When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 29



The dinner with Jungsu’s family went fairly well, to which Sora was thankful for. They were also very grateful when she handed them the gifts from her parents. Whilst having their tea in the living room, Jungsu’s parents excused themselves.  Mrs. Park came back with a black binder and a photo book in hand.

“Omma! Is that what I think it is?” Jungsu exclaimed exasperated, his eyes widened in surprise with hint of panic.

Inyoung snickered in her seat as Sora just stared at them in confusion.

“Sure is!” Mrs. Park answered excitedly as she sat down beside Sora and laid down the binder and photo album on the table. “Soraya should see this!”

Jungsu made an attempt to take it away but his mother brushed his hand away and gave him a pointed look that made him stop. Sitting in between them, Sora giggled at the sight, who would have thought the very proud Park Jungsu shuts up with just a look. She found it adorable when he silently backed down, with his lips curving into a small pout.

“This is our Jungsu” Mrs. Park announced, gaining Sora’s attention back to the album.

“OMO! Keyopta!” she bellowed as she stared at Jungsu’s childhood photos. That seemed to have piqued Jungsu’s interest.

“You think I’m cute?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes” she answered honestly then added. “Your younger self yes and I’m just wondering where has all that cuteness gone.” She teased.

“Hey, I’m still cute you know!” he cried out.

“Yeah right” she scoffed. “For an old ajussi, cute doesn’t really suit you.”

Disregarding her comment on him being old, he shrugged and puffed out his chest as he said, “A hot ajussi may I add.”

“And there goes his big ego” she whispered, shaking her head.

“You say that I’m old, but you think I don’t know you were secretly admiring my body?” he teased waggling his eyebrows

“I do not” she argued.

“So if I looked in your camera, I wouldn’t see pictures of me showing my glorious body? You seemed to have taken a liking on my shoulders and upper arms,” he said sporting a lopsided grin.

“You went through my camera?! How can you do that?!” she blurted out slapping his arm.

“Woah! See? You do love my arms” he teased again, making Sora retract her hand, with her face flushing into a bright red colour.

She denied it even though she knew there’s no point in doing so. “I can’t believe you went through my things without telling me” she said disappointed as she turned her attention back to the photo book.

“Hey” Jungsu said bumping his arm slightly with hers. “I was kidding. I didn’t even lay a finger on your camera because you told me not to. You’re a photographer so I know you wouldn’t like other people touching it, even if it’s me.”

Sora turned her gaze back at him. “So you didn’t?” she asked to which he answered with a simple nod.

She smiled at him gratefully but then he said. “I didn’t, but now I know that you really have pictures of me”. Sora’s smile fell as Jungsu’s lips turned into a mischievous grin.

“Why you” she uttered in bewilderment and started hitting him. He effortlessly avoided her advances, which annoyed her even more as he laughed at her pebble attempts of hurting him. “Aish!”

They heard laughter in the background, making them stop with their little banter. They turned their heads in unison only to find Jungsu’s mother and Inyoung looking at them, a smile adorning their faces. Sora’s face turned even redder than before. This always seemed to happen when they were together in the same room as other people. They were too caught up in their own little world that those surrounding them seemed to vanish.

“See what I mean Omma?” Inyoung declared.

Mrs. Park nodded her head in agreement smiling whilst still looking at her son and his wife. “Oh don’t mind us you two, continue with what you’re doing”

Sora bowed her head in embarrassment as she whispered an apology. Mrs. Park just brushed it off saying there’s nothing to be sorry about. She continued looking through the photo album and when she turned to the black binder which she now learned as his middle school yearbook, Jungsu stopped her.

“Wait..wait..let me see it first” he said trying to take it away from her but she refused.

Aigoo…Jungsu you are still as handsome as before” Mrs. Park reassured him.

“Omma” he whined. “You know guys never liked to show these graduation pictures to girls.”

“Sora is not just any other girl, she’s your wife” Inyoung interjected.

While the Parks argued with each other, Sora immersed herself in looking for Jungsu’s pictures. When she found him, she wondered why he’s trying his hardest for her not to see it. She still finds him handsome even with his old hairstyle and he looked like a nerd with eyeglasses although he insisted it’s not his.

After spending more time with them, Jungsu and Sora said their goodbyes. They placed Gomi in the backseat. Once inside the car, she thanked him.

“For what?” he asked as he started the engine.

“I had a good time with your family” she answered the same way as he did when they stayed at her parents’s place.

“I’m glad you did” he said smiling at her.

“And thank you for letting me see a part of you.”

He turned to her with a frown as he continued driving. “We may be married but we don’t really know that much about each other so I’m glad to know something about you.” She explained. “Now I know why you became a model, you wanted to be a celebrity when you were in Junior High”

He nodded smiling. “I used to sing and dream of being a K-pop Star but my parents were against it. They even want me to stop modelling because of the scandals attached to my job.”

“They have a reason to anyway, with all the reports about you and different women” Sora said glancing out the window of the car.

“None of them were true” he defended. “Some girls I only met once and the reporters made up stories.”

“So you’re saying you never had any relationship with those girls?” she asked still in doubt. She felt uncomfortable with the sudden jealousy coursing through her.

“Well..uhmmm…” he started scratching the back of his head in obvious discomfort. “I did have some but it’s nothing serious.”

She huffed. “I bet Taeyeon-shi and what was her name again?” She paused “Oh yeah, it’s Oh Ji Hye! Is she one of them? Not that I care” she continued trying to sound like it doesn’t bother her.

“Taeyeon was a friend of mine and it’s Oh In Hye  not Ji Hye”

“Like I care what her name is” she whispered in a spat.

“I only invited In Hye to have coffee once and –“

“Yeah in your car” she accused.

“And we just…wait what? How did you know that?” he asked stopping the car as they hit the red light.

“I read the news too, you know?” she answered simply not bothering to look at him.

“It was only once; I didn’t even know In Hye was the daughter of one of our company’s investors.”

“He even calls her informally. Hah…” she scoffed. She turned her gaze on him when she heard him laughing quietly.

“Careful Soraya, I might actually think you care. I can feel jealousy hanging in the air” he snickered clearly enjoying her state as he continued driving.

“I am not jealous!” she denied abruptly.

“Yeah, you keep telling yourself that” he uttered still laughing at her expense.

They continued to bicker on the rest of their way to their house. Upon arriving, without giving Jungsu as much a glance, she got out of the car and unloads her luggage.

“Come on now, let’s get inside” Sora said.

“You go first, I’ll carry our luggage inside” he answered.

“Did you hear someone talk, Gomi?” she asked the puppy as she held it in her arms. “We better go in before we hear that again” she turned her back on him and walked her way to the house. She knows she’s being childish and hated herself for acting like one but she can’t seem to stop herself. That was all in the past and if being with him means accepting all of him even his past, she’s willing to do just that. He disregarded her own past after all.

She settled herself on the sofa as she waited for Jungsu when she realized she doesn’t know where her room is. They never really talked about their sleeping arrangements. Thinking about it made her panic.

Once Jungsu got all their things inside the house, he told her to follow him upstairs whilst carrying their luggage. She followed him quietly, Gomi still cuddling in her arms. “Our room is right here” he informed as he held the door open for her. She was about to nod and enter the room when what he said finally registered her brain.

“Did you just say OUR? Our room?!” she cried out.

“I believe I just did” he said shrugging as he went inside. Sora remained standing awkwardly in front of the door not knowing what to do.

“Are you coming in or are you going to stay there like a lost puppy?” she heard him call out from his room. She smiled despite herself at the déjà vu when she told him almost the same thing when he came to her apartment. Taking a deep breath, she finally walked in to his room. Just like the one at his parent’s house, the wall is painted with white, frames and paintings hanging up the wall giving it a vibrant colour. There was a king sized bed with white comforters and pillow. It was neat and so organized.

“Talking about a neat freak.”  She thought to herself. “Where am I going to sleep?” she asked.

“On the bed of course and before you even asked, yes, me too, sleeping on the bed” he uttered winking at her.

“But…but we never talked about this! You told me we’re going to take this slow” she said flustered.

“Soraya relax, I told you I am not going to do anything unless you wanted to. The only activity we are going to do in that bed is sleep, unless of course you prefer something else” he said raising his eyebrow suggestively.

“In your dreams Park Jungsu!” she stated horrified at his thoughts as she felt her bloodstream filling up her cheeks.

He just laughed at her and said “Trust me Soraya, you don’t want to know what my dreams are that involves you and me as the main characters.”

Sora felt like her whole body turned red, if that’s even remotely possible. It made him laugh even more. “Yah you pervert!” was the only smart reply she can come up with.

Not wanting to embarrass her further, he decided to drop it. “You better rest now, you must be tired.” He said as he made his way to the door.

Before she could stop herself, she asked “Where are you going?”

He turned his glance back on her, a grin starting to form his lips. “Why? Missing me already?”

“You wish! I was just going to ask if Gomi can sleep on the bed too.”

“Definitely not!” he answered quickly. “It has its own cot so keep it there.” she just nodded. Looking down at his watch he said, “I need to make some phone calls before I go back to work tomorrow. I’ll be in the library if you need me.”

As the door shuts, Sora dropped herself on the bed and starts yawning. She got up a few moments after and prepared Gomi’s cot at the foot of the bed. Kissing the puppy goodnight she made her way to the bathroom to freshen up. Feeling too exhausted to open her luggage for her night clothes; she went through Jungsu’s wardrobe and put on the first thing that her hand reached.

She collapsed on the bed and snuggled herself under the covers. After a few moments, she fell into a deep dreamless sleep.


Beep beep…

Sora grumpily opened her eyes due to the annoying sound when it stopped suddenly. Not so long after she decided to close her eyes again, the annoying buzz started ringing on her ears. Eyes still closed, she tried to reach her hand out trying to look for the source of the annoying thing called alarm clock. She rolled to her side. Cracking an eye open, she saw it resting on the bedside table and was about to grab it when an arm suddenly draped around her waist pulling her back. In a spur of a moment, she found herself under a body sprawled over her.

Jungsu tightened his hold on her as he rested his head on her shoulder nuzzling her neck in his sleep. She lifted her head up to get a better look at him and her eyes almost got out of its sockets at his naked state. Well, almost naked. He was in bed with her with nothing but a pair of white boxers.

Holy smokes!

Despite the initial shock at finding out his state of undress, she can’t help but notice how his bicep flexed when he made a move of tightening his hold on her tiny waist. She also got a clear view of his glorious back.


Wait what?! Did I just think of that? This is so wrong! She shook her head vigorously trying to get her mind out of the gutter. She wiggled her way out of his hold without much of a success. When she did managed to turn to her side, his arm instantly looped around her waist burying his face at the back of her nape. She let out a raspy gasp when she felt his warm breath on her nape sending her body into an overdrive. They may have indulged themselves in a few make out sessions but there is still something holding her back from going further.

She felt relieved when his arm loosened on her waist but then his hand started making circles around her bare abdomen.

Wait…BARE?! She freaked out when she realized she was only wearing his shirt and it must have hiked up when she tried to move. Ignoring the heat that slowly rose in her system at their close proximity, she tried to get away. “Get off me” she said while struggling to push him. “I said get off me!” she repeated louder this time as she continued her futile attempt to escape. Her breathing hitched when she felt his lips on her nape.

“Ow!!! What the hell?” Jungsu suddenly wailed in pain clutching his rib where she elbowed him. She immediately moved away from him. “Can’t you just wake me up like how a normal person would?”

Without giving him a response she backed away realizing too late that’s she’s nearing the edge of the bed sending her crashing down the floor landing on her butt. She glared at the floor like it was at fault.

Sora heard a small bark and found Gomi trotting towards her. Reaching her, it started licking her face making her giggle forgetting that she’s still on the floor. She then looked up to see Jungsu standing right at the foot of the bed with his god-like body filling her vision. He was smiling at her in amusement.

He offered his hand but she scowled at him before she accepted it, pulling her up.

“I want to use the bathroom first if that’s alright with you?” he asked. She only nodded at him. He was nearing the bathroom door when he called her out. “Soraya” She looked at him. “Killer legs” He said with a smirk as his gaze travelled down her exposed legs.

“Stop staring” she chastised, willing herself not to cover her face with both hands to hide her reddened cheeks.

“I’m only staring at what’s mine” he said arrogantly.

“I’m not yours” She retorted back.

“Stop denying the truth princess” he said winking at her before closing the door.

Sora just stood there staring at the door realizing that she’s not even the least mad at him. Stomping her foot, she made her way to her luggage to grab a pair of shorts then went to the kitchen with Gomi following her around.


Jungsu started humming to himself as he was putting his clothes on. Despite how he ended up having a bruise from what he did this morning, it was worth it. He was already awake even before the alarm went off. He smiled at the thought of her encased in his arms. He’s well aware that she’s still scared, wanting to slow down, to take their steps one at time. Sleeping on the same bed isn’t really going to help in his plan on making her trust him. Not when she was so close, tempting him to make a move on her. But no; he wouldn’t do it that way. She’s too special, she deserves to be treated like a queen to a king and that’s what he’s going to do.

Looking at himself one last time in the mirror, he walked out the room and went to the kitchen.

“What is going on here?” he asked in amusement as he surveyed his kitchen or rather what has become of it. The kitchen is on its way of becoming a war zone. Gomi went to him and started barking like it was making report on what happened. He picked up the dog and brought it to the living room to play then returned to the kitchen.

He looked at the disaster that his beautiful wife has done to his previously unscathed kitchen. A smile crept up his face as he took in the sight of her. She’s standing in front of the stove wearing an apron, her hair tied up in a messy bun revealing the smooth skin of her neck. She didn’t seem to have heard him as she focused on what she was doing. Her eyebrows scrunched up in concentration as she tried to figure out how to flip the fried egg. His gaze fell on the plate on the counter with a pile of disfigured fried eggs, he was sure he saw a burned egg.

“Aish!” he heard her muttered in frustration dropping the spatula on the counter. He decided to make his presence known.

“Easy there Soraya” he said grabbing her hand.

“Who would have thought making a simple fried egg can be so darn hard?!” she fumed. He can’t help but giggle at her acting so adorable. “This is not funny!” she snarled at him.

He stepped behind her; his left arm circled around her waist. “Let me show you how to do it.” He reached out for a clean pan, placed it on the stove and turned up the heat. Sora looked bored as they waited for the pan to heat up. “It looks like you got this all under control so I’ll go up to get changed.”

“You’re not getting your way out of this. I am going to show you how to do it” he declared as he rested his hand on the stove trapping her. Still standing behind her, he grab a hold of her left hand and placed in on the pot handle. “You have to make sure the pan is hot enough” he whispered to her ear as he reached for the butter and put it in her right hand. Placing his hand above hers, he motioned their hands towards the pan and spread the butter.

Contented that they spread enough butter, he reached for an egg with his right hand and cracked it open making a perfect sunny side up. Whilst waiting for it to cook, he rested his left hand on her hip.  She didn’t look back at him but he felt her stiffened slightly in his arms. He’s planning on teasing her with his innocent act for a while longer just like he did in the morning, but he was scared that she might give him another jab on the ribs.

Taking his chances, he decided to go through his plan, another bruise won’t matter. Am I turning into a masochist or what? He shook his head at the thought.

“Grab the spatula” he breathed, sliding his hand from her hip to her stomach pulling her against him. Her hair tickled his cheek as he nuzzled her neck. “You don’t want it to burn.”

“It’s not even cooked yet” she heaved breathlessly reaching out at the discarded utensil on the counter.

He smiled as he placed his chin above her shoulder. “It won’t take long” Keeping her pressed tightly against him, he covered her hand with his own, trapping the spatula in her grip. “Do it like this” He could feel her hand tremble in his as he guided her hand and flipped the egg. He slid his hand under the apron and kept his palm pressed against her taut abdomen as he played at the hem of his shirt she was wearing. Thought of breakfast completely flew out of his mind. Giving in to his desire, he traced his lips at the side of her neck.


“Push him away!” was the thought that crossed her mind when she felt his lips against her skin. Instead of following her brain, her body’s desire won her over. Rather than pulling away from him, she pressed herself closer to him, tilting her head to the side granting him more access. She heard him groan in pleasure as he made his assault in her sensitive skin. He turned her around to face him. His eyes filled with mixture of emotions from burning passion to adoration and to something more than just lust; something that started with the same letter but carried a deeper meaning. But isn’t it early to call it that or is it just purely physical attraction?

He slowly descended his head as his lips moulded to hers, igniting the fire within her. She responded with the same passion and urgency that Sora has no doubt they have created enough fire within themselves to burn a house down. Just then, a smell filled her nostrils snapping her out of the spell she was under.

“Burn! The egg is burning!” she yelled in haste. Jungsu turned off the stove in a flash and dropped the pan intothe sink with a now toasted egg. He opened the windows to let out the smoke. Sora stared at the state of the kitchen; believing it was her who made such a mess. Feeling frustrated at her failed attempt to make a nice breakfast, she slumped on the chair.

“I guess we have to make another breakfast” Jungsu said calmly folding his sleeves to his elbow.

“You’re going to be late” she pouted.

“I can still have this” he pointed out at the dish with her set of fried egg failures.

“Anya! You can’t have that or you might end up having a food poisoning” she refused.

“It can’t be that bad” he stated as he grabbed two clean plates and set it up on the table. He sat beside her and served her an egg. Fried egg if you can still call it that. He grabbed some bread that she never had time to toast. He started eating. “It’s still edible” he stated smiling as he continued to eat.

Sora can only stare at him thinking what she did in her past life to deserve someone like him. He made a gesture for her to eat and she did. He was right, it looked awful but it doesn’t taste that bad. Watching him eat, she suddenly remembered something. She stood up and made her way to the coffee maker and filled herself two mugs of warm drink. He offered one to Jungsu. He said his thanks and took a sip. His face scrunched up in distaste and almost spit it out.

Omo! Oppa gowaenchana?” she asked worriedly as he started coughing.

“What was that?” he asked in between coughs.

“It’s Americano” she answered.

“It’s too bitter for my taste.”

Mianhe, it’s my favourite so I thought you might like it” she said in a dejected tone looking down at her hands on her lap. Could this morning get any worse? She turned a simple breakfast into a disaster. She felt his finger under her chin gently lifting her head up to look at him.

“Soraya its fine” he reassured her.

“No, it’s not” she grumbled. “I want to give you a nice breakfast to make up for what I did this morning but I failed miserably.”

“It’s not your fault. You were right about what you said last night. Why don’t we go out on a date so we can get to know each other more?” he suggested.

“You still want to go out with me even though I almost burned your kitchen?” she asked in astonishment making him laugh.

“Soraya, are you forgetting that we are married? Of course I would like to have a date with my wife” he said chuckling. “So what do you say with candlelit dinner tonight?” She nodded smiling widely at him. “What? No Yes Oppa, I would like to go out with you?” he teased.

“Don’t push your luck, Park Jungsu-shi.”

“You already said yes and you did just call me oppa” he said smirking at her.

They continued their breakfast teasing each other. After eating, he helped her clean up the kitchen despite her protests. Once the kitchen is spotlessly clean, she walked him to the front door. “I’ll see you tonight” he said. Whispering his goodbye, he kissed her gently on the forehead.

He began to turn around to make his way to his car when something inside her snapped. In an instant, her hand was on his t-shirt, giving it a smooth tug before coming up to pull his face down for a kiss catching him off guard. She pushed her body up against him as his arms immediately wrapped themselves around her slender shape, drawing her in deepening their kiss.

She felt him moan against her when her tongue invaded his mouth. She felt herself being hauled up off the floor, her bare legs automatically folding themselves around his waist. He pushed his tongue against hers responding with the same passion and intensity.

Being this close to him stirred up something inside of her that she was frightened to explore. Everytime they kiss, everything around her becomes hazy and the only thing that matters is him. She came to realize that this is what she wants, and she wanted him. She decided to stop fighting and denying her heart’s desire. Right at that moment, she felt like jumping with joy and cry at the same time for she felt overwhelmed. Finally admitting it to herself is deliberating but scary the same time. She was afraid of having to hold on to something only to be taken away from her.

She gasped for air when her back was slammed against the door, breaking their kiss. They stared at each other, breathlessly.

‘What…’ He panted, inhaling a couple of times, trying to catch his breath before he was able to continue “…was that for?”

She cupped his face with both her hands. “For simply being you” she said, still gasping as she stared at him with longing.

-End of chapter-

Author’s Note:

About time I updated this FF. Sorry guys for neglecting this FF for a long time. Work is seriously a pain in the arse! So busy with work and on top of it, I was busy packing my stuff. I’m going back home baby!!!wohoo… 😀

I’m getting rusty with my writing and I feel like it’s all over the place. LOL

@isti thanks for reading and always commenting sweetie..^^

@gomigummie LOL…I thought everyone of you should have guessed it so easily since it was too obvious. I’m sure someone got it right. The question though is how is he going to show it to her…kkk..one thing is for sure, it’s one those cliché scenes we are so familiar with.. 😀

@rika sorry for updating late. Please do drop by comments sometimes, it keeps me inspired..^^

@wibbie thanks for pointing that out…I edited it. Thanks again!! *hugs..

@athena what a way to give pressure to the author…kkk. I’m afraid I might fail your expectation..OMO! Did I miss your birthday? If so, belated Happy Birthday!!! Pregnancy period??? If I put one..this FF will have 100 chapters..LOL.. I’ll see what I can do. No promises though…kkk..but who knows, I might..*wink wink.

@dcadmin you are free to comment anytime to let me know if I’m doing an awful job with my writing.^^ I take constructive criticism nicely. Thanks for reading! OMO!! You want twins too??*pressure pressure… 😀

Can you feel it guys?… I can feel IT!! IT’s coming…ROFL…SOON!!!! XD XD

Btw, those of you who may not be aware of this, my dear LLT @lazyme2day also writes FF so check it out. http://lazysplace.weebly.com/

It’s HOT HOT HOT..definitely nosebleed-worthy(is that even a word?)  ROFL..

See yah again guys!

P.S this is unedited. I’ll edit it later on my way to work and edit it if needed be.



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