasted..but not that vivid and complete.. Kkkk~ and nausea and headache the next day are the worst @-@

  3. Passwords for chapters 18, 19, 20 &21 in your last dimple couple series. I forgot the title of the chapters but i believe there is one called reconciliation?? I would be really really happy if you can share the passwords author nim.. Kamsahamnida.. :))

    • Chapter 18: teuksoisreal
      Chapter 19: certifiedperjuhmma
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      Thanks a lot for reading. The 1st FF wasn’t actually mine but jerqu’s..^^

  4. I will patiently wait for that!
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